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Local News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No mail today but two letters yesterday. Rec’d a letter from Jewell with a picture of Dot’s baby Janey – she is about a month younger than D. Jewell and Uncle Geo. had been to Roscoe Snedeker’s funeral. They had seen mom & dad. Jewell said she thought mom didn’t look so good but mom had the flu pretty hard so I imagine she doesn’t look so good as she did last fall. I wish we have gone there for Christmas but I was afraid to risk the trip at this time of the year.

No school today due to exams being over and teachers grading papers. J. & M. have been steel wooling the floors today. Buddy was here to spend the night and at breakfast Mark began to make plans for the day when I told him what I had planned. In “nothing flat” Buddy decided he must go see his mother and off he went to the restaurant. After he left Mark said, “Did you notice how quickly he decided to go when you mentioned working on the floors?” We have been doing the house today. After changing the beds, I cleaned the upstairs and John started the washing and after doing the lunch dishes I decided I needed a little rest so am writing to catch up so I can clean up the mess on the floors the steel wool makes. This job is pretty monotonous but seems to be necessary ever so often. – – Pause. I stopped writing to help with the floor work – we have stopped cleaning for the day. David woke up so I wrapped him up and put him out in his buggy – It has turned so much warmer. Mark is out in the yard entertaining David with his football. Bobby

[page 2] is out there now so David should be well entertained. It is so much warmer today I didn’t have to wrap David up so much. He have has a large blanket that was given to him last year that I kept nice and when I take him out on very cold days I wrap the blanket all around him up to his chin. – Mark just brought him in – Mark saw the others going to the pond to skate and couldn’t stand it. It’s much warmer but not warm enough yet to melt the ice yet. However if this keeps up it won’t take long.

I was looking over the Newton Co. E. for news items to include but see none I think would interest you. However I heard that Harold Portteus had an operation for hernia this week. I suppose he is in the hospital at Watseka. Clarice is there and I had thought about driving over to see her. Have to go to Sheldon for meat and it wouldn’t take much longer to run on over to Watseka.

I have never thought to mention about Bair’s niece Mary Eldeen, the girl they raised. She had a new baby last Oct. and is just now out of the hospital. Had to have a few blood transfusions. She has a baby about two years old and her trouble this time dates back to the first birth. I don’t know just what the trouble was but for a while she didn’t improve and Bair’s were awfully worried about her. Her husband is in Service and she is living with Bairs.

You wondered about Dr. Van. I mentioned him a time or two but you must have not rec’d those letters. I don’t know whether he knows me or not but I know him when I see him. One day I was downtown and saw Laura Milligan. She and John were in town visiting – John was enroute to the West Coast and I understand he is now in the Pacific someplace, but that is beside the story. I was chatting with Laura – I had been to the P.O. and she was going

[page 3] toward the highway and we happened to meet in front of Dr. V. office – While we were talking he came out and when he saw Laura he spoke to her – he gave her the once over and said something about her figure. – It rather amused me – I just thought he evidently is just like the stories depict him to be. Always an eye open for a good looking woman. I do think Laura is attractive. She seemed so glad to see me and asked about you. I asked what John’s work is and I understand he is boss of the ground crews – mechanics, or whatever they are called. I think that is the same work Harlan Parr does. The Parrs spent the summer in Fla. Were sent to Michigan in Dec. and now are in N.Y. – or were. I really couldn’t say where they are now.

Maybelle Towers wondered if you might be near Emery – however they aren’t sure of his location – except in the S.W. Pacific. She said they thought he was in Samoa.

Bill Schuh had pneumonia and now has rheumatic fever. Babe is taking care of him at her home in Brook. He & Tony were in the hospital at the same time. Tony had a gall bladder operation.

Here I sit and write when I should be out of doors – should do my writing at night. I have been having headaches again. I think it’s partly due to being inside so much. I still like warmer weather best. At least I can get out for a breath of fresh air without chilling in warmer weather. Well I think I would like the winter here if you were home, but I seem to tire of winter this year more than usual. So much for the weather, as you used to say, took a good beating.

