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Wedding Details (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 6 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Three letters today, including the wedding details, which were from your descriptions, simple. However, it doesn’t require an elaborate ceremony to make a lasting marriage. Does it? It is a bright sunny day. Makes a person wonder how it can be heavy and overcast one day and in a few hours so clear and bright. It was so grey and overcast yesterday it was somewhat depressing. I think I’ll take David out for a breath of fresh air after he gets up from his map. It was below freezing early this a.m. but the sun has been shining so bright all day I think the temp. will be up enough to take him out. He is over his cold, but still has a hang-on cough. Dr. M. said if he didn’t get over it he would give him a whooping cough shot. I remember you used to use that treatment for coughs that resisted treatment. However, I am holding out hoping the cough will leave. About the only time it bothers him is after he sleeps a while. The

[page 2] rascal woke me at 4 a.m. – I had to take him up, change him & get him a drink. He was wide awake and wanted to play but you know his mother well enough to know I wanted shut-eye. I put him in bed with me but soon discovered that was not the way for me to go back to sleep, so put him back in his bed and we both went back to sleep.

John had to give a report on dehydration in Ag. today and worked on it all evening. When he has something to do he goes right after it and if I may say so with pardonable pride, does a pretty good job. Having watched his father at work on M.S., M.D., etc., I can’t help but see more than a little similarity.

The account of your meeting Bud (Geo.) Mulligan is in the paper this week. I mentioned a conversation with his aunt in my letter yesterday. In looking thru the paper I see that Jack Sullivan is one of the latest fathers to be inducted. Eddie Steinbaugh was married to an Army nurse at Chanute Field, Monday this week. Jack Dye’s picture is in the paper this week. He lost a leg in action and has been discharged.

Washburn’s celebrated their golden wedding this week and Albert Thompson’s celebrate their 60th.

David is awake now and ready for some fresh air. He is playing the piano now. Maybe he will be a musician.

Mark slipped and fell down stairs last nite.

[page 3] No damage done. John said it is a good thing Mark can fall relaxed. I told them if John had fallen like that he would have broken bones until he would have to be in a cast from head to toe. Never a dull moment.

Love Mother

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Last Day of 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

The last day of 1943. Received yours of Dec. 18 & 19 one day this week, but no letters today. I mailed you the financial statement I made out for 1943. Since you sent the $300.00 I think I’ll get 3 – $37.50 bonds today and that will make #243.75 put into bonds this year or one over our $18.75 a month. I just came up from the basement and do I feel dirty. That Ind. coal certainly did mess things. I need to mop the entire floor, but not until I have plenty of pep. I did sweep up the furnace room which isn’t any good for my sinus.

David hasn’t any temperature today but his nose is still running and his bowels are moving good. I think nature

[page 3] is helping him eliminate his cold. I have kept him in his bed all day except for meal times. He has a pretty good appetite. When we say something to him he often responds with “bah” – I hardly think he knows just what that means but it sounds cute. I dug out the little chairs John & Mark used to play with but couldn’t find all the table – I’ll look again because I think it was all in one place. They are in pieces but I think they can all be put together again. I am sure he will enjoy playing with them.

John has been helping me wash today. He is reading Tom Sawyer again. He is old enough to catch Mark Twain’s humor which he thinks is very good.

Mark has been building on a $1.00 model I gave him some time ago. He hasn’t done much else today, but I want him to rest as much as possible.

[page 3] He went to Buddy’s to play yesterday, stayed for supper and went to a movie last night with them.

I dismantled the Christmas tree last night. It had been up since the first of Dec. and was very dry. I like to put them up but always anxious to get them down & things put away again.

I see in the paper that Jack Dye lost a leg and has been discharged from the Army. He will soon be sent home. He was awarded the order of the Purple Heart.

Mrs. James Illingsworth died this week – You remember her I am sure. Old Mr. I.’s wife – they lived in town.

Tony Schuh was operated on for gall stones before Christmas. While he was in the hospital, Bill was taken there with pneumonia. Tony is home and able to be around. I suppose Bill is too by now.

[page 4] The locker plant has been approved for Kentland. They are to start building as soon as possible. I don’t know who will run it but no one from here. A John Eilts of Crown Point will install the locker – There are 300 paid subscriptions. We have $10.00 in that. Our locker rent at Brands is just pd. for 6 mo. (to Feb.). Maybe the new locker will be ready by Mar. 1. I hope so then we can come out about even.

Mark got his electric train out but couldn’t get it to run, so Mr. Zell took it and is going to see if he can get it running. He went to Kokomo (his parent’s home) to see his (only) nephew, who is in the Navy and soon to go places. Took the train along – Said his nephew had all kinds of electric trains he used to play with. Thought both of them could work on it. Mark hasn’t had it out this winter – I hope they get it repaired so Mark can play with it again. I believe David would enjoy watching it too.

Happy New Year & Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/09/11/last-day-of-1943-gladys/