Finances 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Here is that long promised statement – I was just wondering where I could have spent $330.00 – the amt. I didn’t dep. (over 12 mo.) every month when the cks. come – but you know how little amounts count up. A lot of that went into gas & oil. There is an item under checks for car expenses but that included license, Federal sticker, etc. I know I spent a lot going back & forth to Laf. besides the few other trip we took to Clay City & Wilmington. I dep. the $170.00 & cash the $30.00 – by the end of the month the $30.00 is gone, for music lessons, gas, oil, papers, etc. – Doesn’t seem possible, but somehow every month something comes up to require something extra. However I think our statement shows enough gain, in loans pd. off, bonds & piano bought. You will notice I got the Ins. & groc. Items reversed. That bal. I carried over from last year included the $250.00 you sent me while I was in the hospital when D. was born and the $100.00 for Christmas. I didn’t have an adding machine so some of my figures may be off slightly but not much, and since I don’t keep books by ledger or budget I didn’t balance things to the penny. The money banked is according to the banks figures, and most of the ck. figures are to the penny but in some instances to make adding easier I used round numbers.

[page 2] David’s temp is normal again. I think he has a tooth causing some of his trouble. We kept him on the studio couch most of the day, but he got to feeling so good I finally put his shoes on him and turned him loose. He was very happy to have his freedom. I am enclosing some pictures taken just before Christmas. The one of the 3 boys isn’t very good but you can still see some resemblance. David was being particularly difficult that day about posing with J. & M. He did very well by himself as you can see. We have been trying to train him in his toidey habits – every time I take him to the bathroom I say, David is going toidey – Today he was walking around and I asked him if he wanted to toidy – and he went right to the stool – maybe he will soon tell me some way when he wants to go. Christmas & the day after at Ruth’s I could watch him closely and had only 3 pants for the 2 days.

I told you in a v-mail that Arleen & Bill have a girl named Joy – 8 lbs. Alma W. was in Laf. today – went to see Arlene and said she was fine. The visiting hours have been shortened to 1 hr. in the afternoon & 1 hr. in evening – Sometimes that is too long.

Love Mother

[Click on the image of page 3-4 of the letter to view Gladys’ accounting for 1943]

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Finances 1943 (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    The family finances of 1943 look so simple….and so modest.

    🙂 “I finally put his shoes on him and turned him loose.”

    My toilet training: too much information.


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