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David’s Diary – June 10, 1970

Wednesday, 10 June 1970

We got up about 7:30 or so. Had breakfast, shaved, prepared to leave Avon. Got in the road about 8:45—arrived at the Myles Standish State Forrest [1] about 9:45. We got our campsite—in Bartlett 1. We spent the rest of the morning getting set up and relaxing. What leisurely reading I got done during the day was in F.C. Grant’s, The Gospels. About noon we fixed lunch—used our Coleman stove for the first time; it worked very well. And we were delighted to see how little fuel it used. In the afternoon we tried to go swimming—but the water was cold, the sky was overcast—and the nice beach was on the side of the lake with the cold breeze. In the middle of the afternoon I went into Plymouth for a can-opener—and Ernco-foam! [???][2]  When I got back we drove around for a while, then took a drive around the park. Then came back and fixed supper. When we got supper over with we decided to take Debbie for a ride to Plymouth. She’s got a bad diaper rash and is out of sorts—we were gone c. 7:30–8:30. When we got back we prepared Debbie for bed—put her in the back of the VW. Then we bedded down for the night—by 9:30. Θ

Thursday, 11 June 1970

I slept relatively well; we got up about 7:00. Fixed breakfast, prepared to leave. The mosquitoes were driving us crazy—we were literally itching to get out of there—we did about 9:15. We arrived back in Avon about 10:00. Unloaded the car, then I put on my swimsuit and washed the car. Then Debbie and I played with the hose and lawn sprinklers—and the watering-can—she got thoroughly soaked, but was enjoying it very much, the day was so hot. Shortly before noon Debbie + I bathed together—Bonnie took her out, then I finished; had lunch, then I set about getting my hair washed, shaving, getting groomed again. Then relaxed for a while; about mid-afternoon I decided to nap since we’d be up so late tonight—I went sound asleep. We had supper about 5:35 or 40. We made good time to Providence—in about 65 minutes we were at the parking lot at Brown. We registered, then killed time by strolling around, browsing in a book store. Returned to Alumni Hall about 8:00—greeted Charlie Whitford; 8:30-10:15 we saw Dick Water’s play, The Son of Man.; 10:15-10:30 break in the fresh air; 10:30–11:15 caucus [???]—then drove home, arrived in Avon c. 12:15; had snack OBLO 12:50.

Friday, 12 June 1970

Up by 6:30. Shaved, had breakfast, left for conference—felt I should be there by 8:30—The Board of Ministry’s report was scheduled early. As it turned out things were behind schedule. But when the time came I was introduced to the Conference—and along with several others was voted to be ordained Elder. [3] Not long after I got there I met Don McGaw and we spent most of the day together—we had lunch together. The afternoon session was largely devoted to Black Methodists for Church Renewal—their request for money. I left about 4:30—came back to Avon—then Bonnie and I went back to Conference after supper. The evening program was not an official business session—but a celebration of unity. A major part was a modern interpretive dance with sax + trumpet—it was overly long—and hard to grasp. But after this was over the conference members + visitors joined the young people on the floor of the auditorium for singing and generally going wild—it was really a blast. Afterwards Don McGaw, Merlin Levering, Artis Smith, Charlie Whitford and Bonnie and I went looking for a bar in Providence—ended up in a gay bar!—finally settled for Howard Johnsons! We broke up about 12:30—we got back to Avon about 1:30—and got right to bed.

Saturday, 13 June 1970

Θ before arising at 8:00. I hurriedly bathed, shaved—I needed to leave by 9:00. Just a few minutes before I left Lee Sandwen came in from Amherst—Emil’s grandson. I left about 9:05—got to Meeham auditorium just at 10:00. But important business, i.e. BMCR, didn’t really come up for action until the afternoon session. Don McGaw and I again had lunch together. I.e. I had much [??] sack lunch as yesterday, and we went somewhere for him to get a meal. Today it was to Kentucky Colonel for fried chicken. Then we went brouzing [sic] around book stores—but we got back to Conference about 1:30. The afternoon debate was long and tedious—and the BMCR proposal was really weakened. It is disappointing to see the church so rigid. Jesus once said to a man overly concerned with property: “Sell your things, give to the poor.” But Methodist Conference is unwilling to do such a thing. Our Conf.—so said one speaker—has $51 million in property + investments—can’t we find $1.5 million for BMRC? –I left conference about 4:30. Arrived Avon 5:30. Very weary, had supper, then sacked out—really tired—didn’t come to until about 8 o’clock. Visited with the household, including Lee—all but Bonnie + I retired before 10:00. We read; at c. 11:15 I got a call from Dr. Beck that he can’t be in Providence tomorrow; a great disappointment. OBLO c. 11:30

