Women’s Club 50th Anniversary Year (Gladys)

September 25, 1945 envelope

September 25, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 25, 1945, p. 1

September 25, 1945, p. 1

Tues. Eve Sept. 25

Dear Daddy –

As I noted on the last letter I mailed, I went to the P.O. to mail that letter and was handed the one you wrote the 22nd while you were listening to the football game – We listened too – or rather Mark listened and I heard it only as background, because I was busy otherwise. I attended club opening with Arlene, Norma, Pauline Dennis and Mrs. Egan. There was quite a crowd, this being opening. There was a guest speaker from Chicago who reviewed the book “Anything Can Happen.” This is the club’s 50th year. The usual opening luncheon wasn’t held because of the lack of eating places, but that is planned for sometime in the spring – a luncheon to observe the 50th anniversary. I left David with Lucile. She let Jimmy skip his nap so he could play all afternoon with David. They were having a good time when I stopped to get David. When Lucile wrapped the telephone to bring to the party, Jimmy said he didn’t have a telephone like that, so I had David take it along so Jimmy could play with it. I stopped at Loughridge and paid the radio bill while I was uptown this evening. I think the gas & oil business will be settled before we get our burner. So far the strike, which was in the process of being settled, has not bothered Kentland – at least I was able to get the tank filled yesterday.

I saw Bertha Smith at club today. I asked about her husband and she said he was fine. I knew he was back in school.

September 25, 1945, p. 2

September 25, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] She said he walked out of the bathroom and must have fainted because he passed out and fell down the stairway. Their bathroom is at the head of the stairway.

My thumb is gradually getting back to normal. The skin on the underside has to peel and it is a little slow in coming off – I think that is what is keeping it stiff. (I hope.)

So far this has been a cloudy week. It looked for a little while this afternoon like it was clearing but that didn’t last long. I hope it is clear tomorrow so David can go out and pay. He gets so tired staying in the house. I wasn’t in a very happy mood this morning – due to the gloomy weather and no letter in the morning delivery and with him getting unhappy quite often because he couldn’t go out – well let’s hope for sunshine tomorrow (I want to wash some clothes, too.)

I wish I could tell people when you are coming back – you know every time I go to town or attend a meeting, like today, that seems to be the stock question, “When is your husband coming back?” Of course, I know you would like to answer that one too. I heard over the radio that the 3rd Fleet is leaving Pearl Harbor today (I think.) I understand it is to be here, I mean in, for Navy Day – that is, it will be in before that but will be in for the occasion. This pen doesn’t do so well on this paper. I feel like I have been pushing a heavy load to get this written. Mark has gone up for his bath. John is at a school party and David has been in bed for some time.

Love Mother

September 25, 1945, p. 3

September 25, 1945, p. 3

(over) a Courier Journal was left on our step and I looked at the wishing well – for my name it read “Your aim nears.” Of course, I took that to mean your home coming.

September 25, 1945, p. 4

September 25, 1945, p. 4

Wed. a.m. I turned David out this morning, tho’ it is still cloudy & foggy – it isn’t raining. He just came in and handed me the mail. Yours of 23 & 24 and a letter from your mother. Also a digest – I’ll mail it on to you. It gives a little “light” to think of the points being lowered. If you can get a draft to bring to the Lakes, I’ll meet you at the gate as before, gladly. I think you are right in your opinion about the “power throwing” & “backfiring on you later.” I felt rather low Mon. & Tues. about our situation but I still didn’t feel like we should seek aid from the aforementioned party. I really think he is a little “punch drunk” from associating with political big wigs. I don’t say I wouldn’t ask others but I haven’t done that yet. After all it’s best to wait a little while and not have any strings attached. Let’s hope you get another trip home soon, if just for the weekend.

I am hoping it will clear today so I can wash the clothes accumulated.

My thumb is almost normal this morning. I can bend it almost as far as the other one.

It’s 9:30 and I was on the hunt of a roach when the mail came. I saw one yesterday but had my hands in dough at the time. I am afraid they will get started so I am going looking for it now.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/06/10/womens-club-50th-anniversary-year-gladys/

1 thought on “Women’s Club 50th Anniversary Year (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “and paid the radio bill” What was that about ???

    “so David can go out and pay.” should read “play”

    “I looked at the wishing well – for my name it read “Your aim nears.” Of course, I took that to mean your home coming.” 🙂 🙂

    I never ever saw a roach in our house, so she must have done a good job of hunting them down!


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