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New Year’s Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 1 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

This is my first letter this year. Thought I would write your Mother & Dad, but yours first.

Mark is getting ready to go skating with David Diedam. I just stopped to help him pull on 3 pr. of woolen stockings, and see that he had his coat buttoned and cap down over his ears. We haven’t had so much sub zero weather but it has stayed cold enough to keep the pond frozen.

John was listening to the Opera but got a headache and turned it off. We ate dinner

[page 2] with Mrs. Zell & Virginia (Mr. & two younger girls having gone to Grandpa Zell’s for New Year’s day). I didn’t want to take David over to Zells because the Dr. said it is important that she doesn’t get a cold and David still has some. I stayed here with D. while J. & M. went over to eat, then John came home to listen to the opera while I went over. Mark stayed a while then he came home. I stayed to help with dishes, then John came over and said he had a headache, so I gave him one of Zell’s aspirins. I came home so Mark could go skating and John stayed to play checkers with Virginia. Buddy Krull just stopped to see Mark and I told him Mark is at the Pond. He took his sled and went over. Buddy hasn’t learned to ride his bike and when he is here

[page 3] and Mark has to go to town, Mark rides and Buddy trots along beside him. I told Buddy he should learn to ride so they could ride together. Buddy got a chemistry set for Christmas and now Mark says he wants one for his birthday, John said “No, we don’t want the house blown up.” Mark decided the best birthday present he could have would be for his Daddy to come home. John said it would be better if you came home before Mark’s birthday. I agree. I can’t think of anything better. – – David is loose and it keeps me busy jumping up and getting him out of things, so I decided to put him in his bed until I finish this. He started to climb the stairs yesterday. We watched him and he went right up like an old hand at the business. That is the first time he had tried. I think one reason he hasn’t been attracted to the stairway is

[page 4] he likes to watch himself in the mirror door and play with the mail box. Now I suppose I will have to get one of those folding gates to put across the bottom to keep him from climbing up any time. He has always had a tendency to play in the front hall when I have to be busy elsewhere.

Alma Walker’s brother who has been in the Navy, has a medical discharge and is home. His wife has a baby and there has been trouble there – You remember them – you drew the blood for their marriage. Seems she wanted to run around after she got over having the baby and kept the family on needles & pins. Dale has the same trouble Mabel has and when that was found out he was honorably discharged. The young wife hasn’t taken very good care of the baby and Alma says he was broken out from lack of care and formula that didn’t agree with him. Now that Dale is home maybe he can keep her in line.

David is raising a fuss so I think I had better get him his orange juice & cod liver oil.

Another Happy New Year & Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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