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Tuesday and partly cloudy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Tues and partly cloudy. Had another hard rain last nite. Had a clear sun set and thought it would be dry today – It hasn’t rained so far and I hung clothes out that are about dry but it may rain any minute. We have a lot of garden stuff up but haven’t been able to get any beans or corn planted. Mark will have a good job getting weeds out when it gets dry enough to work. Mark is planning a big summer. He decided he wanted to take piano lessons again so went with John this morning to get started again. I do hope I can keep him at it this summer. He needs a lot of supervision and I should be able to give him more

[page 2] now. John is still taking his lesson. Mark came back home when he finished. I am to dialate John’s eyes today – have an appointment with Dr. Ade 9:45 tomorrow. This isn’t such a good time – with the recital the 28th of this month but he had to have his eyes checked – due to the recurring headaches – – I see John coming and I waited to eat lunch with him. Mark & Mother were too hungry to wait – so will finish this later. – – Some hours later –

After lunch I went out and took clothes down. Took David out withme in his buggy so he could get a good sun bath. I then went to the green house and got snaps, asters & daisies to set out. I was getting tired and Mrs. Foulkes (Harold’s mother) came along, and visited a while – After she left I went back to work and just got three packages of seeds sown when it started to rain – but it was time to feed David so after getting him fed

[page 3] and put to bed we had supper, so you can see I missed the mail today but maybe it will catch the midnight train from the hotel.

The summer kintergardens have started and Statons are sending Jimmy. That gives Mrs. James some relief – She had to do police duty about all day long during fair weather – because Bobby would usually be around and when he & Jimmy play together they have to be watched. Last summer they would quarrel but it has developed to actual fighting this summer. Link is putting up two rose trellises. They keep putting more flower beds in their back yard. Their backyard grass is like ours so they are trying to eliminate it with flower beds.

I see Mark is out in the driveway so the rain must have stopped. He is doing some running and jumping so I must do put a stop to that (too hard on shoes)

[page 4] So far this week no letters but I always look for something tomorrow. Last week had letters as late as Apr. 30. – now getting behind again. Got the pictures today we took last week. I am enclosing two – the one with John standing on the step, I am standing on the flag stones and makes him look taller than me but I still stand half a head above him. He has a very sober expression and Mark has on the uniform that I bought for a Navy Officers uniform but about the only thing that looks like it is the color – After you wrote what you did he quit wearing the strap across his shoulder.

I saw Ira Dixon driving his car today so he must be getting along OK. Dr. M. said Eddie Ray is going to be alright. They brought him home from the hospital.

Haven’t much news from about town – Haven’t had David in his buggy for a walk for it seems like weeks – but can’t take him walking in the rain. Maybe some of the Rotarians are writing and giving you the low down on things around.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-05 Gladys, John, Mark & David


YEG1943-05 David

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