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Local news (Gladys)

1943-03-19Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is raining and some wind too. March is keeping the tradition. Some weather we have had since last Dec. the humidity is up now since it has been raining. You remember Cecil Duttonhaver (you delivered their first baby). He was killed, while driving a truck this week – his funeral is today. John’s name was in the paper this week – about the essay contest (he won second prize $1.50). I am going to try and get him to send you a copy. He wouldn’t let me read it so don’t know what he wrote. He has been studying ‘Courtship of Myles Standish’. Says it is interesting but mushy. Mark is feeling fine and no after effects of measles at yet. David weighed 7 lbs this morning. I see that Geo Clark had been discharged being over 38 years old now. John Krull has been sent to Tampa Fla. Lloyd Tilton is home. He is going east to an officer training school, Jos Mullen is going to Ft Sills Oka for Officers Training. Emmett Miller has been sent to Ft Leonard Wood – Mo. There are several others mentioned in this week’s paper but I thought you knew these better. I suppose you know Dr. Ash has been sent on from N. C. I heard indirectly he had been & Mrs Ash doesn’t know where he is now. I haven’t any late news about town. Haven’t heard any more about Ira Dixon – Link & Irene aren’t back yet from Mayo Clinic. We are all feeling fine. Just hope John & baby don’t take measles but it has been two weeks since Mark started runny a temp so I am hoping they won’t get them. Finances O.K. – Taxes figured 157.33 in case you missed other letters

Love Mother

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Six letters came (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 18, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran Calif.

Dear Mother,

At least there is a little to write about today, because six letters came – 2 registered from you – One with the pictures – the other of Feb 7 and a v-mail Feb 19. At least that brings the news up to only about one month behind times. Also got a letter from Geo T., Bob N. and Boonie. Those I answered a few days ago – really ahead of time – when I wrote Ira D. Maybe I’ll be able to write to them individually some of these days when more paper comes floating around. Your v-mail of Feb 19, must have been written about the same time you got the word that I left the previous station and I certainly do hope my mail is coming thru to you now regularly and it should because there was only 4-5 days that writing was impossible

[page 2] but it may not have good connections out like at the last place. Boonie got my last letter to him in 7 days – If ours would only come that way.

The pictures were really swell and I agree that those you didn’t have printed were bad. Fact of the matter is I hid those. That necklace looks like the duce, I think. Hope you have the other one I sent. It’s too long – I mean the one you had on in the picture. I saw the Padgett picture before I saw the name and I sure thought D. had grown. Even the fly leaves of that folder are stuck together but I can get them apart easily.

I like this place so much better than the last place – and I’m afraid that in time I might be sent back but hope not until I can go farther back than that place. Some of these days censorship will ease up and we can write more of our

[page 3] location. I still say watch the papers and listen to the radio. Last night we had Bob Hope and then got some news from K.W.I.D. You probably could get that easily on our short wave but their program starts at 12:00 midnight and you would hardly be listening at that time. Then just for diversion we get Radio Japan and listen to how we are not doing. It’s really funny – when one really knows and then hear their version. Of course we don’t know everything but we are in a position to have a few facts.

Our tuna fish shure sure was swell. The colored mess boy fried it in butter after rolling it in flour and after canned hash beans and spam it sure was one fine meal.

Well, I’ve used my quota of paper today – so solong Love Daddy

P.S. Is that an army suit Mark had on – if so shame

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John is coming home (Gladys)

1943-03-12Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Bright and sunny today – temp mild. Quite a contrast from last week, but this is March. Mark is quite improved – no temp and measles are beginning to fade. He was itching this morning so I put some zymochol on him and that stopped the itching. He is quite cheerful. Dr. M. came out last evening and gave David 2 c.c. Immune Globuline. So far he hasn’t had any reaction. He ate his cereal at 10 & took all his milk then played a while and went to sleep.  Weighed 16 ¼ this morning. John is coming home this evening. I am going to try and get him to take the serum but you know as well as I do how he shuns needles. Well if he doesn’t take the serum and has measles I won’t be so afraid for the baby now, and I will isolate John if he does take them. There were 56 out of the grade school so they closed Thurs.  Fri but will open Mon. I think I’ll keep Mark home a few days yet so he can catch up a little on his eating before starting out again. Meat Butter, cheese cooking fats are to be rationed April 1. 2 ¼ lb meat per person per week – don’t know about the rest. Joe Kenny was married Feb 22 at Tuscon Arz – he is stationed there – Juanita Arnold & Donald Hall were married at New Brunswick N. J. Mar 4. He is stationed there. She is back here now. Tom Murphy & Mrs. have gone to Flordia for his health. Marlowe Haileys have a baby boy. She had to have a section. Ira Dixon is reported improving. They didn’t operate. Irene said she & Link were going to Mayo Clinic Sat for examinations – She is working all the time but says she doesn’t feel very well. Link is going for his knee. Dr. Cole told Irene if she didn’t get better to quit work & rest. We are all fine.

