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High Temperature (Gladys)

September 2, 1945 envelope

September 2, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 2, 1945, p. 1

September 2, 1945, p. 1

Dear Daddy –

Our David is running a temp. Last night when I went upstairs I went into his room and he was awake but not saying anything. I thought it was odd that he wouldn’t be raising a racket. I thought he felt hot and took him into our room and took his temp. I couldn’t get an exact reading but in the short time I could keep it under his arm it went up to over 100. I kept him in bed with me. He didn’t sleep for a long time. I got up and got half an aspirin for him. Once he looked up at me and said, “You have brown eyes.” Finally after 2 a.m. he dropped off to sleep. He woke up this morning at about 8:45. He didn’t have but 101 2/5 when I took his temp. this a.m. but now (2:15) he has 103 – rectally. He has a number of mosquito bites and that is all I can diagnose so far. I am sure his throat isn’t sore because he wants to eat. There are mumps around but he hasn’t any swelling. I called Dr. M. and told him all about David, but didn’t ask him to come out yet. If his temp. continues I’ll ask him to come out and see him. There is summer flu around too so he may be having a round of that, or it may be all those bites. We have sprayed and swatted but he still gets bites.

Mark has gone with the Washburns for the afternoon. They have an exhibit (or two) at the Fair. I think tomorrow is the first day officially, but you know there is always a crowd on the Sun. before. John stayed home from S.S. & church this morning to help me. I didn’t come downstairs until time to get dinner – John insisted he bring my breakfast up to me so I just stayed upstairs with David all morning.

Yesterday we cleaned and waxed all the floors downstairs. Mark did the most of that work.

September 2, 1945, p. 2

September 2, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] I washed blinds and John cleaned windows. The floors look pretty good now. The upstairs need to be done but that will have to wait a little while. One blind slat to the front living room window had been broken, but repaired. A glass had been broken out of the front door and one piece of the quarter round (or whatever it is that holds the glass in) had been broken in taking it out, but painting will take care of that. Also that window we broke in the kitchen door has been broken and different piece used to put it back. All these minor things are showing up as I clean. Nothing serious.

Jimmy Ed is still under the weather – now that it is cool again maybe he will get better. I hope the tests he takes from Dr. Ade will help them find relief for him next summer.

Hazel Farris called from Goodland today and wanted to know if you were back. Said she heard you were to open your office the first of Sept. She said she wished you were back because she wanted you to take her case. She just returned from the hospital – had X-rays made for something.

I suppose it is reasonable to assume that there will be Drs. released each month with the Officers (11,00 in Sept.). I wonder if they are going to release according to your entrance – if so, you should be one of the first. I guess time will give us the answer.

Tomorrow is Labor Day but there is school. I wish John could have gotten the course he wanted. He seems to think Smith hasn’t worked out things as well as his predecessor did. It used to be that Band could be taken by anyone – now the schedule conflicts so much that some can’t take band every day. Some of the members can only be in band Mon. & Fri. I try to keep neutral on the subject, but it seems “our John” hasn’t taken to the new Supt. Maybe he heard too much from others before school started.

Sun 5:45 PM David’s temp. is down and he is acting normal – must have been the mosquito bites, since nothing else has shown up. It’s time to “stir up” something to eat. Have cream of wheat for David.

Love Mother

September 2, 1945, p. 3

September 2, 1945, p. 3

Mon. morning & Labor Day. J. & M. are at school. David has no temp. this a.m. and seems normal. Must have been the bites. It’s fairly cool this morning – fair and the temp it to raise. I noticed an article in the paper that gives the figures by month for Officers release – Sept. 11,000, Oct. 16,100, Nov. 21,100, Dec. 26,000 – Jan. to July ’46 – 256,900 monthly.

I called Smith yesterday and talked to him about John’s course and he suggested John take Jr. English so he could take Latin – since it’s soph. English that conflicts with Latin. He was to go talk to him this morning. I do hope he gets it changed. I had quite a little chat with Bertha too.

Arlene just called to borrow some bacon – She is preparing for a picnic for this evening – said they were going out with Bernards. I have borrowed sugar from her and she has borrowed eggs, cake flour & now bacon. She sent the eggs back with the girl when she came for the bacon. Her girl, Donna is high school age but doesn’t care to go. She is a little lonesome. I told Arlene she needed someone her own age to be with. I think we will have a picnic in the backyard and have her come up.

