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Whooping Cough and Diphtheria shots (Gladys)

1943-04-22Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters this week so far and this is Thurs. Maybe a bunch will come yet this week like they do at times. It is sunny and warm today so think I’ll get some yard and garden work done. I am dividing some of the thicker spirea bushes and filling in where the weaker ones haven’t done so good – and with the help of Mark – I am doing same. I will have to get someone to help with taking down storm windows – that I believe is out of my reach – Took David to Dr. M. yesterday and got his first shot for whooping C. & Diphtheria. He didn’t even cry so I won’t dread the next one as much as this one. He has been good today so it isn’t making him sick. I will have some snapshots to send out tomorrow. There are two of Joe Robert Hiestand Pauline gave me to send. There should be some good ones of D. in this last roll I took. – – – Mark is in the Jr. band concert this evening and I am going. He is so excited over it – he is to play a solo part. I am anxious to see how he gets along. – You remember the medicine Charles Molter got while you were home last? I saved the rest of those pills for him and he came yesterday and got them – small green & large Pink. He said he had felt pretty good all winter. One of his girls was sick the night before and they were afraid of appendicitis – and wishing you were here. Marjory Wilson’s husband has been sent where you were before. I think he is an ensign. Marjory works part time in the factory now.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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November 16, 1942 (Gladys) Part V

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov – 16 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

I wrote one letter today but thought I would start another one this evening. Went to town this afternoon after I wrote to you. I kept watching the sky and decided it wasn’t going to rain. Had a nice walk – went to town and paid the telephone bill and saw several people on the streets. Everyone wanted to look at the baby. He slept thru it all. He was asleep when I took him up to put him in the buggy and slept until after we came home. He is asleep again now – He usually fusses between 6 and 10 – hope he doesn’t get his hours mixed up and want to stay awake after 10. He weighed about 8-14 this morning. He has been gaining more this last week. While he took his last bottle I re-read the two letters that came today. I suppose you do the same thing yourself. While in town I saw the Dyers & Prues – Mrs. D. said Rosemond’s husband was sent to Ireland and they are afraid he is being sent on somewhere – Mrs. Dyer said “into the thick of things.” I saw Marjory Wilson Ryan. I was rather surprised as her baby is hardly 3 weeks old and Dr. Cole tells his OB’s to stay in 3 weeks after leaving the hospital – but she is young and must have gotten along very well. That sounds like I am putting myself in the old lady class but I think you understand. I really feel good now, but I think it is because I did go slow at first.

[page 2] John was coming home from school when I started to town so he walked with me. He was rather amused at the comments – first one would say, “My, what a tiny baby,” then the next would say, “Why he isn’t small.” It is amusing to hear people and the difference of opinion. Arlene was in town too, but she has company and had gone to Club – her sister and a friend. She isn’t able to walk much so they had gone in their car. This was my first trip to town walking and I enjoyed it very much. I stopped at the dress shop and got me a new girdle – I am a little pouchy (I think) and I want to get ironed out again. I wonder if I will wear the garment – also got a new blouce. I didn’t have time to do much shopping because by the time I got to the dress shop it was getting close to bottle time.

John has gone to band practice tonight. He had to get a strap today (1⁰⁰). He said “there goes two week’s allowance.” They had to have this extra practice to get ready for their broadcast Sat. at Purdue.

The Kindig boys – Jack & Calvin are both in hospitals. Jack is in Watseka and Calvin in Michigan somewhere. I don’t know what ails either one but from comments both are very ill.

So many popular radio programs are being sent by short wave to service men overseas. I wonder when I hear the announcers tell that if you are getting the programs. Hope you can get some of your favorites. However

[page 3] you said you couldn’t get Red Skelton. I listen to news reports every day and wonder if you get the same. We get Gregor Z. from Cincinatti at 6:15 and sometimes I get him at 10:15 while giving the baby his bottle.

In one of those letters away back there before I went to the hospital I wrote you about the septic tanks. A man came around wanting to clean them. Link & I decided not to have the tanks cleaned. However Funks & Foulks did. I also wrote to Jim and he wrote back that it shouldn’t be necessary for several years yet. Jim said the only reason would be that if the plumber hooked the sink drain to the tanks which shouldn’t be done – the grease would cause trouble. I think Mr. Monroe knows enough not to have done that.

Now that you are receiving some of those back dated letters maybe they will all get to you, except some few I put regular 3¢ stamps on. I put air mail on most of them and on all after I received your letters telling me to.

In your Christmas box I put in a candy bar – let me know if it gets to you in good shape. We weren’t supposed to put in anything but hard candies. I put in everything you asked for and everything else we could think of which didn’t seem like much after it was all packed – but a shoe box doesn’t hold much and that was the size box we were permitted to use. I would like to get you a good wrist watch. Let me know if you want me to send you one.

In a previous letter I sent you Joe R. address. He would like to hear from you I know as much as you from him. The last time I saw her she was pretty worried about him.

[page 4] Again I will tell you we received the first box you sent and enjoyed it very much. I want to mount the coral & use it for a decoration for the mantle or coffee table.

Jack Byrne and Mr. Healy are now running Art’s drug store. Byrnes are living in the new addition in one of those houses close to Carl Funks.

I think I forgot to mention, I had a card from Jewell that Dot has a baby girl – Jane weighed 6-11 – same as David. Born in Oct. Her husband is in Class 1-A – Jewell said it looked bad so evidently he will have to go soon.

