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Halfway Point!

Yegerlehner, Roscoe & Gladys - Wedding picture with attendantsAt the end of this last week, my blog hit a quiet milestone. With this post, I have been posting for 184 days, just over half a year. I can hardly believe that I have been at this for six months. Yesterday (May 25th) was my grandparents’ 84th wedding anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who has been following their correspondence for the last six months and to welcome those who have recently followed their story. Here’s to the next six months!

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 29 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

Another day and no letters from you but maybe they will come tomorrow. There were two Mon and this Thurs so still Fri & Sat.

Our weather has changed a little. It was raining so hard this morning I took ours & Zell’s children to school. John had tow horn cases to carry and books so he could hardly manage walking. He brought the large saxophone home yesterday and had to take both horns back this a.m. He likes the regular sax much better than the straight one he had. David is sleeping now. He seems to like the 4 hr schedule as well as the 3 hr. He didn’t wake up until 3:30 this am for the 2 am bottle. I think maybe he will soon sleep right through although I don’t mind feeding him at 2 until he is some heavier. He weighed 7-9 on Dr. Coles’ scales Monday and will no doubt be

[page 2]past the 8 lb mark by Sat. He takes his cod liver oil & orange juice every day and so far both agree with him.

If you ever get the letters I wrote while in the hospital and letters others wrote, you will know we tried to send you a cable – well in your letters to me you said you hadn’t had any news for so long, so Bob Hufty contacted the Red Cross field man and he said he would get a radiogram to you if it was possible – I suppose by this time you will have received it and know why it was sent. I would have done that in the first place had I known we couldn’t send a cable – and that you wouldn’t get our letters – but we all thought you would surely get our letters in at least two weeks. After they told us we couldn’t cable you I thought the only thing left was a letter and when your letters kept coming and you weren’t getting your mail Bob decided it was high time something should be done.

Mrs. R called me this morning just to talk and wanting to know if I had any late news. She rec’d a cable three weeks ago

[page 3] but no news since then. Before the cable he had written three letters on board ship. He was detailed to the Southwest Pacific fleet, so she hasn’t the faintest idea where he is other than the S.W. Pacific.

There is a high wind today and we had a casualty. The west storm window in the boys room blew off and broke the bottom pane. I hadn’t gotten them all fastened and that particular one seems to be in a current that flips it off. Link is coming over this evening and help me get the rest fastened. I can’t even get some of the windows up. Joe should have fastened those the day he put them up but he was in a hurry to finish by noon and I haven’t felt strong enough to wrestle with the windows – but will get it done before any more blow out.

John has filled two stamp books so I am going to buy him a bond (as pledged) and he is going to get

[page 4] it at school so his grade will get credit. Mark still has a few stamp to buy before he fills his book but I will get him a bond before the year is over. I should buy David a $5⁰⁰ stamp with his gift from D. Mace.

I see in the paper that Bethel Wilson has been sent to Daytona Beach, Fla to a new camp. The Mullen boys are being sent to Ft. Bragg, N.C.

Harlan’s had Chuckie operated on for his eyes. They took him to Indpls but I don’t know who did the operating.

John Byrne is the man operating Art’s drug store. I knew his face but not his name. His family will occupy the Ross property on West Carroll St. (if you know which property that is – I don’t).

Mother had a head cold – started yesterday evening – so I made her take some Rhinitis – all I had was the child size so have her 4 last night – got a bottle at the drug store this morning and gave her a full size one – her cold is better now.

I must sign off-
Love Mother

©2013, copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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