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Local news (Gladys)

1943-03-19Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is raining and some wind too. March is keeping the tradition. Some weather we have had since last Dec. the humidity is up now since it has been raining. You remember Cecil Duttonhaver (you delivered their first baby). He was killed, while driving a truck this week – his funeral is today. John’s name was in the paper this week – about the essay contest (he won second prize $1.50). I am going to try and get him to send you a copy. He wouldn’t let me read it so don’t know what he wrote. He has been studying ‘Courtship of Myles Standish’. Says it is interesting but mushy. Mark is feeling fine and no after effects of measles at yet. David weighed 7 lbs this morning. I see that Geo Clark had been discharged being over 38 years old now. John Krull has been sent to Tampa Fla. Lloyd Tilton is home. He is going east to an officer training school, Jos Mullen is going to Ft Sills Oka for Officers Training. Emmett Miller has been sent to Ft Leonard Wood – Mo. There are several others mentioned in this week’s paper but I thought you knew these better. I suppose you know Dr. Ash has been sent on from N. C. I heard indirectly he had been & Mrs Ash doesn’t know where he is now. I haven’t any late news about town. Haven’t heard any more about Ira Dixon – Link & Irene aren’t back yet from Mayo Clinic. We are all feeling fine. Just hope John & baby don’t take measles but it has been two weeks since Mark started runny a temp so I am hoping they won’t get them. Finances O.K. – Taxes figured 157.33 in case you missed other letters

Love Mother

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A news update (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 3 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but I hardly expected any since yesterdays mail brought up to the 20th of Nov. So glad when you say you get mail and find out the things about us you want to know. I just checked the bank statement and we now have a bal of 797.47 – but that includes the money you sent for my birthday & the Christmas check. There will be some Ins. due this month and I have to pay the grocery bill but even then we will still have a good bal. Haven’t paid for the last quarter of beef I ordered from Brandt. He didn’t have it in the locker last week. I am going to try and get some more pork to put in. John has been somewhat worried over meat rationing but I think he will be able to get along. I have to buy coffee this week or wait five more weeks to get any. I could get along without it but since I am entitled to the amount rationed am going to get it in case we should have guests who like it or just in case I decide to drink it myself (does that make sense?) I won’t be able to use my gas ticket this week if it stays so cold because who wants to go anyplace in this weather? I must drive the car enough to keep the battery up if possible. We didn’t get the snow shoveled off the driveway and

[page 2] since all the snow it has remained so cold the snow stays. Makes it look like Christmas time. I suppose by the 25th it will be warm and no snow, but I would just as soon have a little warmer weather. David is raising a little racket. Had his two P.M. bottle and I put him on the bath table to kick in the sun, but he got tired of that and I put him in his basket again. I gave him orange juice again this morning and he kept it down. He weighed 10-6 this morning. We measured him yesterday and he is 23” long. He doesn’t look fat and I suppose that is due to the growth in length, because he has gained 4 lbs 3 oz since we came home 8 weeks ago. – – – a few hours later – After John came home I went to town. Mark went with me and John stayed with David. Still too cold to take him out. I hadn’t been out for two days and thought I needed some fresh air, and after a trip to town I can usually write a little letter because I usually hear something or make observations. While in Sears Alex Gilmour happened to be there and gave me a check for $23²⁵. Wish I could pick up a few more like that. I stopped at the Kentland Furniture to get one of their small desk calendars to send to you & Geo said he would send you one. I gave him your address and also gave it to Jack Byrnes. I went in there to get a prescription filled. I had been taking liver & Vit B shots but thought I should be able to get along on oral dosage now, so told Dr. C. and he gave me a prescription. I think it was Betron – anyway it contains liver, vit B, iron, etc – I also got the boys a bottle of Vi –Delta. They like that

[page 3] and I think they should have it along with their cold shots. I got awfully tired taking shots and thought I would try the tonic and if I feel I need shots later still have liver & Vit B and can take them. So much for the family health program. I clipped a few items from the Democrat I thought might interest you. The Enterprize didn’t come today, as usual. Also you will note the Blondie strip. We are still having the singing advertisements so we got quite a “kick” out this particular cartoon.

This is being purely catty – but I saw a woman in town with a black eye – you remember the Zumbrums – no doubt – Now I wonder how she got that shiner, or do I? they still owe their bill so she isn’t too anxious to speak to me. Perhaps I imagine that because those kind are seldom bothered by their obligations.

Bob Hufty called me today to tell me he had a letter from you. I saw Ira D. in town and he said he had written. He will give you all the low down. Bob said he told you about a boy from Kentland in New C. – but he is the Army so you probably don’t know him – I mean you don’t see him. I never did get to talk to Mrs. Ash. I tried to call her once when in Laf. but didn’t get an answer. She wrote to me once and I answered.