It’s time for me to get lunch started.
Love Mother

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Wedding Details (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 6 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Three letters today, including the wedding details, which were from your descriptions, simple. However, it doesn’t require an elaborate ceremony to make a lasting marriage. Does it? It is a bright sunny day. Makes a person wonder how it can be heavy and overcast one day and in a few hours so clear and bright. It was so grey and overcast yesterday it was somewhat depressing. I think I’ll take David out for a breath of fresh air after he gets up from his map. It was below freezing early this a.m. but the sun has been shining so bright all day I think the temp. will be up enough to take him out. He is over his cold, but still has a hang-on cough. Dr. M. said if he didn’t get over it he would give him a whooping cough shot. I remember you used to use that treatment for coughs that resisted treatment. However, I am holding out hoping the cough will leave. About the only time it bothers him is after he sleeps a while. The

[page 2] rascal woke me at 4 a.m. – I had to take him up, change him & get him a drink. He was wide awake and wanted to play but you know his mother well enough to know I wanted shut-eye. I put him in bed with me but soon discovered that was not the way for me to go back to sleep, so put him back in his bed and we both went back to sleep.

John had to give a report on dehydration in Ag. today and worked on it all evening. When he has something to do he goes right after it and if I may say so with pardonable pride, does a pretty good job. Having watched his father at work on M.S., M.D., etc., I can’t help but see more than a little similarity.

The account of your meeting Bud (Geo.) Mulligan is in the paper this week. I mentioned a conversation with his aunt in my letter yesterday. In looking thru the paper I see that Jack Sullivan is one of the latest fathers to be inducted. Eddie Steinbaugh was married to an Army nurse at Chanute Field, Monday this week. Jack Dye’s picture is in the paper this week. He lost a leg in action and has been discharged.

Washburn’s celebrated their golden wedding this week and Albert Thompson’s celebrate their 60th.

David is awake now and ready for some fresh air. He is playing the piano now. Maybe he will be a musician.

Mark slipped and fell down stairs last nite.

[page 3] No damage done. John said it is a good thing Mark can fall relaxed. I told them if John had fallen like that he would have broken bones until he would have to be in a cast from head to toe. Never a dull moment.

Love Mother

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A Skating Contest (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 5 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

No mail today but five letters Monday. It is cloudy today. It was foggy this morning then there was a little sleet. It is just a typical grey, overhanging winter day.

Yesterday was Washburns 50th Wedding Anniversary. They held open house at Howard’s. I took David and went out about 4 P.M. Helen is here from Neb. She doesn’t live in Calif. now. I suppose you have been in the former Canine house (the one Howard bought). Yesterday was the first time I had been in the house. It is almost exactly like the other house they lived in except the porch on this house is enclosed and can

[page 2] be used summer and winter. What a play room that would make. About the Anniversary, there were many beautiful flowers in all colors of yellow and orange to represent Golden. Also beautifully decorated cakes, in white and yellow. Tea and coffee were served. Mrs. Bessie Dixon and Mrs. Ruben Hess poured. I saw Mrs. Carrold Bledsoe there. She said they were living in the tenant house. They were living on the place when it was sold.

Last night the boys (J & M) went to the pond. Bob Shurttler sponsored an a skating contest. I think one of the McCartney boys won the prize. Mark is still learning to skate, so didn’t enter the contest.

David is taking his nap. He was so busy all morning.

[page 3] I wanted to take him over to see Jimmy Ed, this being J.E.’s birthday. I called Lucile this morning and she said Jimmy had a temp. last night and some cold so I won’t take David over. I’ll go over and take Jimmy’s gift. David’s cold last week kept us from getting the boys together. They seem to get along pretty good.

I went over to the locker last night (afternoon) and turned in ration points for the hog (1/2). The weight was 96 lbs. That took 233 points. I turn in advance points in this case.

A woman called me to tell me her nephew is where you are – Pharmists mate 3/c – I think his name is Mulligan. She didn’t know where he is stationed but he wrote home that he had

[page 4] met you. This aunt was in Boonie’s and he told her about your letter to him about meeting Col. W. – and putting this and that together figured out her nephew’s whereabouts. You know Boonie has a yen for figuring things out, although I know he misses sometimes.

I just straightened out the bank figures – I had made a slight error or two – but the balance at present is $336.12 – but there are quite a few bills to pay yet – Ins., groc., etc. When I get them all paid I’ll give you the bal. I got three $37.50 bonds bought Dec. 31. – I bought 7 – $18.75 in July and the above mentioned, which makes $243.75 in Bonds for 1943.