Diary entry from June 13, 1970

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myles_Standish_State_Forest. Coincidentally, Bonnie’s family is descended from Myles Standish, and the line is proved via The Mayflower Society.

[2]  I have no idea.

[3] There are (or at least were at that time) two levels of ordination in the Methodist Church: Deacon, then Elder, which is the highest level. So, officially, all “reverends” and bishops are simply Elders. The story was told of a bishop who was acting too arrogantly, and a few pastors decided to intervene; they addressed their letter to him: “Dear Brother Elder.”

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New Drapes

Letter transcription:

Sept. 8, 1967

Dear Bonnie and David:

I hope this finds both of you much improved. Sorry to hear your trip to Expo wasn’t what you would have like it to be. But that’s life. I remember one time we were in Kentland and David came down with chickenpox and Dad was in Liberty, Mo. He drove all night to get us and then we started back as soon as we could load into the car. I felt like I had been cheated out of a vacation that year. Imagine having a child come down with a contagious disease in the home of friends and them with a child about a year old. I had on a new knit jersey dress and having to hold David all the way home, by the time we had traveled that far, my dress had a permanent sag in front and had to be discarded, and in times like those, one didn’t lightly discard clothing.

We are gradually getting things done. I finally got the living room drapes hemmed and now have the drapes in the room where you slept pinned, but haven’t had a day to get them finished. Brought home some drapery hooks to finish hanging the small drapes (the one you stole the drapery hooks from so we could hang the living room drapes) and found I had bought a different kind, so had to take both drapes down and re-hang them. We are having counter tops made to order at National Homes. We bought a new sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove and hover from Sears. I am waiting for the things from Sears to be delivered this a.m. (I hope). When we bought the things, we could not be given a definite time for delivery – except Friday.

John has an appointment at the Clinic this afternoon for his eyes. I am going with him because he will have his eyes dilated and will need me to drive for him. Mark and Shirley came last Saturday. They took Kirk to the Clinic to have some warts burned off. I kept Becky and David. David had a big time on the patio – as did Becky. He thought it was great fun to pick up the acorns, pea gravel and anything that he could lift. Becky suggested that we take him and go to the bottom of the ravine. She was vetoed immediately by grandma. She also enjoyed playing on the patio. She kept trying to find a good hickory nut. We finally found two that were not rotten, but they were green, so she couldn’t have a feast. Saturday is Becky’s birthday. We took her to Sears and got her a new fall coat. It has a zip-in lining and can be used as a rain coat or for not too cold weather. Their selection wasn’t too good, so we decided to wait until the more expensive winter coats go on sale. The one we bought was about $12.00. I looked at some at Ayres one day this week and the prices for a girl wearing 6X (her size now) were $34.00 and up.

I am sending the magazine you wanted to give to Dr. Beck. I won’t send it first class, so it may be a week before you get it. I think you left a pair of shorts, but I won’t bother to send them. Dark blue – light weight material. Yours?

We have our bathroom just about completed. We got tired waiting for the cabinet (which the Company sold that was in stock when we put in our order – and then they had to reorder) and found one we like better at National Homes. I help Dad mount it and after the electrician got the lights hooked up – it contains 6 60 watt bulbs – you can imagine how much light we have in that little room.

Love Mother

P.S. Credit card received.

