Grammatical Error

1964-08-13-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

August 13, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

The enclosed came here yesterday and we were at a loss to understand what it was all about. We haven’t had an account with Hayden, Stone for several years, but that isn’t the point. This statement is for you. If you are dealing with Hayden, Stone, you should inform them that you are of age and statements do not have to come to us. I am curious however, did you buy Sunset International Petroleum and if so, what did you make of it? It is a low priced stock and listed as a B in our Stock Guide.

Yesterday afternoon John went with me to see Aunt Ruth. We couldn’t see Uncle Earl. He has been in hospital at Joliet (we stopped at Wilmington and talked to Mrs. Johnson and she told us Ruth was at the hospital – where we thought she would be) and has had a stroke. He was quite ill when he was rushed to the hospital and since he reacts unfavorable to sedation, the Dr. had a hard time getting him quieted down. He was sleeping yesterday. We left here at 1:00 and arrived at the hospital at 3:00. We stayed with Aunt Ruth the rest of the afternoon, then took her home. Romaine had not been able to go to Wilmington because Tye was away from home on business and the woman who stays with the children was not available, but Aunt Ruth thought Tye would be back home and Romaine would be able to come any day now. Dad called the Dr. who is taking care of Uncle Earl and his report wasn’t too favorable. At a time like this I wish I could be closer to her so I could furnish transportation for her, but their friends have been very good about getting her to and from the hospital. Tye’s parents live in Wilmington and they have been very helpful.

In your last letter you made a grammatical error, which I hope you know better than to make and which I hope you won’t repeat in anything you hand in to be graded. Your last paragraphs reads, Could you please send a small print of the black and white picture of Bonnie and I leaving the church? As you know it should have been, Bonnie and me.

I suppose this cold wave has reached the east coast by now, but believe it or not, we turned on the furnace last night – at least Dad had turned it on before we came back from seeing Aunt Ruth. The thermometer outside the front door reads 62 at 10:30 AM today.

About your Virgin Birth paper. Last week when I took the Cadillac to Lafayette I took it with me, because I thought I would deliver it in person and had it when I met a friend to have lunch and when she saw what I had asked me if she could take it and read it before passing it on to Mrs. Northacker (the woman who asked for it). Also Mrs. Green’s husband, who is a teacher at the high school in Lafayette was going to read it. Mr. and Mrs. Green are quite active in the Trinity Church in Lafayette.

The picknick basket came from L. Feichter, 113 Conover Kronshage, Univiety of Wisconsin, Madison 6, Wisc. I hope you have received it by now and I also hope you have sent the jacket back to Dad. John had some clothes sent and said if by any chance they got sent to you, send them back here. I was talking to him about how that coat could have gotten sent to you and he said, “You know the Chinese, one big family” and the difference in address didn’t seem to make much difference to them. He said tho, he stressed that they send his things to this address. You see they had your Bloomington address and our address, but evidently were careless about which address they used. John has to go to New York next week. He said he would call you when he gets there. He has to go back for a physical and to wind up his business with Stat University of New York.

Time is getting away from me and since this is Thursday and the bank closes at noon, I must get this finished and get to the office.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Grammatical Error

  1. davidmadison1942

    “If you are dealing with Hayden, Stone,” I can’t imagine I was doing so. A mystery.

    “Dad called the Dr. who is taking care of Uncle Earl and his report wasn’t too favorable.” Was this the end for Uncle Earl…or did he live to see another day?

    Yes, mother was right about the grammar! 🙂 LOL

    Wow, I had a fan base for my virgin birth paper!


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