Love – Mother

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Quite an appetite (Gladys)

1943-03-11Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today or yesterday, but will keep looking every day now since receiving three this week. I think there is one yet to come. One letter came Mon. saying you had written three, but only two more came – Well the weather is getting a little warmer but will look for anything during March. Mark is getting along fine. Had temp of 103 ½ – yesterday but broke out good and is feeling much better this a.m. Sleeps OK at night and doesn’t cough much now. Temp was 99 1/5 this morning. He wants some dinner so he must be improving. Now if John takes them maybe he can get along as well. They closed the grade school – there were 56 out with measles. There are some cases of chicken pox & scarlet fever but we won’t have to worry about them. We are going to give David Immune Globuline if we can get it. Jack Byrnes ordered from Chicago. There wasn’t any to be had in Laf. Mrs. Roberts called me last night and she is going to try and find some for me – said Joe had some but thought his Dad took it when he left. – – Pause – to feed Mark. He had quite an appetite and is feeling pretty good. Dr M. said John could come home tomorrow evening after school Mark thinks John has had it pretty nice eating all his meals at the restaurant. Ira Dixon had another spell like the one he had before. They took his to St. E. – didn’t know whether it was appendicitis or kidney stone. Haven’t any late word about him. Arvilla was on the floor with him when he entered the hospital. Dr. P. wrote me a letter and said he would send your things when he gets instructions from you. I am answering his letter. He said they hated to see you leave. (So did a lot of other people).

Love – Mother

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Letters from you (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 10, 1943
Lt. Yegerlehner
A.P.O. 43
% P.M.
San Fran

Dear Mother,

Just a little late again this eve but I just got in – I’ve been on the sea all day and my face burns like fire and I’m dry as a fish. In that boiling hot sun for 5-6 hours one really gets hot. We weren’t fishing either.

Got 3 letters from you today – one had the picture of you and D. That was Mar Jan 24. The other two were earlier. Also got one letter from Clarence Y and one from Ira Dixon but

[page 2] those I will not answer until I get some stationery. You probably wonder why I didn’t use that you sent. Well I could only bring a minimum amount of stuff. That is the reason all my clothes etc are still in Noumea. I suppose there is lots of guessing etc. but I can’t even hint. We are all fine but at times things are a little exciting if you get what I mean but one gets used to things like that –

The pictures were fine thanks lots. I left all the others in Noumea.

Lots of Love

P.S. Don’t worry about us.

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A tooth filled (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

To begin with I had my tooth filled today and after all that has to be done now is to polish it and then all will be OK again. The thing the dentist put in the other day was a shock absorber. It didn’t hurt very much when he drilled because it was fixed so soon after the damage was done.

Just got to wondering today if you ever got a sugar ration card for D. and if you ever turned mine back. Then too I was wondering how the meat rationing was taken care of. The coffee and our today’s news said shoes were on the list – Maybe you have written those things but I haven’t received the

[page 2] complete dope as yet. Really doesn’t make any difference only those are things we wonder about. I suppose you often would like to know about things here that we don’t even think of writing – if so ask. If your questions can’t be answered I’ll let you know. I don’t believe you ever did acknowledge the picture (airplane view) I sent – possibly you have but the letter hasn’t arrived as yet.

Last night I wrote the Plummers and Ira Dixon – I’m trying to catch up a little. I was about half asleep when writing Ira’s so if he should mention that I was writing sorta funny – That was the reason.

On the show last night there was a Donald D. and a Feature Speciality

[page 3] both were short but rather amusing.

I suppose you have read lots and hear lots over the radio of Flinn the movie actor and his troubles. We get little sketches of the proceeding – Rather a musty affair if you get what I mean. We have had several of his pictures here and I wonder how they will go over at home. Anything will go over out here although the show “They Won’t Forget” was a flop with a Double P. even though it was rated a 4.0 picture.

After the show and mail – show not much good – mail better. You v-mail letters of Jan 20 (2), 21, 23 and 25 came today and Mark’s of Jan 19. I suppose you have my word on the taxes. Don’t pay them only

[page 4] enough to keep out of jail – I’m afraid you won’t get all the deductions. I can deduct for the office equipment depreciation the same as last year as I understand it. Probably you have my letters about that by now anyway drop the whole thing.