I sent a subscription order in for Reader’s Digest for your Mother & Dad’s Christmas gift. I couldn’t think of anything they needed and I won’t have time to do much shopping. Ruthie said Floyd wanted to send them “Look,” so if they do that they can keep up with the news in print & pictures.

Meredith Wilson later became well known for his beloved musical “The Music Man” (Image from Wikipedia Commons)

In listening to Maxwell House Coffee time this evening learned that Meredith

[page 4] Wilson the orchestra leader has enlisted in the Army. Mayor Latrivia on Fibber’s program appeared for his last program Tues before going into Service and Jack of “One Man’s Family” was on for his last show Sunday evening. Maybe you can get some of those programs I imagine you would enjoy hearing them. Wish you had the radio from our bedroom – or any radio that you could get good reception over. Now why didn’t we think of that and a dozen or so of other things before you left.

Mr. Zell came over this evening and asked if there was anything he could do for us. He thought we might need some help with the furnace. There was a large ring that he broke up and took out. I had worked on it earlier but didn’t hit it hard enough. It was just like a rock but red hot. I saw Bun in town and asked him when he would bring out more coal. He said they had a letter from you. The coal pile has quite a hole in it so I am going to have it filled up again.

The boys have gone to bed – they did stay up until 10 – when I take David up but they got so they couldn’t wake up very gracefully so I put a new rule into effect – 9 P.M. Bed time. There isn’t any use for me to try to go to bed before 10 – because of that bottle feeding but I sleep till 7:30 usually so don’t need to go to bed so early. I am about to run out of space and anything to say so will wind this up and start getting things ready for going upstairs, because when D gets awake he wants his bottle and it will soon be time.

Love Mother

P.S. am buying bonds every month

P.S. 2 just rec’d the greeting & post card

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Two months old today (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 23 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Things, as you say, took an upturn today – 5 letters came, however not the money – but that will no doubt will come in the next mail and that will be in time for Christmas by a month. The children as well as their mother got quite a thrill from the 10 yen. John of course was curious to know the value for sure (since you weren’t) and looked it up in the encyclopedia – and figured it to be $9.80. I know your Mother will enjoy seeing it too. I will get her & your Dad something nice for Christmas but thought to give her something directly from you that I would let her select some shells from the box you sent Sept 30. The other box you mentioned has not arrived yet. Your mother & Kenneth should be here Tues. and I hope they will stay for Thanksgiving. Mark got quite concerned about our Thanksgiving dinner. He wanted me to be sure and have chicken, if not a turkey. He also wanted pumpkin pie. I got a little ahead of schedule and baked a pie for him this morning. Since we are on sugar rationing I used a receipt using honey. I thought about you and your idea about pumpkin pie and tho.[though] the children couldn’t tell the substitution I wondered if you would have been able to. I doubt if even

Baby book entries for November 23rd & 27th

Baby book entries for November 23rd & 27th

[page 2] you would have been keen enough. As you said about the porthole – that is a question that can’t be settled now. Before long we will be on meat rationing. That has been worrying John quite a lot. I figured it down to two hamburgers a day. Of course he doesn’t think that is enough but I think we will get along well enough. Today David is two months old and weighs 9 ½ lbs – so he is doing well enough since he had to start from 6 lbs – and was only 6 – 3 ¼ when we came home from the hospital at two weeks. I just gave him orange juice & Oleum. He sometimes throws up the juice but I keep giving it to him every day and maybe he gets too much. He is asleep on his tummy now. He was getting his head out of shape so I put him on his tummy a lot. Since he has gotten used to that position seems to like it but at first would cry. I didn’t take him for a walk today. It is foggy, damp, misty, etc. – so will wait for dry weather. John just came to the front door and started a commotion trying to get in. The front door swells in this kind of weather and is difficult at times. Mark hasn’t come yet. John & Mark have both written several letters but you evidently haven’t received them. Mark is still tooting the cornet and does as good on it I believe as he would on any. You know his perseverance isn’t

[page 3] too strong. I brag about his playing and try to get him to practice but he gets tired awfully soon. I got him some model airplanes to build when in Laf. Sat. There are 10 different designs. I can’t keep him in knives. He breaks or looses them. He used a razor blade a while yesterday but I won’t allow him to do that again. It is too dangerous. I was going to call Mrs. Ash when in Laf. but had so much to do didn’t get to a telephone. I will try to give her a ring the next time down. Also I intend to stop at Klines. I know Gertrude will want to see the baby. She was so good to come see me while I was in the hospital.

After the Christmas season I will find another box and send to you and you might mention a few odds and ends I could send – besides sardines & crackers. There are surely a number of small things you want that I can send. But as you say, now isn’t a very good time with so much mail to be handled.

Mark just blew in from school. He was late and said he had to stay in to finish some arithmetic. He had a horn lesson today and said the music teacher was pleased with his “blowing.” He really beams from a little praise.

