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A Petition (Gladys)

August 25, 1945 envelope

August 25, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

August 25, 1945, p. 1

August 25, 1945, p. 1

Aug. 25 – 1945

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Aug. 21 & 23 came this a.m. – so the air mail really gets here the quickest. I went over to Lucille’s last night to watch the wedding – Doris Wilson & Goog Marvin were married at the church at 8 PM. It was a very pretty affair. Bethel was bridesmaid & wore blue – Doris in white, of course. Jimmy Ed has hay fever & asthma too (at least he sounds like Glen does) and was so stopped up he could hardly breathe. All Dr. M. had given him was Phenobarbital – ¼ of 1½ gr. every three or four hrs. He got to coughing and threw up one dose – Ed called the Dr. and he said to repeat. I didn’t stay long – Ed had Jimmy on the glider and after he had the last pill acted like he was going to quiet down. I haven’t talked to Lucile today so far so don’t know how they got thru the night. I went over to Mildred Gerricks to class party about 9 o’clock. After the party I talked to Pauline Hiestand. She said Mary Childress came to her and asked her if she would be willing to sign a petition. She said she would be more than glad to. However, I am not so sure of thinks. Lucile told me some things Dr. M. said to her, that he claimed he said to you while you were here and I told Lucile he had not said anything at all to you of the kind. The only time I know of that he talked to you was in front of the barber shop the day Dorothy was with us.

August 25, 1945, p. 2

August 25, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Well he told Lucile that he told you to come and see him and he would see what he could do for you. All I can remember hearing him say was, “Sorry you have to go back to San F.” He also told Lucile if you got back now, it would have to be thru him. I think he meant a petition would have to go thru him. So I don’t know what to do if anything. I think I’ll go talk to him and ask him if he has any “info” from the Amer. Med. Assn. – I suppose they will have something if there is anything out on the situation.

Link took Irene to Chicago yesterday. Atkinson said she had a blood clot – he put her right in the hospital and elevated her leg and applied heat. She has to take penicillin too for “phlolitis.” (incorrect spelling) I don’t know how long she will be in the hospital. I wonder why her Dr. at Sheldon couldn’t diagnose her case?

It is very cool here. I have washed and now have corn to put in the locker. It isn’t such a job tho. Just cut is off the cob and put it in the boxes – It has to be dipped in boiling water then cold before its cut off. It will be easier than cooking it tho.

Miss Smith was here yesterday and thinks John should attend a conservatory in Chicago Saturdays for piano lessons this winter. She is going to Chicago soon and said she would go to the conservatory and see about making arrangements. The place she has in mind is close to the bus station, so he could go up on the bus.

A letter came from your Mother this a.m. She says she isn’t feeling so well – I’ll enclose the letter. She sent us some red points.

Our magazines came to Kentland, so the change of address is in effect now.

I’ll send the gold braid & shirt & pants.
Love Mother

Letter from Lovina, dated August 23, 1945, p. 1

Letter from Lovina, dated August 23, 1945, p. 1

Aug. 23

Dear Gladys and boys

Received your letter. Glad you got back in your home again. I guess you have heard from Roscoe since he got out to San F. Hope he won’t have to stay long. It’s real chilly this morning, raining all morning. I canned some peaches yesterday not doing anything but cleaning up the house this morning. I’m not feeling very good (Haven’t felt good for nearly two weeks.) I’m going to the Dr. this

Letter from Lovina, dated August 23, 1945, p. 2

Letter from Lovina, dated August 23, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] afternoon. My hearts been bothering me so then I have the headache so in the back of my head. Pop wanted to finish digging potatoes today but it rained him out. We haven’t washed this week yet. We had to take the wash  machine to town to get it worked on. Hope we can get it this week yet so I can wash some things. I’ll send you a few red points. I don’t have any news now to tell you. Hope your all well. Etta Campbell came out Tuesday, brought her cooker. We canned 24 pts. of corn. That’s all I want to can. Will have more in a few days. It’s no use to can so much. We don’t eat much corn.

