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October 30, 1942 (Gladys)

John on October 24th, 1942

John on October 24th, 1942

This letter gives another reference to the photograph of John, taken by Ruthie, in his new coat, on October 24th. Apparently there were two pictures. Thankfully, at least one survived through time. Maybe the second one will surface someday.

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
Oct 30-1942

Dear Daddy,

I sent a letter marked “clipper” yesterday but Tony said he didn’t know whether it would be sent that way or not. If so you should have rec’d it in about a week. If you do get it that soon I’ll send all via clipper. I haven’t had any letters since Mon. but tomorrow is Sat and maybe there will be a “flock” then.

I took the drapes down and cleaned the ones in our bedroom but just put the rest out to air. I took Mark back to school at noon so went on down to Perkins and Thelma promised to come tomorrow and do some cleaning. If I can just get help a day or so, think we can get the housecleaning situation in hand.

Mon. when I took the baby to Dr. C. he weighed 7-9

[page 2] This morning when I bathed him he weighed 8 lbs – not bad for a 6-11 – losing 11 oz and starting at 6 lbs. He was 5 weeks old Wed. so I think he is doing well enough. He tried to gag when I gave him his Oleum Percomorphum today but I gave him orange juice as soon as I could and he kept it down. He made an awful face when he got a taste of the oil.

I am enclosing some pictures Ruthie took with her camera. The two pictures of John with the over coat shows how it can be worn. The light side for rain & the dark for cold. Maybe before long we will be able to get a good (or better) picture of David. I hope you have the pictures we sent last week. Several of the baby were very good we thought. He rec’d another present today – a knit suit from Louise Glenn – she said on the card “to small fry.” That makes eight suits given to him. He is wearing one today. They are really much nicer for boys than dresses and warmer too.

I feel like I have an apology to make about your birthday but hope you get the cards we sent. I should have sent

[page 3] your birthday box out long ago but going to the hospital when I did (Sept 23) I didn’t think about sending it before then and since I have been home it seems like I am so busy with the baby & getting back on my feet again. I am afraid you won’t get it until after Christmas what with so much Christmas mail to be handled now. I hope you get it or the cards because we have thought about it and of course think about you all the time.

Art K. is due in Great Lakes Mon. I stopped in the drug store at noon and saw him. I wanted to pay him. He said he would come out and settle up before he leaves, but I don’t think he will. There were twelve from Newton Co. left for Indpls. Among those Paul Bruck, Leo Yost & Eddie Britton.

Marjory Wilson Ryan has a baby boy. She went to see Dr. C. Monday and stopped at the hospital to see about a room. She wasn’t due

[page 4] until Nov. 7. I told her to make it Nov. 1 – but guess she couldn’t wait.

The Equitable sent you the name of an examinee and I returned their letter with a note to the effect you are in Service. I had a letter to inform me that your status as examiner would be retained when you return.

School is out and the boys are home. I have quite a bit of mail to go out so will have to get busy and get it to the P.O. “My day” is certainly full – I can do just so much before I stop & rest – and it seems I never get caught up – but I would rather be busy. That doesn’t keep me from thinking but it helps me. I have so many letters that should be answered – but yours comes first and if I have any time left will answer others.


P.S. I missed your Dad’s birthday but sent a gift later

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