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Waiting For Coal (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 26 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sun. afternoon & spending it at the hospital. Glen & I came down this morning. Yesterday when I was here Mother seemed so low I thought we had better be here as much as possible today. I stayed last night until nearly 10 o’clock. She gets weaker all the time. It doesn’t seem possible for her to get any weaker and last. The dietitian came up this afternoon to see would like for supper but she said she didn’t want anything at all. She seems less drowsy today than she did yesterday. If you have the letter I wrote yesterday I told you how awful she looked then. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole today but think he isn’t giving much medicine now except for sleep.

Glen is some better – at least able to come with me today. I had Dr. Cole give me two prescriptions for him yesterday & it seems to be helping some. They are still waiting on Mother’s condition to go home. Think they should go now but hate to leave.

The old home town isn’t what it used to be. Last night when we got back to town I thought I would stop at the groc. store & pick up a few things – well, it was only a little past – well not quite 11 – and you remember how the crowds used to mill around the streets till about midnight. The only store I found open was

[page 2] the Morgan place and they were sold out of bread – what I wanted most. The streets were deserted and everything closed. Nick’s were still open but Sat. night is about the only time they stay that late. I don’t know what those people do who used to hang around town so late.

I saw Sister Amelia yesterday & she said to tell you hello for her. Also saw Sister Juventia and she was asking about you & said she missed “you boys” – (who doesn’t). Alma W. said Reed was wishing “that little devil” was back. He needs to see a Dr. & won’t go see anyone – guess he is waiting for you to come back. Mrs. Plummer came out on David’s birthday & brought him a gift. She goes to Dr. M. for shots and she said he asked her about us. I haven’t seen him since I brought Mother down here to Dr. Cole. Dr. M. was out of town when David was hurt and out of town when Mark cut his hand so I can’t help it if he doesn’t have the latest on us.

It is nice & sunny out today but chilly. This fall came without delay. It was summer one week then fall the next & it’s been cool ever since. It has been hard on our coal supply because with a baby (now two) in the house we had to have heat. I told J. & M. if we couldn’t get any coal we would have to go someplace else to live. I am just doing what everyone else around Kent is doing about coal – waiting for it to come. I suppose it will be winter (I hope).

Well, I have rambled on & on without saying much. I told you in yesterday’s [letter] the trouble with the powder room plumbing & Geo. Monroe finding it – the pipe leading from the house was broken – he fixed it.

Love – Mother

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Ghost Town (Gladys)

1943-09-09 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Aug. 24 & 27 came today. It is very cool here. The heat has been on and we have to keep the house closed. I wanted to take D. out in the sun but it kept clouding up and the wind was so cool and my hands feel so awful when I get out of doors, I came in & put D. to bed. He didn’t get his nap out today and is just plain grouchy. I am hoping he will take another nap and be better. It is so unusual for him to be cross, but he has been taking one long nap a day and when it’s disturbed – too bad. Juanita is coming on the 4:25 in the morning so guess I have to meet her. I want to go back to the hospital tomorrow to see Mother & talk to the Dr. again – see if they have found anything to do for her. She looked awfully tired yesterday – I tried to buy meat today & got some at Morgans – tho Morgans are out of the store now & someone new runs it. Fords are closed this week & Bairs just have prepared meats. I’ll have meat in the locker but need some for week-end company before the new beef is ready. I pd. 52¢ lb. for tenderloin – 49¢ lb sirloin. I had three packages of meat & it cost me $2.35. I’ll have to use a meat stretcher. Also collect meat stamps from our guests to turn in on our locker meat. The store[s] are still closing on Thurs. P.M. Main street is so deserted on Thurs. & Sun. – John called it ghost town. Mark just came in from school.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/01/30/ghost-town-gladys/