Love Mom

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The Dionne Quintuplets (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – It is cloudy and a little cool so we are all in the house. John is listening to musical programs. We all listened to the Quintuplets – they were in Superior, Wis., at a ship launching ceremony – they spoke and sang in French & English. There were five Merchant ships launched and the quints christened them.

I wrote you yesterday and if you get my letter will think I am a little mixed up – well I read your letter in a hurry and wrote to you before I re-read it – It was about the box you got & the chicken bones – It sounded like the bones had been taken out of the tin can, until I read it again and it was the candy in wrappers you meant the ants got into – so much for the chicken bones. I had four letters from you to read – hence the hurry –

[page 2] David seemed to have quite a cold yesterday and didn’t sleep so good last night – I’ll have to put that down against him – the first night he was disturbed me in the wee hours of the morning, but I think his gums are bothering him – He feels fine today and very little evidence of a cold. I think he had what John had earlier in the week. John seems to be alright now except for headaches, so I am going to take him to Dr. Ade this week and have his eyes checked. Mark had a slight cold too but didn’t lose any of his pep. There are a lot of colds around, but these didn’t last long so can’t complain. It has been raining or cloudy since Thurs. so David hasn’t had a sunning since last Wed. He was getting so tan – and it was very becoming. I think he will tan like Mark does & you. I don’t know whether Donnie Funk gets in the sun as much but he is very fair and maybe doesn’t tan as readily as David.

The dandelions are in full bloom now. Our lawn looks very yellow as well as all the lawn around here.

[page 3]Tonight is the Baccalaurate service at the high school. If I had someone to go with and someone to stay with the boys I would go – so I think I’ll save the trouble and stay home.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is home from the hospital. He has been sick for about two months. Gretchen lives here now since her husband is in the Army. Her baby is about 3 mo. old now. He was a little fellow – smaller than D. when he was born, but is coming along nicely.

Bethel Wilson is in Florida – you know she is in the W.A.A.C. – Ethel went to see her and had to stay longer than she had planned – couldn’t get reservations on the train to come home when she planned. Travel has been curtailed a lot – Mrs. P. said they had to stand part of the way back from Fla. They came back and both got sick from the change in weather. Mrs. Dixon & Nettie said they had noticed the chilly weather a lot this time. They went down last fall & spent the winter. People shouldn’t come back so soon – when we have this kind of a spring. Every time it gets warm for a day or two we think cold weather is over, then we have a cold snap – so much for weather.

[page 4] Of course you remember Roscoe Kenoyer – they have a baby girl – they live near Otterbein now. Tommy Thompson’s have stored their furniture and rented their house – He is going to work on his Dad’s farm this summer. At present Mary is living with her mother. Fuells have moved out of town & Chas. Dienhart bought the Fuell house. Ellsworth bought Dienhart’s house for a rental. I haven’t heard anything about Eddie Ray in the past few days so he evidently is getting better.

I stopped to see Jimmy Ed Fri eve and it is almost too soon to tell whether the S.M.A. is going to help his skin condition. Dr. M. is using light treatments on him too. Besides the white flakes, there is a little seepage. – like my hands get when I eat something I shoudn’t.

David has had a nap and is making a noise so better go see what he needs – without looking I know – The same story – dry pants.

I have Mark reading a book – he brought 3 home from the library and I told him he had to read them.

Love, Mother

P.S. Your last letter was of Apr 21 – so that is pretty good time – I got it May 8 –

P.S. no. 2.