Your last letter by ordinary air mail was Jan 14. So the v-mail is faster but keep writing air mail. I wouldn’t take D. out in the cold weather – leave him in until Spring – would be better for both of you to stay inside most of the time.

Got a box from Bill & Jewell today – smoking tobacco and the several Indianapolis Stars. Will have Sunday Star for Jan

[page 5] to write them in a day or two.

Baby D. must be some boy weighing that much in his 4 months. I don’t even want to offer any suggestions to his feeing schedule because I might be extremely incorrect now. However, it should not make the slightest difference in the canned milk used. Just so it is a standard brand.

Well, keep writing both kinds of letters and I surely will be glad to get the pictures. I wish I would have had you had yours tinted – etc. Anyway it will be better than any I have of you. Hope to get more mail tomorrow but it probably will be another 10-12 days now

Love Daddy

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Was That Mean? (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

About the middle of the P.M. wind blowing moderately and the sun hot. That covers the usual items of the news in short order. This A.M. I got your letter of Dec. 15, one from Ira Dixon written Nov. 28, a Christmas card from the Joe Mullen family and a letter from Hicky Reinhart. That was better than no mail at all but still not good. Your letter was a little short due to the J.A.M.A. add which I did nothing about. Guess they’ll have to get along without my 8⁰⁰. I wish you would however contact Dr. Mathews and pay my Co. Med due. It should be about 11⁰⁰. Maybe I should pay that – but I just asked Fred and Dr. P. what they were doing and they both said to hell with ‘em. So maybe it won’t be necessary. If you see

[page 2] him you might ask him what the other boys are doing. Only I just happened to think I guess I’m the only one – Since Dr. Oppenshaw didn’t belong to the Newton Co. Society. You might ask him what the Jasper Co. or the Iroquois Co. boys are going – that is if it’s handy don’t make a special effort.

In your last letter Mark was better and I presumed D. was also since you didn’t mention his case in that letter. As I told you before that (sickness) in the family is the biggest worry here and of course that is why mail means so much. Well there is no use to worry and as that won’t help. You have no reason to worry about our welfare here because we are all doing extra well in the good ole summer time.

I’m still working on this shell thing of yours and don’t expect it for some time as I just work in my spare time and when I’m in the mood and since I’ll be here for some time – (as far as I know-) there

[page 3] isn’t any real hurry.

Our show tonite is The Navy Blues. It sounds as if it could be bad or good but I’d hate to bet in either direction. Maybe I can add a line afterwards.

These necklaces that I’m making – you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to. They are a curiosity but not a thing of beauty. So just because I made it is no reason that you have to wear it. Hope that is clear. In fact they probably won’t stand too much wear.

It is now after the show and it was a good navy show if true but the things they do just aren’t according to the way I heard it.

Fred got some pictures today of his boy and he was remarking how much he had grown. I couldn’t let him get ahead of me so I said that my boy had grown also. So I got your picture we had taken when we I was home and had them look at

[page 4] you and then at D. pictures. Was that mean? Anyway it was true.

The mail this P.M. was better. Your letters of Dec. 16 and 17 came today – along with a greeting card and letter from the folks and one letter from Floyd. I can’t kick about as to the amount but would like some a little later. I am just wondering if you went home Christmas.

I know you have lots to do because even with one child lots of my Mothers used to have trouble keeping up and you have everything so I know you have a job. I really feel guilty having what you might call bankers hours, and you with all the responsibility of the home and D. but under the circumstances I can’t do anything about it – This is not of my choosing as you know but we hope

[page 5] and pray thing will turn out for the best. And what a home coming when it does come. So much for that.

I’m all out of shells and the thing I’ve made won’t go over my head so I’ll have to make another trip to the sea – and maybe I can find some more coral. The kind I sent before is hard to find for it is just freshly broken loose, but I’ll keep trying when I do have a chance to go out again.

I can think of nothing I’d like that you might send so don’t worry. I think all the Christmas packages came. I wrote Funks and thanked them and wrote the Sisters so that answers again your questions.

So Solong good night and lot of love,

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station
U.S. N.A.B.
C/0 F. P. O.
San Fran. Calif.

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Teen Age Draft Bill (Gladys)

Teen Age Draft Bill - 1942-11-13The Teen Age Draft Bill was working its way to President Roosevelt’s desk on November 13, 1942. The bill that required men to register for the selective service lowered the age requirement from twenty to eighteen. The war effort needed assistance from men as well as women, persons of color, and individuals of every age. A month previously on October 12, 1942, President Roosevelt returned from a two week tour of the country. He shared his new hopes and visions with the nation in a Fireside Chat. In this speech, he spoke of lowering the age requirement.  He felt that this was necessary for a more speedy victory of the war. A month later, Roosevelt signed the Teen Age Draft bill into law.

