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Knitting Squares (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Nov. 4 came today – Just hope they keep coming. It has been a chilly winty day with some sunshine. I hung a washing out and got everything dry. Also got the ironing done too. Don’t feel tired so guess I didn’t do too much. I told Mrs. Zell I would keep their girls next week two days while they go to Indpls. And want to get my work out of the way. They have (are) been such good neighbors. I like to be able to return favors. Last winter when I had so much throat & sinus trouble they were both very helpful.

In glancing over the local paper I see Mrs. F. Ferris died. They were living in Goodland – Alma told me some time ago that Hazel & her mother had disagreed

[page 2] and Hazel had gone to Ky. but left the children here.

Mark is out helping the Zell girls rake leaves in their back yard they didn’t get last week. John is taking care of David. I have a little sore throat & don’t want to be too close to him. He gets a little dissatisfied along this time in the evening. He gets tired & hungry & doesn’t know what he wants. We feed him at 6 & put him to bed. Here he comes toward me now, carrying his panda. His walking is still pretty unsteady.

I just glanced thru the paper to see if I could jot down some local happenings. I see that Annabell White has been in St. E. recovering from a serious operation. Wonder what for this time. Also see that the Remsbergs

[page 3] have another addition to their family. They had been living in Fowler and the news of a baby there was quite a surprise. We can’t be surprised at any new arrivals in this era because it seems they come from the most unexpected places (families).

Mark’s room is making squares for cap robes to send to the hospitals. Mark said I could teach them how to knit so I have a job next week teaching the 5th graders how to knit. I have been helping Virginia. She is on her second square now. I tried to teach John how last year – his class made an afghan and they were all so interested in knitting but you know how awkward he is with anything like that – result he didn’t learn much about knitting.

David is raising a howl and it’s getting near his

[page 4] super time so will get this finished so I can get him ready for bed.

The sky is cloudy – looks like the clouds are full of snow. Mark hopes so but John isn’t so enthused. I would just as soon have not so cold weather for a while.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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