“Love Mother”

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The Finances (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for four days but maybe a bunch will come tomorrow or Mon. It is a typical grey wintry day – however not very cold. The checks just came today so must go to the bank and make a dep. I am running low, but will try to give you some idea about the status of our finances when I get thru writing. At least we won’t have to pay int. on Ins. loans this Dec. I paid the balance on the piano today. Had it tuned and that cost $5⁰⁰. I will pay all the groc. bills, etc., while downtown this afternoon. I am keeping all bills paid – that is why I am so short of cash on hand but I would rather not allow bills to accumulate. I am not going to spend much on Christmas gifts this year. There isn’t much use to go shopping – the stores just haven’t the stock for the Christmas trade they had last year. Had a letter from Ruth M. and she wants to either come here or us go there for Christmas. I wasn’t planning to go to C.C. I think it isn’t best to take David away during the cold weather to stay so long. There too would have to get the neighbors to look after the furnace and that is too much trouble to ask of anyone. I think I am going to suggest the Mutchlers coming here, if they can manage their gas situation. I would much rather stay home. Dorothy has asked us to come there for the day, but family comes first and if we can arrange with Ruth will spend the day with them here or there.

[page 2] Leo Sondgerath had a ruptured appendix. He is in St. E. and seems to be getting along, according to the Newton Co. E. Bluford Healy had pneumonia and was quite serious, but is better now. His wife went to Ft. Bliss, Texas, to be with him last week.

David woke up a little grouchy from his nap. It isn’t sunny today so won’t take him out in his buggy. Will go in the car so I can get groceries. I am buying homogenized milk for him at Bair’s now and today is when the fresh supply comes in (Tues. & Fri.). He tries to say some words when we talk. So far we have to guess at most of his words or expressions. Mark is pretty good at interpreting his talk. He is trying to feed himself and I think will soon be able to manipulate spoon from bowl to mouth without too much loss of food on the way. John and Mark played Monopoly last night and had Virginia come over and play with them. I told them no arguments or I wouldn’t allow them to play. They do pretty good.

I saw “Ma” out chasing Jimmy. He wants to stay out and she wants him to go in. He runs and she can’t catch him. She hadn’t been so well, but now that we aren’t out in the yard much I don’t see her much. I think Irene goes to Chi. for thyroid treatment quite often. She isn’t to have an operation but takes iodine. The Factory is building an addition and intend to move the Chi. Plant here. I think the new addition will be almost as large as the original.

I must do some figuring so I can go to town and give you an idea about finances. I hear a plane going over – sounded so low – might have touched the tree tops. Every time I hear one go over I think it might be bringing you home.

Love – Mother

By the time all current bills are paid there won’t be much balance if any – but maybe next month it won’t be so bad – or will it?

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Cold Beer (Roscoe)

Sept. 22, 1943

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran C.

Dear Mother,

Your letter written Sept. 7 came yesterday. In it you told of Funk’s return and the difficulty you had of buying meat at Bair’s grocery with Fords’ being closed. It must be a problem to buy all those things with ration cards, etc. We often see gags in the magazine relative to rationing but we just can’t appreciate the jokes but maybe you can’t either but we don’t have the basis for understanding them.

Yesterday P.M. when everything was hot and I was as dry as powder one of my tent mates came in with a case of cold beer. I can tell you it was the biggest treat we have had in ages. Even turkey or fried chicken would not have been more appreciated. That is best understood if you can imagine drinking

[page 2] only warm water with ice water or cold water at a premium. So you see what the cold beer meant.

I have to go out and do a little inspecting again this A.M. It seems that job keeps me on the run most of the time and it does help pass the time rather rapid but it’s a little hard on the rear system since these jeeps don’t ride to easy. They may go places OK but one is bruised in places often getting there.

The trip is over and I’m not too bruised, and while at the General’s place another beer (cold) was offered and received.

Seems as if beer is about all I’ve written about but I do do other things as well as thing of other things.

Space is all used up so solong until tomorrow –
Love Daddy

P.S. Here is one more picture I forgot to mail.

Food Is A Weapon

Office of Emergency Management. c1943-1945. National Archives.