I am including two links to audio recordings of this speech:
The first link is to the Miller Center in Virginia which includes a rough transcript of the speech. The link to the audio is on the right hand side of the page.
The second link is to My Old Radio which has many of Roosevelt’s other speeches in its archives as well as many old radio shows and commercials. http://www.myoldradio.com/old-radio-episodes/fdr-set-prejudices-aside/16

Letter transcription:

Kentland Indiana
Nov 13 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Got up early this am (but went back to bed) David slept thru the 2 a.m. feeding then woke up at 5 – and then Mother wanted to get up at 5 because she was going to T.H. [Terre Haute] with Servies and they were coming for her at 6. I got part of washing done yesterday & finished today. With a little “fellar” there is always a washing to do. I am still able to hang things out but when it gets too cold I will put them in the basement.

Rec’d a letter this morning – and you were somewhat out of sorts when you wrote. Well maybe by this time you have a few more letters and know I am receiving yours and have all you have written to date. That is, the one I rec’d this a.m. was dated Nov. 4 & this is the 13th so that brings it to date. Now that you have rec’d some of those “back numbers: maybe you will get all or most of them. Remember you asked for your comm. & I sent it. Sorry, those two letters I wrote Oct 24 & 25 didn’t mention receiving your letters regularly, because I did mention it in most of my letters.

About Mark – I couldn’t get him a bike unless I found one second-hand – because you have to have a requisition from the ration board and I am afraid I wouldn’t have any reason for getting him one. I think I could get him a Jr. bike but that would be foolish because he wants a full size. He is learning to play the cornet and Mr. Webster says he is doing fine. That he has a better tone range than most of the band children. The only thing he lacks is perseverance. I have been bragging on him and he has been practicing a little better this week. I told him if he learned to play the cornet I would buy him a better horn but I didn’t want to invest anything is a horn if he wouldn’t stick with it. He can blow Taps & Silent Night. I am going to get him a tool set for Christmas and fix him a work shop in the basement. He would do something worthwhile I am sure if he had some help. That is what he says he wants and has one picked out in the Sears holiday book. John is doing as usual. He is playing a large Sax now and still takes piano lessons. He was in a play that is a ”stunt” by the 7th grade. When he came home last night I had to clean make-up off his face. Mother went to see it and said the 7th grade stunt was the best. Now I wonder why she thought that (or do I wonder so much)

[page 2] By Mother getting to go home before her birthday I had to go to town and get her something yesterday evening since she left at 6 a.m. today. While in town I saw Lucile Johnson and she said I could use the baby carriage she has until she is ready for it. The one Zell’s have will require so much work however I may fix it up so I can use it when L. wants hers. I saw Ira D. and he said he had another letter from you. I told him he could keep you posted on the local gossip – and he promised to do that. Ellsworth [Wilson] was in the drug store at the time and I talked to him about the Ins. policy for David and he is going to write it in the Laf. Life. He said that was a good company. Hope that meets with your approval.

Had a letter from Henry R. – Jr. today and he wanted to know about you. Evidently he is still at Moffett Field because his letter came from there. Here is his address – you write to him. his address is H. W. Reinhard, Ylc, CUB Two, Moffett Field Calif. He said “would like very much to know something about Jake.”

I sent you a birthday box and put the Lentz pictures & films in it. By getting Boonies candy as soon as you did you should get the box I sent. Again I’ll quote the present bank bal (721). I get my checks each month. It comes in two since you made the additional after you reached Calif. I haven’t done any spending yet this fall. Got the boys some new clothes, but haven’t paid that bill yet (50⁰⁰). That includes some things I got for Mother. I also gave her 10⁰⁰ this morning when she left. The bank bal. of course includes the birthday money. If you get all the letters I have made repeats in you may be sorry you asked for “rehash.”

The baby had a crusty formation in his eyebrows and I was afraid it might be impetigo – how he could get anything at all is beyond me because you know my “mania” for keeping clean. I had been using water on his face but but he got a rash or something so just used oil and the rash cleared but this thing started in his eyebrow – so decided to use some samples I rec’d – “Pragmusal” I applied it three nights in succession and it cleared up. I read the label on the tube carefully and decided it would not be too strong for his skin even if it didn’t help – but it did the trick. Of course if it had gotten worse & spread would have taken him to Dr. C. but didn’t want to make an unnecessary trip. I am not due to go back for more than a week yet. I want to make the trip just before gas rationing but then after that will have to make trips because will have to get David started on his shots when he is old enough.

