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1964-09-18 (RM) envelope

September 18, 1964 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 18, 1964, p. 1

September 18, 1964, p. 1

Kentland, Sept. 18, 64

David, My Dear One

It seems too bad to start out with asking you to forgive me, but I must. First I want to thank you two darlings for the dear little spinning wheele. I just adore it, and please accept my belated thanks. I just love it.

At the time of my birthday, Aug. 4th, we had a heat wave to end all heat waves. Back in the old days in Mattoon we used to have much higher temperatures, but I guess this was the first time I have been 75 years old, and I did “suffer with the heat” this year. Then, I have had company, you know the woman I told you about who is a real democrat, my husband’s cousin. Then I had another, my own cousin, who is one of the few relatives I have left, and she became ill while here, and I had to employ a man and wife to take her home. She lives in Pekin, Ill. and is a friend of Everet Dirkson. I have been having a little more than I am able to cope with.

I want you to know how much I did appreciate your two letters David, more than I can say. You and Bonnie are very dear to me, and I hope you will forgive me for not writing to you.

David, you have always been a bright spot in my life, and I miss you this summer. I am so thankful you have your dear Bonnie.

I find it hard to sit in a straight chair to write letters. I had Harold take me to Dr. Curtis this afternoon to have my glasses adjusted.

I feel the same as you do David, about Goldwater, but it hurts me to have you cast your first vote for a dem., but I can’t blame you. This time I am thankful that I have lost my right to vote. Please forgive my poor typing, my hands are very crippled. I am so confused about the political situation; I don’t know what is right.

I would love to hear from you when you have time, and please I want you and Bonnie to know how much it means to me to hear from you.

God Bless You

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