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The Finances (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for four days but maybe a bunch will come tomorrow or Mon. It is a typical grey wintry day – however not very cold. The checks just came today so must go to the bank and make a dep. I am running low, but will try to give you some idea about the status of our finances when I get thru writing. At least we won’t have to pay int. on Ins. loans this Dec. I paid the balance on the piano today. Had it tuned and that cost $5⁰⁰. I will pay all the groc. bills, etc., while downtown this afternoon. I am keeping all bills paid – that is why I am so short of cash on hand but I would rather not allow bills to accumulate. I am not going to spend much on Christmas gifts this year. There isn’t much use to go shopping – the stores just haven’t the stock for the Christmas trade they had last year. Had a letter from Ruth M. and she wants to either come here or us go there for Christmas. I wasn’t planning to go to C.C. I think it isn’t best to take David away during the cold weather to stay so long. There too would have to get the neighbors to look after the furnace and that is too much trouble to ask of anyone. I think I am going to suggest the Mutchlers coming here, if they can manage their gas situation. I would much rather stay home. Dorothy has asked us to come there for the day, but family comes first and if we can arrange with Ruth will spend the day with them here or there.

[page 2] Leo Sondgerath had a ruptured appendix. He is in St. E. and seems to be getting along, according to the Newton Co. E. Bluford Healy had pneumonia and was quite serious, but is better now. His wife went to Ft. Bliss, Texas, to be with him last week.

David woke up a little grouchy from his nap. It isn’t sunny today so won’t take him out in his buggy. Will go in the car so I can get groceries. I am buying homogenized milk for him at Bair’s now and today is when the fresh supply comes in (Tues. & Fri.). He tries to say some words when we talk. So far we have to guess at most of his words or expressions. Mark is pretty good at interpreting his talk. He is trying to feed himself and I think will soon be able to manipulate spoon from bowl to mouth without too much loss of food on the way. John and Mark played Monopoly last night and had Virginia come over and play with them. I told them no arguments or I wouldn’t allow them to play. They do pretty good.

I saw “Ma” out chasing Jimmy. He wants to stay out and she wants him to go in. He runs and she can’t catch him. She hadn’t been so well, but now that we aren’t out in the yard much I don’t see her much. I think Irene goes to Chi. for thyroid treatment quite often. She isn’t to have an operation but takes iodine. The Factory is building an addition and intend to move the Chi. Plant here. I think the new addition will be almost as large as the original.

I must do some figuring so I can go to town and give you an idea about finances. I hear a plane going over – sounded so low – might have touched the tree tops. Every time I hear one go over I think it might be bringing you home.

Love – Mother

By the time all current bills are paid there won’t be much balance if any – but maybe next month it won’t be so bad – or will it?

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