The Myers twins were just sent to Laf. to the Naval Station there. They had enlisted in Aug. – 18 went from Newton Co. Nov. 6 – Jim Fletcher’s widow [Emma Fletcher] is working at Sharps. Just put in the above from glancing at the Enterprize. You should be getting it soon as Bart is sending it every week.

Have to register for gas ration card next week. Hope this finds you with all the letters you should get

Love Mother
(hope you can read all this)

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November 7, 1942 (Gladys)

There has been mention of late of letters sent to the boys, John & Mark, and vice versa. At this point, many of those letters appear to be gone. Thus far we have been fortunate to have a sampling of some of the correspondence between Roscoe and the boys. There are more in the collection, but not all of them apparently survived. More of the ones from Roscoe than to him seemed to be preserved. We can thank Gladys for that. We can assume that the letters the boys received on this day where the ones Roscoe wrote on October 28th. To refresh your memory of the letters Roscoe wrote to the boys, click on the names: John or Mark.

V-mail, dated November 7, 1942

V-mail, dated November 7, 1942

Letter transcription:

Lt. (JG) R. S. Yegerlehner
Navy SSA (White Poppy) MC
c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Calif.

Mrs. R.S. Yegerlehner

Dear Daddy,

Sat. and 4 letters – two for me and one each for John & Mark. We have been getting your letters regularly and I think I have all you sent including the first. You said you rec’d my letter with David’s picture – but you didn’t comment on it. It may not be such a good picture but I did send several later that were we thought good. John and Mark have been writing to you but you evidently haven’t rec’d their letters. John is baking a cake and Mark is dusting this A.M. I don’t get much done mornings but take care of David – and mix his formulas. This A.M. he weighed 8-3 and he was 6 weeks old Wed (this is Sat) so he is almost averaging ½ lb a week. In case the letters don’t get to you I keep repeating his weight. He was just 6 – 3 ¼ at two weeks. I talked to Ira & he said he would write you again. So glad you are getting some mail now. Wish you could get all that was sent. I have sent both kinds. You should gets lots of letters & also Christmas boxes. This letter isn’t very newsy but I am writing in a hurry and tomorrow is Sun. and maybe I’ll have more time. I wrote a reg. letter yesterday and gave you a financial report.

Lots of Love

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November 1, 1942 (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Nov. 1, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun P.M. after chow and just writing before it gets dark and before church time. There was some mail came in but this seemed the first time I’ve missed. There wasn’t much but nevertheless I didn’t get any. I’m not blaming you of course because I feel that you are writing each day. Maybe things will break in a few days.

Today being your birthday I’ve thought lots about it and really wish you a very happy birthday. Of course, I’ve done that before but take this time to do so again. Hope you have had a good birthday.

This has been a rather dull day with work to do all day and couldn’t go swimming or get away from tent or hospital grounds – but I’ll get to sleep in a bed with springs again, which is better than on the usual canvas and thin mattress, but the other night when I slept on the bunk bed my back was very sore guess I wasn’t used to such comfort.

So far today the sun has been very bright with only a slight sprinkle now and then but most of the time it’s the hot blistering sun, and the wind still blows pretty hard in the P.M.

Some officers came in from someplace else and seem to be making our tent a place to drink beer. They haven’t had any for ages so I guess it won’t hurt them to break loose a little and of course they won’t get enough to get into the gutter. We hope.

I’ve been reading another story – The Five Keys to Mystery and while reading it I rolled up the side of the tent and got a sun bath – got some tan now – Maybe will get more if the rains don’t came to often and too long in one period of time.

I’m going to write to the folks again this Eve. if I don’t have

[page 2] outside interference. And before long I’ll have to write Ruth & Ira. I’m about out of paper so I’ll have to go bumming again. This typewriting paper is OK but it’s too long and too flimsy – but air mail paper has to be thin and light.

Haven’t played bridge for several nights now. In fact since our new roomer moved in with his radio we listen to the news and that breaks right into the middle of the bridge time. One gets a little tired of the same thing each night but it’s better than just sitting around and thinking of things that have been or will be. But one gets tired of doing things all day long in the same way and at the same place and under the same conditions. This whole letter is all chopped up and uninteresting I know but it’s just one of those times when one feels down a little and mostly blank as far as mental action is concerned.

Well, I’m all run out maybe I can add a little later.

Four letters just came in 2 from you one from Clarence Y and one from Mother. Everything seems to be OK. Mom sent me 7 air mail stamps and Clarence sent 4 so I’m pretty well supplied with what I have on hand.

Must get going

P.S. Your letter was dated Oct 10,

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