Then Everything Broke Loose (Roscoe)

September 26, 1945 envelope

September 26, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 26, 1945, p. 1

September 26, 1945, p. 1

26 Sept. 45

Dear Mother,

I’m writing this in the AM this morning just because there isn’t anything else in particular to do and I’ve heard there is to be a show of some sort this PM. I got just this much written and then everything broke loose so I’ll see how much can be done now.

I think by tomorrow I’ll be able to send some plans home for you to approve or disapprove. I don’t plan on having everything done now. Just do part and then wait until we see how things develop.

Stanich called me this AM and wanted me to take a trip with him but I didn’t care about going so I told him I was too busy. He was going to San Bruno and I could think of no reason for going.

I can’t give any more dope on the Great Lakes draft. I think possibly I was a little premature in saying anything about the trip because there are several ahead of me, but it doesn’t hurt to be thinking, but I’ll always let you know either by call or telegraph. That reminds me

September 26, 1945, p. 2

September 26, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] the telegraph I sent you from Ogden when I came out cost me $1.30 and the one I sent from here just this last time was only 80₵ – something was a little twisted up one time or another.

I see by the paper that all enlisted men with 3 children are to be granted discharge if they wish. That will let Socky out but of course it doesn’t affect me. That is one where he will have to admit the enlisted men got the best deal. You remember he was a little sore at all officers in general when he came to Nick’s that night. I wish sometimes they would get around to giving some credit to length of service. Sure ½ points per mo. but that isn’t enough and the ¼ is just a joke. Well, I still feel something will come along in the next mo. to six weeks.

Well, after several stops and starts I’ve about gotten the page full so I’ll say,

Lots of Love,

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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4 thoughts on “Then Everything Broke Loose (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” then everything broke loose” I wish he had said what it was!

    But hadn’t he enlisted in the Navy, voluntarily? Or is there some other definition for “enlisted man”?

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Roscoe was an officer and an MD, not an enlisted man. The rules were different. Additionally, he had seen David at this point. They had lived together in Liberty, Missouri, for over a year.


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