I think David is waking up and I have been writing and figuring and no nap.
Love Mother

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Jimmy Ed’s Birthday (Gladys)

1944-01-04 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but five yesterday up to Dec. 23. Also a letter from Geo. Wingfield Jr. He is in San Diego now. He didn’t give any address except N.A.S. It is cloudy today and below freezing a few degrees. Washburns’ are celebrating their Golden Wedding at Howard’s today. I want to call on them sometime during the day. David is taking his nap. He wants to climb the stairs now that he has discovered that he can. I will have to get a gate or some kind of barrier across the bottom so he won’t have to be watched. Mrs. Zell and I are planning to take some of their fresh pork over to the locker. I don’t have so much in the drawer now. I ordered half a hog but Brands are short of help and haven’t got it put in yet. Tomorrow is Jimmy Ed’s birthday. I have a gift and card for him. I don’t believe Lucile is going to have a party for him because of the flu and colds around now. James L. II has a birthday the 11th. I am sending him a card today but haven’t a gift for him yet. Can’t get what I want here and haven’t been to Laf. recently. Can’t always get things there either. I may go down Sat. so I can take Mark for an X-Ray. I wish I could take him to a warmer climate – I believe he needs more sunshine.

Love – Mother

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Father’s Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday and rain again. John has kept check on the rain on Sunday’s since Easter and this is the 8th Sunday. It rained on Easter and he wanted to see if there was anything to the old adage about rain for seven Sundays – I think he said today disproved that because this is the 8th. It hadn’t rained for a few days so I think this rain was beginning to be needed. However some of the farmers will need to replant corn because cut worms have ruined entire fields of corn around here. Washburn’s lost one field and everyone was so late in getting corn planted due to the continued rains. The cut worms

[page 2]  have kept Mr. Zell on the jump. He has helped us with our garden and the boys in turn help him around his place. They moved the lawn for him last week and Mark helped him plant late potatoes last week. I don’t remember you ever ridging potatoes in our garden, but that is his method so he run the garden plow thru our potatoe and J. & M. hoed up the ridges. Now they will help him ridge his. They haven’t a pressure cooker so I took our cooker over and helped her can peas one night this week. We didn’t raise enough peas to can but I have been buying canned peas each month with our points. I bought some canned pineapple last week – and a medium size can takes 24 points – or half of one’s ration points for a month.

[page 3] Oranges are 55¢ a dz. – but we don’t use many because David hasn’t been able yet to take orange juice and J. & M. don’t care for it all the time. I still give D. Vit. C tablets. I tried to give him juice one day this week and he threw it up. We have a Baby Care Manual that was given to me at the hospital and in it are listed the achievements of 3-6-9 & 12 mo. olds. We checked on D. and he can do some of the 12 mo. things – like walking around his pen. It doesn’t say anything about a baby standing up in the buggy  & holding on to the top. That’s one thing he has on the book. He tries to climb out of his play chair and got so I couldn’t feed him he was always twisting and squirming around and climbing over the side so yesterday I decided it was time to do something about the situation and I spanked.

[page 4] He cried and kept on so I spanked again – he cried a while then settled down and had his breakfast as nice as he should – now we have no trouble at meal times. John & Mark were both present at the time and both agreed it was the thing to do. They are both very much attached to David but agree he must be corrected when necessary. John said we corrected him when he was small and must do the same with David. J. & M. say they don’t want David to be a “mean little kid.” John is entertaining him now. He woke up too soon from his nap and has been a little cross and it’s getting near his 2 P.M. feeding.

I went to church this morning. Mother said she didn’t feel like going. It was getting cloudy when we got out of church and a few

[page 5] minutes after we came home it was so dark we had to turn on the light, such a black cloud in the north spread over and then it poured down for a while – now it just a steady sprinkle.

After our garden work yesterday we cleaned up and went to town – I told John it was silly for town people to go to town on Sat. nite – I wanted to get a gal. of wax – I got it at Childress – He had his office open but he wasn’t selling gas. We parked the car there. He closes every evening at 6 P.M.

I rec’d 18 letters last week – the latest being June 5 – Also the 100⁰⁰ ck – I paid the Ins. loan. At present I have a bal. of 189.70 but will have to pay ins prems. Next month $83.66 altogether, also have some other bills amting to 21⁰⁰ – However I will get 200 the first of the July & your Ins won’t have to be pd till after I get that – also will have to pay Link for the bicycle – The auto ins. will be due in Aug but will have two cks before it is due. David has had his vegetables and is asleep now.

Love – Mother


Just came from Arlene’s – she told me Marie Steinbaugh’s breast operation proved to be a very deep cancer – they took off her breast and cut into her arm. She will have to take radium treatments now – also Rosemary is in the hospital for an appendectomy – her baby is 7 wks old.

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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