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Replacing the Furnace (Gladys)

August 23, 1945 envelope

August 23, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

August 23, 1945, p. 1

August 23, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

Mr. L came out this evening and after looking over the heating plant said flatly he would install everything complete and wouldn’t miss $200.00 over $10.00 either way. That includes one 270 gal. tank – the same size Statons have – and wiring – everything – He said it wouldn’t take but a day to make the change over. He was in Chicago Mon. and the Delco people said he could get all necessary equipment in Oct. so he said he could have it all installed by Nov. 1. I told him I would let you know and then I would give him an answer. Shall I have them go ahead and start the process to make the change?

After Lucile Burgee left I finished my afternoon letter and took it to the P.O. John Parr said air mail should be here or there in two days. Since no mail has come this week I am wondering if you are sending them air mail.

I went over to Statons to borrow some mouse traps this evening. I didn’t

August 23, 1945, p. 2

August 23, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] ask Link directly about what he had said he would do, but he was rather evasive about anything. I wonder if he could do anything or not. I am rather doubtful.

I talked to Blanchard this morning when I bought some gas. He said I should do something, but I said I thought other people should. I have been waiting to hear from you and no letters.

We got the back yard furnace all cleaned out and if we can find a grate will be able to have some picnics in our back yard. We could have wiener roasts without a grate.

The Jr. Woman’s Club called for your address for forwarding the Digest and they will have it sent here and I’ll forward it. The latest Rotarian came and I looked up the International Officers to find Uncle Wes. Treas. You had told me.

I must write to Jim. He picks up mail when they hit a port. Said he had a letter from me the last time they stopped.

Fri. a.m. Yours sent by air mail Aug. 22 came today the 24th so please use air mail – this is the first letter we have rec’d from you. Had a letter from Dolores. She has been transferred and said she didn’t know anything. She isn’t in the same bldg. and doesn’t know anyone personally where she used to be. She says so many changes had to be made so quickly she doesn’t think you will go “out” again.

August 23, 1945, p. 3

August 23, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] John has started a fire this morning. We didn’t watch it closely enough yesterday and it went out. I will be so glad to be rid of that firing business along with all the dirt involved.

I do hope you get to take a draft to Great Lakes. Just wish they would do something about releasing. Surely something will start before long.

The account of Maybelle Tower’s wedding was in the paper this week. Last Sun. we were at Johnson’s and I saw Rev. Servies drive by, going home, and I just wondered if he had been to a wedding. Maybelle was married to the band instructor. When John & Mark went over to register, John asked about seeing the band teacher and the office girl said he would be away for a while. John thinks he wants to play the oboe again. I think it will be a good thing for him to be in the band. He didn’t get to talk to Gertrude Wed., but she said she would see him today. He wants to take organ lessons from her. I saw

August 23, 1945, p. 4

August 23, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] Rev. Servies yesterday and he said he thought it would be a good thing for John to take lessons so he can help at church when they may need him.

David is playing with Betty Zell this morning in their sand pile. Last night when Chet Loughridge was here I had gone to the basement with him to show him the furnace and I heard David at the front door calling for me. I didn’t want to go up so called for John to go help him – by the time John got to him it was too late – John came down & asked me if I could come – I said “take his clothes off and give him a bath” – well he didn’t want to argue with me in front of someone so he took care of David. However, he undressed him in the bathroom downstairs and left the mess there and took him up to the tub to bathe him. I think he used yards of toilet paper to clean him off, from the looks of the toilet. He told David this morning he was “bachie” last night. David can let himself out the front door but can’t get in. We had corn day before yesterday and it was too laxative for David. I am not going to cook any more. I am enclosing some “stuff” from Meade.

