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Mark’s Birthday (Gladys)

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 1

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 15 came today. So glad you finally rec’d David’s Christmas pictures. He does, I think, resemble your baby picture. So many people around here comment on how much he looks like you. Mark has him out now getting some fresh air and some sunshine – however the sunshine is a little pale now. It was brighter this morning. It is very warm and windy. Last night I was awakened by thunder & hail. It was quite a storm while it lasted. The hail was very bad for a while. The north windows showed the effects of the storm – especially the kitchen windows are covered with dirt.

I am having a little party for Mark at 4 P.M. Buddy is here now walking around with Mark while he pushes David around. I tried to keep the party a surprise but John didn’t know it was to be such and began talking about the party. John wanted to play a trick on Mark, so he sent him a birthday card and signed a girl’s name. This girl is in Mark’s room and according to Mark is poison ivy, or something equally unpopular. He says she is very ugly and he dislikes her very much. He suspected John as the sender and was ready to tear him apart. John told Miss Smith about it and she in turn told him about something she did when in high school. There was a girl who wasn’t very popular

February 26, & 27, 1944, p. 2

February 26, & 27, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] and didn’t have dates – a certain boy she admired from afar – Well Miss S. sent her an invitation to the prom and signed this boy’s name. She said the girl wrote him a note accepting his invitation – The boy was very angry – but I don’t know whether he took the girl to the prom or not. I think John felt a little badly about sending Mark the card until Miss S. told her story, then he didn’t think he had done as much as she had.

This rain and warm weather is making things look green. The tulips are up so high. I am afraid they will get nipped yet but can’t keep them from growing in weather like this.

I see in the paper the Barces held a reception for Betty & Paul. They spent a week in Missouri on honeymoon. I think Paul has to return to Panama at the end of his furlough.

Kenneth Wood has been in Calif. since he finished his training at Allison, but has been sent to New York. He was in Kent on his way to N.Y. one day this week. Harlan Parr was in Fla. until last fall then sent to Mich., was there a short time, then sent to N.Y. I see in the paper that Frank Morton is working in Nashville. Mildred & Frank Jr. were down to see him. Frank Jr. will soon be in the Navy.

– – The party was quite a success – Two Zell girls, Buddy, Bobby, Jimmy & David Diedam were here. I made a white cake and decorated it will pink candles. John went to the drug store and got strawberry ice cream which carried out the color scheme. I made a punch with grapefruit & orange juice.

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 3

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] Everybody seemed to have a grand time.

This is Sun. P.M. – I didn’t get to finish this yesterday due to the party, etc. Buddy wanted Mark to eat supper with him after the party and John wanted to go to the show with David Diedam – Mark saw the show Fri. night with Zells – I wanted to take David to the Dr. because of this cough he has had several days. Dr. M. gave him a whooping cough shot and said to bring him back the middle of the week for another. There are so many cough cases and he says the shots are the only thing he has found to help. After seeing the Dr. I went to the restaurant and got my supper. The supper crowd was gone and there was only two or three men at the counter, so I stayed. I wouldn’t have taken David in if there had been a crowd, or several children. David didn’t seem to mind the shot so much. Just cried a few minutes and was able to smile at the Dr. when we left.

According to Dorothy, the reason Doris Wilson didn’t get to the hospital to have her baby (no. 4) she couldn’t find Ellsworth in time. Dorothy said they (several couples) were at Tiltons, after the Bond rally show,

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 4

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] having refreshments (about 2 a.m.) and Doris called inquiring if Ellsworth was there. She didn’t say why she wanted, so no one tried to find him. He didn’t get home in time to get her to the hospital and the Dr. didn’t get there until after the baby was born. He was expecting her at the hospital. I’ll bet Dr. M. was plenty “sore” about the whole thing. I remember how they started to the hospital when Eddie Ray was born and stopped to see a show on the way.

It was so nice out of doors yesterday – but it’s not quite so inviting out today. The Zell girls, Virginia (11) & Betty (8) are here playing Monopoly with Mark. Martha Jane is the youngest (3) and is home taking a nap. John has been listening to the radio and David in running around the house getting into everything – Just found some of Mark’s cards, so Mark came running to the rescue. David loves to close doors and will close any door in the house he can find that will close for him.