This has been a rather choppy letter, try to do better next time –

Love Mother

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Halloween (October 31, 1942) – Gladys

Today’s letter features some great re-capping on Gladys’ part. At this point in the letters, Gladys knew that a chunk of letters were missing in action. We learn a bit more about the night David was born and Gladys finally has the news that Roscoe was aware of David’s birth. She provided a lot of answers to questions that Roscoe had been asking over the last month or so. How much money was in the bank account? Who was helping around the house? Who had enlisted and who was still in town?

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
Oct 31-1942

Dear Daddy-

At last I received a letter from you saying you had the news about David – and the middle name is Anthony – I wrote all the details in a letter while I was in the hospital but just in case it was lost I will try and give you a brief resume .

My water broke at 11 P.M. – without any pain. I called Dr. Cole & he said to come to the hospital. I called Bob & then Dorothy – Clarice also went along. After we started I began having hard pains and Bob drove as fast as he could. We were on 4th floor by midnight. David was born at 2:03 and I had ether as soon as they got me strapped down so didn’t know much about the pain at the last. I was just beginning to get very hard pains when they took me in to the delivery room (1:30) so you know I got thru in fine shape and of course no tears inside or out because the little fellow only weighed 6-11. I suffered more with my breasts than I did having him. I tried to nurse him and he kept losing weight – he went back to 6 lbs – and my breasts were well stimulated. They gave me stilbestrol and I had to take twice as much as I did the last time. Dr. C. made me stay in the hospital two weeks. When we came home David weighed 6-3 ¼ and now weighs almost 8 lbs and he will be 6 weeks old Wed (Nov. 4). When I left the hospital I sent for my bill and the nurse came in and said it had already been taken care of. We are feeding David Carnation, Dextri-Maltrose – orange juice & Oleum Per.

Everything here is going along pretty good now that I am able to be up and doing again. The furnace is O.K. So far the boys have been taking care of it with help from the neighbors now & then. Link has taken the clinkers out and Mr. Zell cleaned the soot & clinkers out once. I think the boys & I will be able to keep it in shape now. Joe got the storm windows put up and after the leaves all fall I will have the guttering cleaned. I think everything has been attended to. I had antifreeze put in the car & winter oil put in. I keep the tires checked. The bank acct. at present is around 700⁰⁰ that includes the birthday gift. I have paid the coal bill and of course ins. as it comes due. There are a few drug bills to pay but altogether they won’t amount to 100⁰⁰. I will pay those one day when I take a

[Written on side margin] Jim’s address is still Camp Bradford Norfolk but he is moving to another location so don’t know what it will be.

[page 2]notion. They don’t bother me much with statements maybe if they did I would pay them.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Mrs. P. sent me 5⁰⁰ and a gift to David (3⁰⁰). Dorothy Krull sent me a potted plant. Mother brought me a gift when she came in Sept and gave it to me then – a set of bowls. She is still here and I don’t know when she is going home. Nothing has been said about it lately. I tried to get help with housecleaning but “no go.” I will do it myself as I have time & feel like it. I am not going to make myself sick doing it however.

The boys (John & Mark) are taking Sherman oral vaccine. Maybe that will keep them from taking cold. John had a slight head cold when he started taking the pills & after two his cold was gone. He had a sneezing all thru hay fever tie. I was of the opinion he had some allergy.

If all my letters get to you, you will get all the local news because I tried to put all of interest in my letters. So many have gone into service – here is a list – Art Kenney – Paul Bruck, Kenny Jones, Emery J. Jr., Eddie Britton, Leo Yose, the two Mullen boys, the Myers twins (Al didn’t enlist). There are many others but I can’t think of them now. I think I told you Newell Lamb has the office. He was appointed Prosecuting Attorney due to the present one going to service. Clifford S. as you know is running for election on the Dem. Ticket. He didn’t do much with our collections. I saw A. Taylor yesterday & he gave me a check for 9⁰⁰. He said he thought that was all he owed. I told him I would send him an itemized statement. He said if I was right he would pay the rest.

I talk to Mrs. R. rather often. She calls me or I call her. I told her you hadn’t had news for a long time & didn’t know about the baby. Earl stopped there en route to an Army Camp in Pa. and she told him. He came to see me and was going to help me get word to you when I got your letter saying you at last had my V-mail letters. I sent several while I was in bed at home and in the hospital. I don’t believe you rec’d all. If you get my previous letters this will be a rehash.

I tried to call Mrs. Ash while in Laf. But didn’t get an answer. I haven’t talked to her since she saw me in the hospital. I didn’t write to Mrs. W. Sorry he had to go, because I know you enjoyed his company from your letters.

I rec’d two letters yesterday and six today which brings things pretty much up to date for me. Hope you get the Christmas boxes being sent. We sent one. I am sending another for your birthday but don’t know when you will get it.

Mother & Boys

[written on side margin] I wrote yesterday explaining the radio-gram.

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