No Mon, No Fun, Your Son

1962-02-08-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Postmark Feb. 8, 1962 Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]

Thanks for sending the paper.

Dear David:

When I dropped in to visit Mrs. Myers and she showed me your letter I was about to disown you because we hadn’t heard from you since you had returned to school and I remember you promised to write weekly. I was reminded of the little “joke” I had once heard – it goes like this – A young man was in college and having such a good time he didn’t have time to write until he ran out of money and this is what he wrote – Dear Dad: No mon, no fun, Your Son. The reply was: Dear Son: How sad, too bad, Your Dad. But since we have received a nice long letter and you made the Dean’s list, we won’t have to resort to such measures. We have marked off May 2nd and plan to visit Bloominton that day and attend the Ceremonies. You know we used to do that when John was in school. Mark and Shirley and Becky were here Sunday (I was showing Mark how to do the book work) and they were quite pleased that you had made the Dean’s list.

Becky was cut as a bug Sunday. Mark and I were back here at my desk trying to get something done and she kept wanting me to hold her. Usually she doesn’t want to be held, but Sunday she just wouldn’t leave us alone. Finally Shirley put her to bed for a nap. They came down at just about 12 o’clock and we went out to the Nu-Joy for dinner. They stayed for supper and we had a few thinks I had on hands, like ham, eggs, etc. I don’t think anyone was really too hungry, because we all had such a huge dinner.

I have been so busy this week, it seem like I have been on a tread mill. Monday I attended a meeting in Lafayette that last from 10 AM until 3 PM. Monday night there was a Bd. of Education meeting at the church and since I am Chairman of that Commission I thought I had better attend. I think things are not going so well in the MYF on Sun. mornings. Rev. Fields told us that the MYF’ers are thinking about going back into the worship service with the rest of the S.S. in the Sanctuary. I really think it is due to their leader not being equal to his job. Rev. Fields has intimated to me that the young people do not care for him. Incidentally Rev. Fields did have a bone broken in his ankle, and Dad put a walking cast on his leg yesterday. Now that I have mentioned it, you didn’t know about his fall. One day when Joan drove for me to go to Lafayette to get an x-ray treatment, he fell on the back step at the parsonage and Dad thought he had sprained his ankle. He kept walking on it and how he could do that is more than I can figure. Tuesday night there was a meeting at the Church for the solicitors for the parsonage fund to report on their work. The week before Dad and I both attended the meeting to get our assignments. We took 8 names and of course, I did the soliciting. Out of about 120 names 76 cards were returned this week with the result of $14,700.00 pledged. We need 23,000.00, but since all the contacts haven’t been made we feel sure the balance will be met. Twenty-five persons at least have been working on the project and at least 65 families have made pledges in spite of the fact that Nev. did a lot of talking against it. Some of the workers thought she influence some people against it, but I don’t think she did too much damage (except showed a few people what she really is) since we have accomplished what we have so far. The WSCS is going to do something on the project, since we have about $2,000 in the bank. We gave $1,000 before Christmas to get the think going and pledged $1,500 for the next three years ($500 a year). Ours, I am sorry to say was the only one that large. Rus A. had hoped to get several $1,000, but so far the only one next to ours is $750. Dad said with our initial $1,000 and the additional $1,5000 making more than a tenth of what they need, he thought they should be able to raise the rest.

Dad got one set of shelves built in the work area for me – on the west wall. We have taken out the old washing machine and dryer (temporarily they are stored in the garage) and as soon as the new combination comes and we get it installed, Dad is going to build a cabinet around on the wall above it, so when not in use, will look just like another cabinet. He at present is working on shelves to be built on the east wall, just under and south of the wall safe. I said I wanted to get rid of this desk, because I want to get a new unit to use back here, but Dad thought you might want to keep this desk, so I won’t do anything about it at present.

1962-02-08-gry-p-2Next Thursday we are going to have the annual smorgasbord at the Church and I am ticket chairman, so have a few tickets to get distributed today. I sold tickets amounting to $31 yesterday, but have to sell many more than that to make the thing a success. I am not going to do much more selling myself, but put them out for others to sell for me.

I had to have the car worked on again and they couldn’t get it finished the day I took it in, so drove a Buick for an evening and morning. I have my car back not and had a wash job done and it looks pretty good again.

Love Mother

Keep up those good grades, and don’t forget to write, Rec’d a long letter from John yesterday & he described a Muslim wedding he had attended. Let me know when to deposit for you again. I have love track.

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “No Mon, No Fun, Your Son

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Dear Dad: No mon, no fun, Your Son. The reply was: Dear Son: How sad, too bad, Your Dad.” I think I remember that!

    I still have pretty good memory of the layout of the house, so should be able to draw it for you–including her office area west of the kitchen.

    For years, the joke here at our apartment was my obsession with building shelves. You can see where I got that!

    “Becky was cut as a bug” should read “cute”

    “meeting in Lafayette that last from” should read “lasted”

    “thought she influence some” should read “influenced”

    “to get the think going” should read “thing”

    “$1,5000” should read “$1,500” “car back not” should read “now” “love track” should read “now”


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