Harold Portteus came yesterday to tell me he might not be able to get a permit to sell us the beef – but I think he will get the permit. If there is any objection I think, I’ll do a little talking. They had had a lot of hospital & Dr. bills the past year and really need to sell. Ruthie was in the hospital several weeks and Harold is just recovering from a hernia operation. He said he was anxious for you to get back. One reason being Jim’s induction into service. He said he was thinking about shots he would have to take and would like for you

1944-02-26 & 27 (GRY), p. 5

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 5

[page 5] to give them a statement regarding Jim’s reaction to shots. Dr. M. said he could give them a statement but he knew in some instances the examining Doctors disregarded any such statements. Knowing how Jim is, I would think it would be very risky for him to take shots Army or Navy style. Harold says he thinks they will let Jim remain home until late fall because Harold won’t be able to do much heavy work this summer. Jim will graduate this spring. He is getting thru high school and that is better than some. Romaine’s boy friend will have to enter service this fall and has one more year of school. I would think some provision could be made for those boys who want to finish high school, but since they are taking fathers with several children, maybe it’s better to take some of the younger ones. I still think there are some who should be in and are not – but that’s an old story. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd is called up for another physical. He is dissatisfied with his job at present and I don’t think it would take much for him to quit. He was rejected, but just between you and me, I think if he wasn’t working for this co. he would be called up for another examination. Do you get what I mean? He was told his rejection was due to his nervousness, but I really don’t think he is that nervous. Well that is my opinion and I may be wrong. This may all sound like I am wanting him to be in Service, but that isn’t the way I feel. If he can do more here raising tomatoes to feed the Army, he should be where he can do the most good. I am about out of space and feel fun down.

“Love Mother”

Mark's Birthday Party (back row: Buddy Krull, John, David Diedam, Mark holding David; front row: Virginia Zell, Betty Zell, Bobby Funk & Jimmy Staton)

Mark’s Birthday Party (back row: Buddy Krull, John, David Diedam, Mark holding David; front row: Virginia Zell, Betty Zell, Bobby Funk & Jimmy Staton)

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Death of Rev. McCloud (Gladys)

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 1

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Another wintry Sunday P.M. I was going to take David out for a walk but a fine snow is coming down – so fine it is almost a rain, so unless it lets up we will stay in or go in the car. I thought we might go out to the greenhouse. Rev. McCloud died yesterday and I would like to send flowers. Rev. McCloud suffered a heart attack last week and I understood he would have to be in bed for sometime but he was up getting his breakfast yesterday morning when he died. As active as he had always been I never thought about him having heart trouble. He used to play tennis every summer –

The snowing stopped so I walked for a while with David & Mark then we came back and went out to the green house and ordered flowers to send to McClouds. Then we stopped at Plummers. Mr. P. was in bed – had been sick with near pneumonia. They won’t get to go to Fla., because they were to go about the time he got sick a week ago, and he isn’t able to be up yet. I think Mrs. P. is rather disappointed because they can’t go. She has been working pretty hard since he has been down, taking care of the chickens, furnace, etc. Then they got a quarter of beef and she canned it. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas eve and didn’t know about Mr. P. being ill. I thought

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 2

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] they would be in Fla., but saw the flowers in the window so knew they were home.

We came back home and listened to the radio all evening. David Diedam came about 7 P.M. and played with Mark a while. Mrs. Z. came over and invited us to eat fried chicken with them tomorrow evening. They have kept chicken in their refrigerator since the middle of Jan. We had baked chicken today that we put in the locker almost a year ago.

Mon. A.M. Yours of Feb. 8 & 9 came today. Had a leak in the upstairs bathroom. Had to call Mr. Monroe – The leak was from the flush box. It had run out on the floor and soaked down on the ceiling in the dining room before I discovered it but it is fixed now and not much damage done. The other side of the dining room ceiling has water marks from the bath tub. I hope to get some painting done this spring & cover the water marks.