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Ghost Town (Gladys)

1943-09-09 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Aug. 24 & 27 came today. It is very cool here. The heat has been on and we have to keep the house closed. I wanted to take D. out in the sun but it kept clouding up and the wind was so cool and my hands feel so awful when I get out of doors, I came in & put D. to bed. He didn’t get his nap out today and is just plain grouchy. I am hoping he will take another nap and be better. It is so unusual for him to be cross, but he has been taking one long nap a day and when it’s disturbed – too bad. Juanita is coming on the 4:25 in the morning so guess I have to meet her. I want to go back to the hospital tomorrow to see Mother & talk to the Dr. again – see if they have found anything to do for her. She looked awfully tired yesterday – I tried to buy meat today & got some at Morgans – tho Morgans are out of the store now & someone new runs it. Fords are closed this week & Bairs just have prepared meats. I’ll have meat in the locker but need some for week-end company before the new beef is ready. I pd. 52¢ lb. for tenderloin – 49¢ lb sirloin. I had three packages of meat & it cost me $2.35. I’ll have to use a meat stretcher. Also collect meat stamps from our guests to turn in on our locker meat. The store[s] are still closing on Thurs. P.M. Main street is so deserted on Thurs. & Sun. – John called it ghost town. Mark just came in from school.

Love Mother

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Spiders (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Aug. 23 came today. It has been cool today. My hands are in the pealing stage & very tender. This cooler weather makes them very rough & sensitive. However I think in a few days they will be normal again. At least I think they won’t swell again.

Funks came back yesterday. I took the birthday gifts I had for Bobby & Donnie & had a chat with Arlene. She was wearing slacks and didn’t look any larger than three weeks ago. She says she thinks it will be a girl this time because so far she isn’t as large as before. Bobby didn’t have hay fever while they were at the Lake but has a little now. He was out this morning looking for someone to play with. Donnie walks alone now but Arlene keeps him in the pen. He is so heavy (25 lbs.) he broke the bottom out of the pen. Arlene says he is learning to climb and thinks he won’t stay in much longer. I was going to the groc. store so did some shopping for Arlene. She said the lost three

[page 2] of their ration books while away. I don’t know whether they can get replacements or not. Fords were closed – saw in the paper they would be closed Sept. 6-7-8 – for what reason I don’t know – but when we went to town Arlene wanted her groc. from Bairs – and people were crowded in there, (that 5 P.M. rush you can remember) mostly around the meat counter – and for cold meats – Bairs just don’t have much any more but prepared meat. While in there I saw Ruth Dixon and she said it was the first time she had seen David. I noticed Tommy and his teeth are nearly all decayed in front – I suppose the back ones are the same. He is growing but still small. I was introduced to a Mrs. Lyons (living in Barce house). I thought I was back in Va. – when I told her you hadn’t seen David she said “ah declare.” Mrs. Lyons was with Cecil Dixon – Must be a southerner.

I didn’t go to Laf. today, but plan to go tomorrow. Mrs. Zell wants to go and said she would drive their car so ours can get a rest. – however I haven’t driven much lately – to Laf. & back last Sun. – and that was the first time down there in two weeks. I just hope the Dr. will have some definite report to give on Mother.

Jim called last night. He has plane reservations and is coming to Indpls. Sat. or Sun. He will have his tal car taken to Indpls. And will drive up to Laf. from Indpls. & we will meet him there at the hospital when he gets there. He is to call us upon arrival.

[page 3] As cool as it is I wouldn’t be surprised at an early frost and we still have beans & tomatoes in the garden. We have lots of carrots and I noticed Swiss chard that I thought wasn’t going to do anything. There will be enough for a meal or two. I haven’t had much time to go to the garden – went out to see about tomatoes yesterday but didn’t try to pick any – left that job to Mark – I was afraid to touch a tomatoe vine.

Yesterday I was sweeping the spider webs out of the windows on the outside – they had covered the kitchen, dining room & living room windows and found a large yellow spider that Mark & Virginia captured in a jar & took to school. Mark found a black & yellow one on Funk’s shrubbery today and has it penned up in a jar to take to school. I told him to get it out of sight but it is on the desk.

John is doing homework – David is in bed asleep and I feel like I could go to sleep right now. I woke up some time in the early morning – got up to see about D. He was wet so I changed him – he woke up so had to put him in bed with me to quiet him down – he didn’t cry after I put him in our bed but would jabber – so I couldn’t go to sleep until he did – then I overslept – and David was warm and he overslept. It was 8:15 when I looked at the clock – you can imagine the scramble to get J. & M. off to school – J. didn’t recover from the rush all day –

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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