Armistice Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No mail but had your message Nov. 9. The last letter I had was of Nov. 2. It came the 7th. I suppose it will be several days before I get any more letters.

I didn’t go to the school program for Armistice Day. Instead I was busy watching the furnace. It got a little off with this new coal, but Mr. Monroe came out this morning and adjusted the feeding gauge and seems to be doing as usual now. I washed and it was nice enough to hang things out, after our preview of winter yesterday. Had quite a snow storm for a few minutes. It didn’t last long but was quite a snow for a little while.

[page 2] I took David out of doors for a while this afternoon – The sunshine was so nice I puttered around in the garage and parked the Taylor Tot just outside so he would be satisfied – He is a wee bit spoiled about having company, but I needed fresh air too & the garage needed attention so it all worked out. I worked around the driveway a little trying to cover up the coal spilled the last time I had coal put in. The sky looks like it is clouding again. Not much sunshine this week.

I took David to have his picture taken yesterday. There were several there with groups, Doris Wilson with their three, Jean Ford with their three, Mary Childress with Blanchard Jr. – and others going after I left. The photographer wasn’t my idea of a person to work with children. He expected David to sit still & then stand

[page 3] still while he fiddled (sp) around getting ready to snap the camera. Well, David doesn’t sit or stand still for anyone. He finally got some poses but I have my doubts about how good they will be.

Boonie is sending the Democrat to all men & women in service from Kentland, so you should start receiving it soon, if not already.

Had a letter from Jim and his rating has been changed to Chief Steam Fitter and expects to be sent to a Ship Yard soon. Said the quota at Norfolk was full. He will have to take a 6 mo. course wherever he goes, so won’t be leaving the county for a while, unless he had his information wrong when he was home last.

It’s about time for J. & M. to come home from school and

[page 4] raid the cookies. I made some two days ago. Put them in the oven in a tin box and they couldn’t find them yesterday when they came home – that is why there are some left today.

I have to have a clinker can emptying this evening. This Ind. coal seems to produce more than the other did. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul away what has accumulated but he hasn’t been here yet.

Joe Woodruff is home on furlough. He is from Camp Peary but says he will soon be sent out. He told John he got thru boot camp pretty easy because he could play the trombone – However he said he discovered when he was told to learn so much music by the next day – the officer in charge meant business – He didn’t learn it the first time and found himself doing K.P. so after that learned what he was told to learn.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Armistice Day 1943 (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Well, David doesn’t sit or stand still for anyone.” PRICELESS 🙂

    “It’s about time for J. & M. to come home from school and raid the cookies.’ LOL 🙂

    That last paragraph about the trombone player is also priceless.

    This letter is a real treasure.


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