It is nice out today. Sun shining and snow melting. I want to take David out after he wakes from his nap. He was a little busy body this morning. Wouldn’t stay put anyplace – just kept going from one thing to another, getting into things he knows he should stay out of. He is beginning to talk more. When he wants to do something to get attention, he gets your picture and says “Da.” He knows he won’t get scolded

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 3

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] for that. He has been saying Ma-Ma the last two days. We are trying to get him to say mother. He can say John & Mark, not quite plain, but we know what he is saying. I have to keep the bathroom door closed (downstairs) to keep him from playing at the lavatory. He climbs up on the clothes hamper and does things.

Irene borrowed some coffee this morning – Said her mother is away but I didn’t ask any questions. I suppose she has gone to Ft. Wayne to stay with Margaret. Irene isn’t working now – Dorothy said Irene was to rest a month before she goes back to work. I can’t imagine Irene staying home and doing hum drum house work. Not that it is that to me – but I am geared differently from Irene. I imagine she will return to the factory.

I have been wondering what the men getting married in foreign lands will do about their wives when they are ordered back to the States. Will Bob be able to bring his bride back with him if he is sent back here before the war is over? He won’t mind staying down there now but what a situation to be ordered back here soon and have to leave his wife. Of course it isn’t any worse than your situation but it would seem a little ironical if he got traveling orders now when that is what you want. I think I hear little David getting awake.

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 4

February 20 & 21, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] I knitted a suit for James L. – I want to get it mailed today. I wanted to send it for his birthday which was in Jan., but I didn’t get it started in time. I made this suit in dark blue. I want to make one for David in red. He still has dark brown hair and his eyes are so dark they almost look black, so he should wear red. D. & Jimmy make a good contrast. Jimmy is so fair and his hair is so blond it is almost white.

–Pause to take D. up and set him on the toidey – it worked – saved a diaper. He is busy now playing with a box – much more interesting than a toy – Toys are something to throw down and leave on the floor while a good box is playing with.

I am afraid this letter has been rather jumbled, but I started on it so many times & I didn’t have a very good train of thoughts any time I started.

I want to start planning flower gardens for spring. I haven’t thought much yet about a vegetable garden. It is nice to have vegetables all summer but almost more work than I care about. If the boys could carry on without my supervision, but they couldn’t last year. John doesn’t like gardening and Mark won’t work consistently unless he has someone with him all the time – It is almost compared to getting blood out of a turnip – except that he can work but doesn’t care to.

Love – Mother

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Furnace Dirt (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

The first day of Feb. – Yours of Jan. 21 came today. It was unusually warm for Feb. 1 –

Took David for a walk. We went to Jimmy’s and then we all walked again. The boys enjoying playing or riding together. David won’t leave his mitten on, then J. gets a similar idea so we are busy putting mittens on.   we came from our walk, Mark, D. & I went to Sheldon to get a supply of meat and our fresh lard. Harold Portteus (just out of the hospital, just recovering from hernia operation) called today to say we could have

[page 2] half the beef they have ready to butcher, so we will have a new supply T-bone steaks, etc. I brought some strawberries and lima beans from the locker. We had some berries for supper. They weren’t thawed enough – as far as I am concerned I would just about as soon eat chunks of ice. The boys enjoyed them, so that is all that is necessary. The berries I bought last year weren’t so good for freezing – they did very well in the preserves.

Mr. Z. went to Indpls. for his physical today. Several were going from here. I think Jr. Morton was in the bunch. Mr. Z. is registered at Brookville but asked to go with the men from here.

[page 3] Davie Diedam is here this evening playing with Mark and the electric train. Our David likes the train too.

Mary McGee Arnott is visiting in Kent for a few days. She had a bunch of pictures of her baby and a picture from her husband, somewhere in England. He was standing by a jeep on which was pained their baby’s name, Marylin Sue. He had to leave before their baby was born. She didn’t know where he was when she was in the hospital, but she did send a cable to his A.P.O. number.

We are getting low on coal again. I called Chet Harlan and he promised us some when the next load comes in a week or 10 days.

[page 4] I washed the chair cover last night and got them ironed and back on this afternoon. They show up the furnace dirt more than anything else because their light background – Everybody who burns coal “gripes” about how dirty it is this year, but I suppose we should be thankful to have coal at all.

