Smelled Rags Burning (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 31 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The last day of July – The folks went home this morning and John went with them to stay a week. Mark and I have to take care of things. After lunch I was all set to take a nap but David insisted on staying awake and is still singing to himself, so thought I might as well write. Dad said he never had seen a better baby than D. He has been very good to have a cast on one leg. I am to take him to see Dr. Cole Mon. I put some fresh tape around on the cast this morning.

Had a letter from Ruthie. Floyd had a nail accident and had to have a tetnus shot and got a reaction from it. It got red and itched terribly. Ruth had a letter from Herschel Steiner.

No letters today but the 28th got your of the 20th Also have the big. ck deposited and bought 7 – 18⁷⁵ bonds to make one a month for this year.

[page 2] It is cloudy today and not so hot. It got so hot yesterday, Mother felt it so much. It is quiet around here today so I think she will rest better. There was a lot of confusion yesterday with everyone around & the piano coming. Ruth & Romaine left in the afternoon and Dad, Wilma, John & Mark went along so it was quiet all afternoon yesterday. This morning when Wilma got ready to leave she couldn’t find her coin purse – we haven’t found it yet. Thurs. after the folks arrived they put some things in the garage – among them a package of sheets Mom brought along so I wouldn’t have so many extra sheets with all the company – I told Mark to take a sack of garbage to the furnace I had put in the box by the door – well we couldn’t find the sheets at bed time – you guessed it Mark took the package of sheets and put them in the furnace. We all laughed about it – the best thing to do – besides buying new sheets which I will try to do as soon as possible. Dad was sitting in the yard and said he smelled rags burning.
D. has gone to sleep so think I’ll go try and get some shut eye.

Love – Mother

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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