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Mrs. Myers Fainted

Letter transcription:

Sun. Oct. 9, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Will see that your applications gets to Clerk’s office. Will also send you the Enterprise. Last night Mrs. Myers fainted and was on the floor for some time—how long I have no way of knowing. I had taken her a dinner in a corning dish and told her she could reheat it on a burner with low heat. When I stepped into her apt. I could smell the dinner and could tell is had been on the heat too long. She had her coffee pot connected and asked me to disconnect it. That was the first thing I did and while on that side of the kitchen turned off the gas. She was lying on the kitchen floor with her head toward the living room. She has a telephone in her kitchen and I don’t know whether she called from that phone, but she must have. I didn’t have time to question here since the ambulance arrived shortly after I did and I was busy getting things ready for her to take with her to the hospital. She called here shortly before 10 o’clock and Dad asked me if I wanted to go down and help her get ready to go. He didn’t go because he said it wasn’t necessary. He called orders into the hospital and made a routine call on her this morning. She said she was nauseated and fainted. Earlier in the week she had an attack of asthma and he had given her a shot. He said this morning she didn’t have any asthma or trouble with breathing. She did say this morning she thinks she injured her hip when she fell, so he has ordered an x-ray for morning. That was one of the arguments I had against her staying along, but she was so opposed to giving up her apartment that I gave up trying to convince her she would be better off in a nursing home. I think perhaps it won’t take any arguments now. She should not stay along.

Mark and sons will be here for dinner. Mark will go on and the boys will stay. Shirley and Becky will come Thurs. evening and spend the night then go to Indpls. Fri.

Herewith returning the enclosures. No comments (will discuss when I see you). Have you saved me your sermons from this summer? Will be glad to attend S.S. with you. Also think it will be interesting to visit the Adams home and also visit with Dr. Beck. I think the idea of having tea with them is quite nice.

We will have to leave Boston on Sunday around 2 p.m. Will arrive on Wed. the 26 at 11:20 if plan is one time. Will let you know the flight no. when our tickets arrive, which should be around the 17th.

Love Mother

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Time to Write

1966-04-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 14, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This morning there was an area hospital meeting at our Geo Ade and since it was so close I attended and was asked by the President to ask the blessing at the meal (I was asked to do that several days ago, so it wasn’t a surprise). This afternoon there was a tour of the hospital, but I didn’t stay for that since I have been around the place a few times. This afternoon I have been working on the books and tonight while trying to finish the task at hand and put the put the books away I discovered I had paid your taxes ($19.40) which is due before May 1. In running the amounts we paid, but in sorting out the different tax categories discovered yours had been paid. We have to list the tax on house and furniture in one place on the big return and tax on the office in another place. Don’t bother to send me a check, I think I owe you something for the pictures and I may have you get me a book or two. Get me Contemporary Continental Theologians. Let me know how much I still owe you.

We enjoyed your last letter, but know you don’t have time to write that much very often. You are so right in your conclusion that people say one thing and do another. However, we must keep our own eyes on the right goal and practice what we preach. In spite of the way things seem to be going, we have to keep believing in the right. I am sure we know foreign policy can be so far off. I agree with you on many things and it is a puzzle at times as to how our foreign policy can be so far off. Our might doesn’t seem to be making much right.

Dad worked in the yard this afternoon and then went to the hospital and delivered a baby. He was home by 8:30. He had trouble with the riding mower, so had to do half of the yard with the walking type. He is very healthy looking from his afternoon out of doors. He finally got the go-ahead from me to dig up some of the shrubs along the south side of the yard. He has started another row about five feet further to the north and will in time take out the larger bushes that have been encroaching on the evergreens. He divided and says good, so two weeks ago I got some replacements while in Lafayette. I have another appointment with Dr. Ferguson May 9. My arm is some better. It doesn’t give me much pain, but I still can’t bend it certain ways. I have trouble getting my arm around back to run up a zipper.

Mark and Shirley and the children, John and Lea and Bob were here for Easter. Shirley’s parents came in the afternoon. Little David is such a good baby he stayed in the bed most of the time they were here. Shirley said she knew it much have been strange for him, because he is used to sleeping in a basket at home. We took some pictures and when I get some back will send you some new ones of him. Kirk is so possessive about David, he tells everyone who may be interested that they cannot have David. Becky thinks he is pretty cute, but I rather think Kirk is more interested in the baby.