Love Mother

1945-08-23 (GRY) #2 Mead Johnson letter

Enclosed letter from Mead Johnson & Company, dated June 9, 1945

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Local News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No mail today but two letters yesterday. Rec’d a letter from Jewell with a picture of Dot’s baby Janey – she is about a month younger than D. Jewell and Uncle Geo. had been to Roscoe Snedeker’s funeral. They had seen mom & dad. Jewell said she thought mom didn’t look so good but mom had the flu pretty hard so I imagine she doesn’t look so good as she did last fall. I wish we have gone there for Christmas but I was afraid to risk the trip at this time of the year.

No school today due to exams being over and teachers grading papers. J. & M. have been steel wooling the floors today. Buddy was here to spend the night and at breakfast Mark began to make plans for the day when I told him what I had planned. In “nothing flat” Buddy decided he must go see his mother and off he went to the restaurant. After he left Mark said, “Did you notice how quickly he decided to go when you mentioned working on the floors?” We have been doing the house today. After changing the beds, I cleaned the upstairs and John started the washing and after doing the lunch dishes I decided I needed a little rest so am writing to catch up so I can clean up the mess on the floors the steel wool makes. This job is pretty monotonous but seems to be necessary ever so often. – – Pause. I stopped writing to help with the floor work – we have stopped cleaning for the day. David woke up so I wrapped him up and put him out in his buggy – It has turned so much warmer. Mark is out in the yard entertaining David with his football. Bobby

[page 2] is out there now so David should be well entertained. It is so much warmer today I didn’t have to wrap David up so much. He have has a large blanket that was given to him last year that I kept nice and when I take him out on very cold days I wrap the blanket all around him up to his chin. – Mark just brought him in – Mark saw the others going to the pond to skate and couldn’t stand it. It’s much warmer but not warm enough yet to melt the ice yet. However if this keeps up it won’t take long.

I was looking over the Newton Co. E. for news items to include but see none I think would interest you. However I heard that Harold Portteus had an operation for hernia this week. I suppose he is in the hospital at Watseka. Clarice is there and I had thought about driving over to see her. Have to go to Sheldon for meat and it wouldn’t take much longer to run on over to Watseka.

I have never thought to mention about Bair’s niece Mary Eldeen, the girl they raised. She had a new baby last Oct. and is just now out of the hospital. Had to have a few blood transfusions. She has a baby about two years old and her trouble this time dates back to the first birth. I don’t know just what the trouble was but for a while she didn’t improve and Bair’s were awfully worried about her. Her husband is in Service and she is living with Bairs.

You wondered about Dr. Van. I mentioned him a time or two but you must have not rec’d those letters. I don’t know whether he knows me or not but I know him when I see him. One day I was downtown and saw Laura Milligan. She and John were in town visiting – John was enroute to the West Coast and I understand he is now in the Pacific someplace, but that is beside the story. I was chatting with Laura – I had been to the P.O. and she was going

[page 3] toward the highway and we happened to meet in front of Dr. V. office – While we were talking he came out and when he saw Laura he spoke to her – he gave her the once over and said something about her figure. – It rather amused me – I just thought he evidently is just like the stories depict him to be. Always an eye open for a good looking woman. I do think Laura is attractive. She seemed so glad to see me and asked about you. I asked what John’s work is and I understand he is boss of the ground crews – mechanics, or whatever they are called. I think that is the same work Harlan Parr does. The Parrs spent the summer in Fla. Were sent to Michigan in Dec. and now are in N.Y. – or were. I really couldn’t say where they are now.

Maybelle Towers wondered if you might be near Emery – however they aren’t sure of his location – except in the S.W. Pacific. She said they thought he was in Samoa.

Bill Schuh had pneumonia and now has rheumatic fever. Babe is taking care of him at her home in Brook. He & Tony were in the hospital at the same time. Tony had a gall bladder operation.

Here I sit and write when I should be out of doors – should do my writing at night. I have been having headaches again. I think it’s partly due to being inside so much. I still like warmer weather best. At least I can get out for a breath of fresh air without chilling in warmer weather. Well I think I would like the winter here if you were home, but I seem to tire of winter this year more than usual. So much for the weather, as you used to say, took a good beating.

“Love Mother”

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