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Measles (Gladys)

1943-03-02Letter Transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is very cold today. It was about 10° above but felt more like 10° below. I told you in another letter about the measles in school. Dr. M. has been giving children who haven’t had measles 10 c.c. of blood (in the hip) from their parents that is if the parent has had measles – He says he did that several years ago when there was an epidemic and in cases where they took the disease they had it very light. He thought I shouldn’t give any since I am taking vitamins to build up myself – but since the blood is given in the muscle instead of the vein he said it didn’t have to be typed so Bud Hufty gave M. 10 c.c. – You might know John didn’t like the idea. I didn’t press the matter with him and there aren’t any of his class out yet. Mark was all in favor of having it done and couldn’t wait to have it done, so I am hoping it will help some. Several have had this done. I hope it helps check things. Needless to say I want to keep D. from taking anything contagious. I stopped to pay a coal bill and Bun Walkup came in. He wanted to know David’s weight. I said 16 lbs. He said their girl weighed 16 – ¾. I reminded him their girl weighed about 2 lbs more at birth. He said we must be giving D. dynamite. You know the two were born the same day, and at first their baby was quite ahead of D. Every time Bun would see me he would ask me D’s weight & then tell me now much more his girl weighed. Mark is having a little struggle with his arithmetic this evening. I have been trying to help him. John is studying the courtship of Myles Standish now. He says it’s interesting. I haven’t done anything more about a piano. The one I wrote about I decided wasn’t what we need for J. I am trying to figure out a garden – for this summer. Have to get some vegetables canned.

Love – Mother

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