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Chow (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Dec. 29, 1943

Dear Mother,

The only mail today was a package from Mead Johnson & Co. A bunch of Vit. A, B, C & D. I’m not sure that I need them but will keep them just in case I feel as if I’m getting low in any one of the said vitamins. Right now I feel I should really take some of some kind because the food for me today was bad. At noon we had corned beef and I’ve eaten lots of that. This isn’t so bad because it wasn’t canned but I don’t like it as well as chicken. This eve. for chow we had spaghetti and lamb stew and I just simply would not eat. I did, however, eat a few raw cucumbers with vinegar and a small, very small piece of cake – Tomorrow is another day and the food will be better and I won’t fall off too much in weight for not having eaten much as of Dec. 29. I’ve drank a few cokes and those will help keep the system going.

Just stopped to kill two great big flies, and when I say big I mean just that. They remind one of bombers. We have no screens and they come in and buss and one really feels like he is being blitzed. I don’t pay much attention to them at night but early in the morning they are a real menace to

[page 2] one’s sleeping routine.

The box that came from Ruth & Floyd yesterday had parts of an Indianapolis Star in it and the fellow that I wrote about from Kentland got a Star from someone and he traded me that for the Newton Co. E. so I have some reading to do especially the funnies. There was three comic books and I have read those so am now ready to start on the funnies.

It’s late tonight as I didn’t start writing until after the show and the show was rotten. That last part had nothing to do with the late start at writing but I just added it for affect or something.

Well Dear I’ll take a vitamin pill, get the funnies and retire – so solong until tomorrow –


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Schwartz is Released

Schwartz, W. B. - 1909-12-28 (cropped)


William B. Schwartz, who pleaded guilty to counterfeiting and was sentenced to the Federal prison in 1906 was released Christmas day. His sentence, which had been shortened by good behavior, expired then. Schwartz expects to travel around the country on legal business in the behalf of some of the prisoners at the prison, and will visit his brother on Kelly’s Island in Lake Erie for some time. He expects to return to Indianapolis.


“Schwartz is Released,” Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana), 28 December 1909, p. 14, col. 4; “Historical Newspaper Collection,” digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 25 April 2014).

A tooth filled (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

To begin with I had my tooth filled today and after all that has to be done now is to polish it and then all will be OK again. The thing the dentist put in the other day was a shock absorber. It didn’t hurt very much when he drilled because it was fixed so soon after the damage was done.

Just got to wondering today if you ever got a sugar ration card for D. and if you ever turned mine back. Then too I was wondering how the meat rationing was taken care of. The coffee and our today’s news said shoes were on the list – Maybe you have written those things but I haven’t received the

[page 2] complete dope as yet. Really doesn’t make any difference only those are things we wonder about. I suppose you often would like to know about things here that we don’t even think of writing – if so ask. If your questions can’t be answered I’ll let you know. I don’t believe you ever did acknowledge the picture (airplane view) I sent – possibly you have but the letter hasn’t arrived as yet.

Last night I wrote the Plummers and Ira Dixon – I’m trying to catch up a little. I was about half asleep when writing Ira’s so if he should mention that I was writing sorta funny – That was the reason.

On the show last night there was a Donald D. and a Feature Speciality

[page 3] both were short but rather amusing.

I suppose you have read lots and hear lots over the radio of Flinn the movie actor and his troubles. We get little sketches of the proceeding – Rather a musty affair if you get what I mean. We have had several of his pictures here and I wonder how they will go over at home. Anything will go over out here although the show “They Won’t Forget” was a flop with a Double P. even though it was rated a 4.0 picture.

After the show and mail – show not much good – mail better. You v-mail letters of Jan 20 (2), 21, 23 and 25 came today and Mark’s of Jan 19. I suppose you have my word on the taxes. Don’t pay them only

[page 4] enough to keep out of jail – I’m afraid you won’t get all the deductions. I can deduct for the office equipment depreciation the same as last year as I understand it. Probably you have my letters about that by now anyway drop the whole thing.

Your last letter by ordinary air mail was Jan 14. So the v-mail is faster but keep writing air mail. I wouldn’t take D. out in the cold weather – leave him in until Spring – would be better for both of you to stay inside most of the time.

Got a box from Bill & Jewell today – smoking tobacco and the several Indianapolis Stars. Will have Sunday Star for Jan

[page 5] to write them in a day or two.

