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It is still a jabber to me (Gladys)

1943-04-26Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Monday morn and no mail – The last dated was Apr 6 – Maybe some will come tomorrow. Will hope. It is bright sunny warm day – after the rain of yesterday – The ground is very wet so can’t do any work outside – I have the drapes down – cleaned some and airing the rest. Trying to get house cleaning done this week. Everything is dirty after such a long cold winter. I heard this morning that Mr. Steinbaugh died. I didn’t know he was ill, except he always looked pale. Ira D. is still in the hospital – They are giving him sulfa – He needs an appendectomy but has a kidney infection (or something) and they can’t operate yet. I’ll bet he has lost lots of weight since he has been sick. John wrote you a v-mail last night – I told him I doubted if you would be able to read it. He says he can’t write good – he has too much to do – I’ll be glad when he learns to play the oboe so it will sound like something – if it ever does. David is taking a nap – I will take him out this afternoon – He loves to be out in his buggy. He can sit alone now but can’t get up when he topples over. He reaches for things and has a good grasp so we have to be careful where we park him. J. & M. say that he says words – but it is still a jabber to me. He makes lots of sounds so maybe he will talk early. It is about time for J. & M. to come bounding in for lunch. School will soon be out (May 12) – and that should give me lots of help around here. I think I will be able to get along without Clara by then. They are going to help clean house after school this evening.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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