Two months old today (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 23 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Things, as you say, took an upturn today – 5 letters came, however not the money – but that will no doubt will come in the next mail and that will be in time for Christmas by a month. The children as well as their mother got quite a thrill from the 10 yen. John of course was curious to know the value for sure (since you weren’t) and looked it up in the encyclopedia – and figured it to be $9.80. I know your Mother will enjoy seeing it too. I will get her & your Dad something nice for Christmas but thought to give her something directly from you that I would let her select some shells from the box you sent Sept 30. The other box you mentioned has not arrived yet. Your mother & Kenneth should be here Tues. and I hope they will stay for Thanksgiving. Mark got quite concerned about our Thanksgiving dinner. He wanted me to be sure and have chicken, if not a turkey. He also wanted pumpkin pie. I got a little ahead of schedule and baked a pie for him this morning. Since we are on sugar rationing I used a receipt using honey. I thought about you and your idea about pumpkin pie and tho.[though] the children couldn’t tell the substitution I wondered if you would have been able to. I doubt if even

Baby book entries for November 23rd & 27th

Baby book entries for November 23rd & 27th

[page 2] you would have been keen enough. As you said about the porthole – that is a question that can’t be settled now. Before long we will be on meat rationing. That has been worrying John quite a lot. I figured it down to two hamburgers a day. Of course he doesn’t think that is enough but I think we will get along well enough. Today David is two months old and weighs 9 ½ lbs – so he is doing well enough since he had to start from 6 lbs – and was only 6 – 3 ¼ when we came home from the hospital at two weeks. I just gave him orange juice & Oleum. He sometimes throws up the juice but I keep giving it to him every day and maybe he gets too much. He is asleep on his tummy now. He was getting his head out of shape so I put him on his tummy a lot. Since he has gotten used to that position seems to like it but at first would cry. I didn’t take him for a walk today. It is foggy, damp, misty, etc. – so will wait for dry weather. John just came to the front door and started a commotion trying to get in. The front door swells in this kind of weather and is difficult at times. Mark hasn’t come yet. John & Mark have both written several letters but you evidently haven’t received them. Mark is still tooting the cornet and does as good on it I believe as he would on any. You know his perseverance isn’t

[page 3] too strong. I brag about his playing and try to get him to practice but he gets tired awfully soon. I got him some model airplanes to build when in Laf. Sat. There are 10 different designs. I can’t keep him in knives. He breaks or looses them. He used a razor blade a while yesterday but I won’t allow him to do that again. It is too dangerous. I was going to call Mrs. Ash when in Laf. but had so much to do didn’t get to a telephone. I will try to give her a ring the next time down. Also I intend to stop at Klines. I know Gertrude will want to see the baby. She was so good to come see me while I was in the hospital.

After the Christmas season I will find another box and send to you and you might mention a few odds and ends I could send – besides sardines & crackers. There are surely a number of small things you want that I can send. But as you say, now isn’t a very good time with so much mail to be handled.

Mark just blew in from school. He was late and said he had to stay in to finish some arithmetic. He had a horn lesson today and said the music teacher was pleased with his “blowing.” He really beams from a little praise.

This has been a rather choppy letter, try to do better next time –

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “Two months old today (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    I wonder what this is a reference to: “As you said about the porthole – that is a question that can’t be settled now.”

    “He is asleep on his tummy now…Since he has gotten used to that position..” LOL…very funny….I still sleep on my stomach! 🙂

    Yikes, yes, good move: “He used a razor blade a while yesterday but I won’t allow him to do that again. It is too dangerous.”

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      The reference to the porthole goes back to the letter describing the journey across the Pacific. Roscoe and Dr Walsh had a wager about fitting through the porthole in their cabin but since they had no way to test their theories the question was moot.


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