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Barry’s Attitude Now

1964-11-06-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Nov. 6 – 1964

Dear David and Bonnie –

I called United yesterday and their round trip fare from here to Boston is $106- so the enclosed check for $212.00 should get you here and back.

This afternoon I am going to take Mrs. Myers to the office for a check-up. She said she was feeling so weak and thought she needed some attention. This morning I had to help with a program at the Presbyterian Church – World Community Day – in which all three – Presbyterian, Christian & Methodist churches participated.

The workmen came yesterday and got about half of the terrace removed. They had another job this morning so didn’t get back here. I would rather not be here when the air hammer is at work.

1964-11-06-gry-p-2[page 2] We are still having glorious fall weather. There was a heavy frost this morning and heavy fog when I left home at 9 o’clock. These heavy frosts seem to retard the grass growth so Dad hasn’t had to mow for several weeks.

When Dad came home at noon he asked me if I had mailed you a check, so I can say yes the next time he asks. I thought I had better get it in the mail now.

What do you think of Barry’s attitude now? I wish he would go back to his “heaven” and stay there and forget about the Republican party. I am sure there are a number of high ranking Republicans who feel the same way. Did you hear him say he had his “heaven” meaning his home in Phoenix to go back to?

Love Mother

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