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Furnace Dirt (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

The first day of Feb. – Yours of Jan. 21 came today. It was unusually warm for Feb. 1 –

Took David for a walk. We went to Jimmy’s and then we all walked again. The boys enjoying playing or riding together. David won’t leave his mitten on, then J. gets a similar idea so we are busy putting mittens on.   we came from our walk, Mark, D. & I went to Sheldon to get a supply of meat and our fresh lard. Harold Portteus (just out of the hospital, just recovering from hernia operation) called today to say we could have

[page 2] half the beef they have ready to butcher, so we will have a new supply T-bone steaks, etc. I brought some strawberries and lima beans from the locker. We had some berries for supper. They weren’t thawed enough – as far as I am concerned I would just about as soon eat chunks of ice. The boys enjoyed them, so that is all that is necessary. The berries I bought last year weren’t so good for freezing – they did very well in the preserves.

Mr. Z. went to Indpls. for his physical today. Several were going from here. I think Jr. Morton was in the bunch. Mr. Z. is registered at Brookville but asked to go with the men from here.

[page 3] Davie Diedam is here this evening playing with Mark and the electric train. Our David likes the train too.

Mary McGee Arnott is visiting in Kent for a few days. She had a bunch of pictures of her baby and a picture from her husband, somewhere in England. He was standing by a jeep on which was pained their baby’s name, Marylin Sue. He had to leave before their baby was born. She didn’t know where he was when she was in the hospital, but she did send a cable to his A.P.O. number.

We are getting low on coal again. I called Chet Harlan and he promised us some when the next load comes in a week or 10 days.

[page 4] I washed the chair cover last night and got them ironed and back on this afternoon. They show up the furnace dirt more than anything else because their light background – Everybody who burns coal “gripes” about how dirty it is this year, but I suppose we should be thankful to have coal at all.

I was appointed by the woman’s club on a committee for Post War Planning. The first meeting is Thurs. evening at the High School. I don’t have the slightest idea what they intend to do but will give you the “dope” after the meeting.

John is working on his essay. You remember he won second prize last year writing in competition with high school students.

I am about out of paper.
Love Mother

P.S. another picture of D. enclosed.

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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