Had two “sets” of callers this afternoon – You remember the Luce man, who had the smashed arm – he stopped in – thought you might be home on week-end leave – but I told him you were on foreign duty – well he wanted to show you his arm – he has fairly good use of it now and is going to marry one of the nurses he met while in the hospital so long. The arm is not straight – and is bumpy in places but from the shape it was in when you got to him – I would say it’s a pretty good arm. He still gives you credit for saving it –

The other callers were Forrest & Gertrude, Chas (the sailor at Pern) and his wife, which I think must be recently acquired, Helen & her two children. Helen said Dan is still in Noumea but she thinks he wno’t be long. Mrs. R. called me this evening. She had a letter from Joe & he said he thought he might possibly see you before long.

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Halfway Point!

Yegerlehner, Roscoe & Gladys - Wedding picture with attendantsAt the end of this last week, my blog hit a quiet milestone. With this post, I have been posting for 184 days, just over half a year. I can hardly believe that I have been at this for six months. Yesterday (May 25th) was my grandparents’ 84th wedding anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who has been following their correspondence for the last six months and to welcome those who have recently followed their story. Here’s to the next six months!

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 29 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

Another day and no letters from you but maybe they will come tomorrow. There were two Mon and this Thurs so still Fri & Sat.

Our weather has changed a little. It was raining so hard this morning I took ours & Zell’s children to school. John had tow horn cases to carry and books so he could hardly manage walking. He brought the large saxophone home yesterday and had to take both horns back this a.m. He likes the regular sax much better than the straight one he had. David is sleeping now. He seems to like the 4 hr schedule as well as the 3 hr. He didn’t wake up until 3:30 this am for the 2 am bottle. I think maybe he will soon sleep right through although I don’t mind feeding him at 2 until he is some heavier. He weighed 7-9 on Dr. Coles’ scales Monday and will no doubt be

[page 2]past the 8 lb mark by Sat. He takes his cod liver oil & orange juice every day and so far both agree with him.

If you ever get the letters I wrote while in the hospital and letters others wrote, you will know we tried to send you a cable – well in your letters to me you said you hadn’t had any news for so long, so Bob Hufty contacted the Red Cross field man and he said he would get a radiogram to you if it was possible – I suppose by this time you will have received it and know why it was sent. I would have done that in the first place had I known we couldn’t send a cable – and that you wouldn’t get our letters – but we all thought you would surely get our letters in at least two weeks. After they told us we couldn’t cable you I thought the only thing left was a letter and when your letters kept coming and you weren’t getting your mail Bob decided it was high time something should be done.

Mrs. R called me this morning just to talk and wanting to know if I had any late news. She rec’d a cable three weeks ago

[page 3] but no news since then. Before the cable he had written three letters on board ship. He was detailed to the Southwest Pacific fleet, so she hasn’t the faintest idea where he is other than the S.W. Pacific.

There is a high wind today and we had a casualty. The west storm window in the boys room blew off and broke the bottom pane. I hadn’t gotten them all fastened and that particular one seems to be in a current that flips it off. Link is coming over this evening and help me get the rest fastened. I can’t even get some of the windows up. Joe should have fastened those the day he put them up but he was in a hurry to finish by noon and I haven’t felt strong enough to wrestle with the windows – but will get it done before any more blow out.

John has filled two stamp books so I am going to buy him a bond (as pledged) and he is going to get

[page 4] it at school so his grade will get credit. Mark still has a few stamp to buy before he fills his book but I will get him a bond before the year is over. I should buy David a $5⁰⁰ stamp with his gift from D. Mace.

I see in the paper that Bethel Wilson has been sent to Daytona Beach, Fla to a new camp. The Mullen boys are being sent to Ft. Bragg, N.C.

Harlan’s had Chuckie operated on for his eyes. They took him to Indpls but I don’t know who did the operating.

John Byrne is the man operating Art’s drug store. I knew his face but not his name. His family will occupy the Ross property on West Carroll St. (if you know which property that is – I don’t).

Mother had a head cold – started yesterday evening – so I made her take some Rhinitis – all I had was the child size so have her 4 last night – got a bottle at the drug store this morning and gave her a full size one – her cold is better now.

I must sign off-
Love Mother

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