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Groundhog Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters today, but had yours of Jan. 21 yesterday. This being ground hog day we were anxious to see what the weather would be. Not a trace of sun all day. In fact we had quite a little rain. We planned to go to Laf. to shop. Lucile called and said she had such a cold she didn’t feel like going, so Mrs. Z., Martha and I went. Alma W. kept D. for me. Lucile was going to take Jimmy Ed and David to her sisters, but since she couldn’t go, I called Alma and asked her to go along but she was working at Mrs. Stevens during the noon hour and said she would rather keep D. at home so after she got

[page 2] thru at the Restaurant took him to her house. She brought him home about 5 – He took a nice long nap for her and when he woke up she said he acted very “cute.” When I came home he acted very “smart” just like J. & M. used to do after being away from home for an afternoon or evening.

I don’t remember whether I mentioned it or not, but David can climb upon the studio cough on his own power. I went to see about him and there he said, looking as pleased with himself as he could.

I got a new red dress this P.M. Mrs. Z. got a new hat and few other things. I tried to shop for David but didn’t find anything I wanted. I bought a gift for Louise Glen’s baby girl. I never saw prices so high on children’s things as they are now. I know if we had girls I would make

[page 3] their clothes. Mrs. Z. and I looked at little girl things with Joy Funk in mind and came home without anything. I am knitting her a little jacket, but ran out of yard, so thought I would get something else, but found some yarn I might use to finish the jacket I am working on.

I saw the Funks in Laf. today. I knew they were going. I think they took Joy back for her first visit to the Dr. Also I suppose Louise went to the Dr. She is expecting her baby in the spring. She is still staying with Funks. However I don’t believe she doesn’t the work she used to do. Theresa Ann Lubberty helps after school. You remember her, but you wouldn’t know her now. You couldn’t believe how she has grown-out – must weigh 175.

[page 4] Mr. Zell passed his physical but I don’t know whether he will have to go. Purdue says the county agents are to stay put. Merle Ford passed his physical, along with Jr. Morton and several others in this community. I understand Jr. is in the Navy, but don’t know about Ford.

Mrs. Roberts called me yesterday – just to talk a few minutes and find out any news I might have. I told her I wasn’t too sure about the 18 mo. business and she said Joe had written the same. I told her we would just have to wait and see.

I just worked on the check book and our balance at present is $123.40, but I have to pay groc. bills out of that, and buy a bond for D. The bal. will be below $100 – before I get thru. Also Portteus is going to let us have half a beef and I may have to pay that yet this month, but there isn’t anything else I know of now. Ins. paid up at present.

Love – Mother

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August Finances (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but had July 21 & 23 yesterday – Some more unusual weather we are having. It started to rain last night and it’s still raining today and much cooler – Before the rain it was hot. We have the doors & windows closed today so you know it’s cooler. I am glad for Mother it is cooler – She suffers so when it’s hot. Dr. Cole said yesterday to continue with the same medicine. She doesn’t seem to do anything much either way. Only on hot days she feels worse. With John gone this week it’s rather quiet around here and with the rain today the neighborhood all around is quiet. Mrs. James & Jimmy are back & so are Arlene & Bobby but so far Bobby hasn’t been around this week. He had a start of hay fever but as soon as Arlene got him to Green Bay it stopped. While Arlene was gone the Lubberty girls took care of Donnie – Sunday Theresa had him out and stopped here. He is the picture of Bill – He is still larger than David but D. has more hair. When they get together they take each others’ toys – not exactly exchange – if one takes a notion for the toy the other has he just reaches, grabs & pulls – the one that can pull the hardest wins. Of course since D. is in his cast he isn’t a match for Donnie. I believe Donnie will like to fight when he gets old enough. I think Bobby has taught him a few tricks.

[page 2] Sister J. said it wouldn’t hurt David’s leg for him to stand so I allowed him to pull up today and enjoy standing and did he love it. He sat some but that breaks the cast across his bottom so I try to keep him from doing that. I was surprised to see how well he handles himself with that cast on but it doesn’t bother him any. Margaret Kruman brought him a soldier doll from Culver – she said she didn’t know whether he could have a soldier’s doll or not. It’s about half as big as he is but he like to pound it.

I checked on our finances this a.m. Our present bal. is $455 – but I haven’t had a reply yet from the Ins. Co. so I am sure about 180⁰⁰ will come out of that bal. I went ahead & got the piano & hade a bal. of 188⁰⁰ to pay on it by Dec 1 but think I’ll clear it off before then – I pd. 100⁰⁰ on it and got 15⁰⁰ for the old piano but had to pay 6⁰⁰ on the hauling. I bought 7 – 18⁷⁵ bonds last month and will try now to keep buying one one a month. That makes a total of 21 – 18⁷⁵ bonds & 6 – 37⁵⁰ we have – and John has 2 – 18⁷⁵ – David 2 – 18⁷⁵ & Mark one 18⁷⁵ – The difference there is that Mark didn’t save his money & John did. I have car Ins. to pay this month and your Laf. Life pol. Comes due in Sept. and as soon as the Lbr. Co. gets coal in we should get a supply – I am no on the waiting list. Of course I won’t pay for coal until we get it – I haven’t been to town yet and our monthly groc. Bills will have to come out of the bal. above. If I see there will be a surplus I’ll buy bonds. I ate some sliced tomatoe at noon and feel a little itchy so I won’t eat any more if I can help it – and I think I can.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-07-26 - David with broken leg

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Company Arrives (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Thurs P.M. – no mail this a.m. but have had up to July 20 this week so can expect a few days without mail. Again rec’d ck. and deposited – Bought 7 – $25 bonds and wrote the Ins. Co. for the amt. of loan due on my policy. Will pay that as soon as I get an answer. I think it’s just as well for you to leave the allotment as it is at present & send when you get an extra amt. on hand. I agree you should keep enough to travel on – I certainly would hate to think you had a chance to come home & no money to travel with.

Mark has D. out in the buggy getting some sun. Theresa Ann Lubberty had Donnie in his buggy and she and Mark are talking while the babies exchange toys.

[page 2] Dorothy came out to see D. yesterday – She asked me in a tone full of question if I had written you about D. I said of course, with all details. In case you have missed previous letters she popped off to me about the accident – casting the reflection I had been careless with him. I squelched her right in the start so she doesn’t say any more but from the way she acts would like to. I believe she can be the most unfair about things of than anyone I know. Well enough of that – You will wish I wouldn’t write if I don’t change the subject, but I hardly think she has a right to criticize anyone on child care.

I am looking for your Mother & Dad, Ruth & Romaine to come some time this afternoon. John is making a cake. He has made ice cream & squeezed oranges & lemons for the drink. Mark picked beans & dug potatoes. He brought the potatoes in dirty and I sent him out to the faucet at the east side of the house to wash them – he had the

[page 3] beans in the same pan and I just looked out & saw a pile of green beans on the grass –

Well the co. has arrived. Mom, Dad, Ruth, Romaine & Wilma. Wilma is going to take R. & R. to Wilmington tomorrow in our car. John wants to go home with Grandma so I think I’ll let him go – since Mark is planning a 4-H outing in Aug. My co. are all keeping me with green beans to can so must get the cans ready.

Will write more tomorrow.
Love Mother

Yegerlehner, John with unknown girls - c1934-1935

John with his cousins, Romaine and Wilma, mid 1930s

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