I was appointed by the woman’s club on a committee for Post War Planning. The first meeting is Thurs. evening at the High School. I don’t have the slightest idea what they intend to do but will give you the “dope” after the meeting.

John is working on his essay. You remember he won second prize last year writing in competition with high school students.

I am about out of paper.
Love Mother

P.S. another picture of D. enclosed.

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New Year’s Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 1 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

This is my first letter this year. Thought I would write your Mother & Dad, but yours first.

Mark is getting ready to go skating with David Diedam. I just stopped to help him pull on 3 pr. of woolen stockings, and see that he had his coat buttoned and cap down over his ears. We haven’t had so much sub zero weather but it has stayed cold enough to keep the pond frozen.

John was listening to the Opera but got a headache and turned it off. We ate dinner

[page 2] with Mrs. Zell & Virginia (Mr. & two younger girls having gone to Grandpa Zell’s for New Year’s day). I didn’t want to take David over to Zells because the Dr. said it is important that she doesn’t get a cold and David still has some. I stayed here with D. while J. & M. went over to eat, then John came home to listen to the opera while I went over. Mark stayed a while then he came home. I stayed to help with dishes, then John came over and said he had a headache, so I gave him one of Zell’s aspirins. I came home so Mark could go skating and John stayed to play checkers with Virginia. Buddy Krull just stopped to see Mark and I told him Mark is at the Pond. He took his sled and went over. Buddy hasn’t learned to ride his bike and when he is here

[page 3] and Mark has to go to town, Mark rides and Buddy trots along beside him. I told Buddy he should learn to ride so they could ride together. Buddy got a chemistry set for Christmas and now Mark says he wants one for his birthday, John said “No, we don’t want the house blown up.” Mark decided the best birthday present he could have would be for his Daddy to come home. John said it would be better if you came home before Mark’s birthday. I agree. I can’t think of anything better. – – David is loose and it keeps me busy jumping up and getting him out of things, so I decided to put him in his bed until I finish this. He started to climb the stairs yesterday. We watched him and he went right up like an old hand at the business. That is the first time he had tried. I think one reason he hasn’t been attracted to the stairway is

[page 4] he likes to watch himself in the mirror door and play with the mail box. Now I suppose I will have to get one of those folding gates to put across the bottom to keep him from climbing up any time. He has always had a tendency to play in the front hall when I have to be busy elsewhere.

Alma Walker’s brother who has been in the Navy, has a medical discharge and is home. His wife has a baby and there has been trouble there – You remember them – you drew the blood for their marriage. Seems she wanted to run around after she got over having the baby and kept the family on needles & pins. Dale has the same trouble Mabel has and when that was found out he was honorably discharged. The young wife hasn’t taken very good care of the baby and Alma says he was broken out from lack of care and formula that didn’t agree with him. Now that Dale is home maybe he can keep her in line.

David is raising a fuss so I think I had better get him his orange juice & cod liver oil.

Another Happy New Year & Love – Mother

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Joy Funk (Gladys)

1943-12-29 #01 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Your letter of Dec. 18 & 19 came yesterday. I planned to go to Laf. today but David developed a cold and had a temp. I had Dr. M. come out. He said it was all in his head and left some pills (not sulfa) for him. His temp is down but he is cross. He is asleep now. I think he must have gotten a bug from Earl or Mark. There still seems to be a lot of flu around. David is getting a lot of attention now to keep him quiet – but it doesn’t always keep him so – but so far we have kept him on the couch with his toys around him. He still has plenty of pep and likes to play with his toys. Bill called last night and said the new baby had arrived, a girl, 8 lbs. – named Joy. Said Arlene was doing fine. I do hope she is, because with the help situation as it is now she will want to get up as soon as possible. J. & M. aren’t doing much during vacation. John has to take a music lesson tomorrow. Mark isn’t quite over his cold yet – I was going to take him to Laf. today – but since David isn’t feeling so good didn’t go. Maybe I can go Fri. or one day next week. It is still cold enough for the pond to be frozen. David Diedam came by for Mark to go skating, but I told him Mark couldn’t go toady. It isn’t too cold but just good winter weather – for people who like winter.

Love, Mother

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