I am jumping around from subject to subject but just had a thought. John had been playing the “Star Spangled Banner” until I thought I would scream – that is he was working on it, then he told me he had written his version of it. Miss Smith told me she was so thrilled over it – and told him it was the best thing he had done yet. He is scoring some onion skin and is going to copy it and send to you and if you have a piano around and someone to play it – or possibly you could – maybe Lentz – you can hear what I have been listening to. You would probably appreciate it more than I did when he was working on it, because it does get a bit tiresome to hear the same thing over & over – that is when he is working out something. I will stop and leave a space for Tues A.M. Just finished the baby’s bath & bottle. He has the hiccoughs – seems to be a habit of his – but doesn’t seem to bother him much. Rec’d two letters this morn – were posted Nov. 8 and 9th. Will answer those last two when I write tonight. Thought of something else to tell you when I have more time & space so will do that tonite –

Love Mother

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October 30, 1942 (Gladys)

John on October 24th, 1942

John on October 24th, 1942

This letter gives another reference to the photograph of John, taken by Ruthie, in his new coat, on October 24th. Apparently there were two pictures. Thankfully, at least one survived through time. Maybe the second one will surface someday.

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
Oct 30-1942

Dear Daddy,

I sent a letter marked “clipper” yesterday but Tony said he didn’t know whether it would be sent that way or not. If so you should have rec’d it in about a week. If you do get it that soon I’ll send all via clipper. I haven’t had any letters since Mon. but tomorrow is Sat and maybe there will be a “flock” then.

I took the drapes down and cleaned the ones in our bedroom but just put the rest out to air. I took Mark back to school at noon so went on down to Perkins and Thelma promised to come tomorrow and do some cleaning. If I can just get help a day or so, think we can get the housecleaning situation in hand.

Mon. when I took the baby to Dr. C. he weighed 7-9

[page 2] This morning when I bathed him he weighed 8 lbs – not bad for a 6-11 – losing 11 oz and starting at 6 lbs. He was 5 weeks old Wed. so I think he is doing well enough. He tried to gag when I gave him his Oleum Percomorphum today but I gave him orange juice as soon as I could and he kept it down. He made an awful face when he got a taste of the oil.

I am enclosing some pictures Ruthie took with her camera. The two pictures of John with the over coat shows how it can be worn. The light side for rain & the dark for cold. Maybe before long we will be able to get a good (or better) picture of David. I hope you have the pictures we sent last week. Several of the baby were very good we thought. He rec’d another present today – a knit suit from Louise Glenn – she said on the card “to small fry.” That makes eight suits given to him. He is wearing one today. They are really much nicer for boys than dresses and warmer too.

I feel like I have an apology to make about your birthday but hope you get the cards we sent. I should have sent

[page 3] your birthday box out long ago but going to the hospital when I did (Sept 23) I didn’t think about sending it before then and since I have been home it seems like I am so busy with the baby & getting back on my feet again. I am afraid you won’t get it until after Christmas what with so much Christmas mail to be handled now. I hope you get it or the cards because we have thought about it and of course think about you all the time.

Art K. is due in Great Lakes Mon. I stopped in the drug store at noon and saw him. I wanted to pay him. He said he would come out and settle up before he leaves, but I don’t think he will. There were twelve from Newton Co. left for Indpls. Among those Paul Bruck, Leo Yost & Eddie Britton.

Marjory Wilson Ryan has a baby boy. She went to see Dr. C. Monday and stopped at the hospital to see about a room. She wasn’t due

[page 4] until Nov. 7. I told her to make it Nov. 1 – but guess she couldn’t wait.

The Equitable sent you the name of an examinee and I returned their letter with a note to the effect you are in Service. I had a letter to inform me that your status as examiner would be retained when you return.

School is out and the boys are home. I have quite a bit of mail to go out so will have to get busy and get it to the P.O. “My day” is certainly full – I can do just so much before I stop & rest – and it seems I never get caught up – but I would rather be busy. That doesn’t keep me from thinking but it helps me. I have so many letters that should be answered – but yours comes first and if I have any time left will answer others.


P.S. I missed your Dad’s birthday but sent a gift later

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First month’s check-up (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 26 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

I am a little tired this evening. Went to Lafayette today to take the baby to the Dr. He increased the milk in his formula and put him on a four hour schedule. He has been so slow in taking his feedings – he thought he would take his bottle better if he is on 4 hrs. After checking him over he said – “besides being bowlegs he is OK.” He weighed 6 – 3 ¼ when we came home 3 weeks ago and today he weighed 7 – 9 so he is making a steady gain. I am to start him on cod liver oil and orange juice tomorrow. His new or increased formula is milk 10 oz – water 18 oz – Dextri Maltose – 2 tbsp. Does that [sound] about right to you or is that too far in your past to remember. Dr. Cole always asks about you when he sees me. He is still very busy in the baby business. I went today with Mary Thompson & Marjory Wilson Ryan. She is due the first week in Nov. Her husband is in Great Lakes Training Station and is getting a furlough the first of next month and they hope it will coincide with the baby’s arrival.

[page 2] Ruthie was here last week and when Floyd came for her Sat. night he said he had to go back to Blue Island this week again and talked like she might come back for this week.

Took the family and went to Sheldon this evening for meat. Ordered another quarter of beef. Brought home several packages and stopped to see Dorothy and they had brought some over for me so we have enough meat to last two or three weeks. We are soon to have meat rationing and we are trying to be careful with our supply.

Rec’d two letters this morning. One letter was missing but it will probably come tomorrow or next day. When I get the packages you sent will let you know. Just hope you get our box we sent to you for Christmas.

The baby is wanting his bottle so must close & feed him.


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