Baby D. must be some boy weighing that much in his 4 months. I don’t even want to offer any suggestions to his feeing schedule because I might be extremely incorrect now. However, it should not make the slightest difference in the canned milk used. Just so it is a standard brand.

Well, keep writing both kinds of letters and I surely will be glad to get the pictures. I wish I would have had you had yours tinted – etc. Anyway it will be better than any I have of you. Hope to get more mail tomorrow but it probably will be another 10-12 days now

Love Daddy

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It came! And how! (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 18, 1942

Dear Mother,

Seems as if it’s only one week from Christmas so that makes only about so many shopping days until then. I was in town today and there was a definite lack of any kind of decorations. There were a very few toys but all of a very simple nature. I saw one bubble blowing outfit and one set of Jacks. No trains dolls etc. Maybe it’s the usual thing and maybe it’s the lack of shipments into the place anyway there wasn’t much there.

The biggest surprise and I might say pleasure today was your Christmas box. It came! And how! The box was open on one end and tied with heavy fishing cord. Maybe you tied it that way and it was opened for inspection or maybe it came open and some good soul tied it up. The content, all the candy sticks were melted into one big gob. With packages of chewing gum interspersed. It was fun finding the chewing gum. The flash light was incased in a “gue” of soft. The leather mirror case had sticky on it. The billfold with the pictures was untouched. The black tie had one long streak

[page 2] of sweet all along the broad flat outside surface and the underware were colored in spots yellow and I thought David had worked on them until I smelled but it was candy. The air mail envelopes were all stuck together with candy and but the paper was untouched. I think I can use the envelopes OK however. There was no batteries for the flash light, and there is about as much chance of getting batteries here that size as there is buying a flash light in the first place. Now I’ve given the low down on the stuff. Listen Dear it was a scream you couldn’t have sent me anything more pleasing and anything that I could have gotten more kick out of. I have a flash light now that was given me by the medical department. I haven’t been wearing any underware shirts. The pants can be easily washed. We don’t wear ties anymore. I’ve gotten candy from Ruth and Boonie. The chewing gum was not spoiled and that is about the best thing you could have sent. The mirror is OK and really is one

[page 3] thing badly needed. And the pictures I like very much so really I’m tickled pink and I really did get a kick out of opening the thing even to the Kentland Democrat and the Indianapolis Star funnies. And Thanks again Dear for all the things. The candy of course had to be discarded because it was mixed with paper inside of the box etc. I really think the mail sack are used to pack with and are probably down in the ship near the engine room where it is hot and that is the reason. Some of the boys have gotten candy sealed in tin cans and it is all stuck together in a big gob. So any way you would send it would be bad. Personally I’d rather have one late letter than all the boxes. I don’t mean to be rude about the box. I really got a kick out of it and I know you couldn’t have known the condition of the shipment of the things. I’m as happy as I could be about the whole thing so please feel that your gift was appreciated and I do mean it was. There are so many packages I really don’t

[page 4]see how things are as good as they are when we know the volume of business that is going on.

The office has furnished me with the figures that will determine the Income tax (federal) that will have to be paid. The gross amount is #1,317.79. That amount added to the amount that was made up to May 20. Less deduction for rent, Interest, Office girl, social security, Insurance on the office and malpractice, insurance on car, gas and oil. Less deduction for dependencies, Tax etc will be the payable tax for 1943, payable on Mar 15. I’d like for that to be figured and if not too much be paid. For as I told you before I don’t want a lot of things hanging over to be paid because I don’t want to have to get my nose to the grind stone right away when this thing is over. You and I are going to live for a while more time for each other and if those things are hanging over to be paid in 6 mo. we’ll feel that our style will be cramped. So pay if you can. Send me the gross of those first 4 ½ months. Or rather the amount that my practice brought in. Especially that that you paid state tax on. We will have to

[page 5] use that amount for federal plus the figure I gave above. I really don’t know what deductions are given this year for dependencies. Agnes will know those things but I take it from your letters that she is in favor of putting these things off but I’m not if they can be paid. So much for that.

Got a Christmas greeting from John & Inez Ley today. Won’t have time to answer that now because it is 2300 and time I was in bed.

Deanna Durbin, c1940s (Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

D. Durbin was the star in the show tonight. It rained almost all thru the show but we stayed anyway.

Again let me thank you for the package and believe me I appreciated it and I sent lots of love to you and the boys.


P.S. Remember our mail might be delayed as I told you last night but don’t worry it’s on a change in schedule

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