Mrs. Myers has a dental appointment next Tuesday. She called me today to ask me if I could take her to the dentist. She was rather annoyed with Dr. Limp. She seemed to think he wasn’t as concerned with her case as he should have been. I think she wanted me to suggest that she go to Dr. Logan, but he is booked so far ahead I don’t know when she could get an appointment and I really think she should stay with Limp. She probably will have to have that tooth pulled. When I talked to her today I promised her I would stop and see her tomorrow. So far this week I haven’t had an opportunity. She doesn’t get up until noon some days and when I go to the office in the evening I usually don’t leave home in time to stop—due to one cause or another. Monday this week I had to go to Lafayette (had an eye appointment with a Dr. at the Clinic). I may get contact lenses, if he says yes. I am to see him again the 21st. It is a little closer to go to Lafayette than Hammond.

1966-04-14-gry-p-2Next month our W.S.C.S. will celebrate the 25th year (one year late) and I have been elected to give the program. I am in the process now of going through records of the past 25 years to get some data. Some of our secretaries left something to be desired in keeping records. At Christmastime Ruthie wrote to me about a friend of theirs who lives in Boston—Barbara Schrier (Mrs. R.W.) her husband is in Harvard Med School and their address is 849 Mass Ave, Arlington, Mass. She thought Barbara would be happy to know you, since she knew the Yegerlehners in Lebanon. If you have time and want to look them up, you have the address after all these months.

I must get back to my research.
Love Mother


I had such a nice letter from Dr. Beck, but haven’t had time to answer. I will get around to it soon. I want to thank him. I certainly wish we could have planned to go when he will be there (Holy Land).

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New Arrival

1966-02-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 11, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yesterday we took the day off and went to Chicago. First we went to the Loop and visited the office of AAA (foreign travel) and consulted with one of their agents for a while and set up a possible schedule which we will follow from July 16 to Aug 13 or 20. We plan first to go to Switzerland. We also received a letter this morning from cousin Joyce (Fitz-Randolph) who lives in New Jersey, and who has visited the relatives near Bern. She gave us the names of those she has visited and their addresses. She agreed with us that she didn’t want to go on a guided tour when she toured another country. We will go to Petra and also see some of Israel, Damascus, Istanbul and Rome. I hope we can plan to be in Rome at the same time as Dr. Beck. Let us know when he will be there, maybe we can manage it. We would like to be with Louise and Mac if that is possible sometime during our trip and theirs. Since we will be gone in August (and not all of July as originally planned) maybe something can be arranged with them. I know you told me the other evening when I talked to you when Dr. B. plans to be in Rome, but I didn’t write it down, so don’t remember.

We went out to Mark’s and visited with them until about 8:30 (our time) then started back home. The baby is quite a nice looking individual with lots of black hair—something neither Becky nor Kirk had. They are both quite proud of him. So far he has been a very good baby, however he is just one week old now. Mark said he had forgotten how tiny a little baby is. After handling Kirk one would be prone to forget. He is certainly a character. He seems to forget he wanted to name the baby Chalie. He seems very proud to call him David. Shirley’s mother is staying this week. The Wards are planning to go to San Diego to see Dick and his family. He was transferred from Hawaii shortly after Christmas and since they haven’t seen them for more than two years they are quite anxious to pay them a visit. Dick will be going to sea duty off and one for a few weeks, then I think he will be away several months and if they go in February they will get a chance to see him.

Our stereo turned out to be just mono and it is now in the shop being repaired, and if it can’t be repaired will be replaced. Dad hooked up the hold portable Mark left here to the speakers and that is what I am using now when I want to listen. The other set that was sent to the Sears store was purchased for the hospital. After a few weeks Dad said he could see it was hopeless to have a record player in a place like that. No one was responsible for the records and they were being handled like a deck of cards. He decided to take the turntable back and get a tuner and hook it up to the amplifier and speaker. He purchased a new tuner and the turntable is back here. I told Dad that could be the start of a stereo set for you. Now all you will have to get (or rather we will have to get for you) will be amplifier and speakers. How does that sound to you?

The Magic Flute has arrived and I have the old one packed and ready to send back to you. I haven’t been out yet, but as soon as I finish writing this will take both to the P.O. I haven’t done much this week but rest. I haven’t had too much pep and since we wanted to go to Chicago yesterday that took about all the strength I had stored, so today I have been resting. There has been a series of meetings at the church this week with a different missionary every day, but I haven’t been to hear any of them and as far as I know won’t, because I think it is more important for me to recuperate this week, than to go to the meetings. I have kept going all fall and winter with not much energy to spare and all at once things caught us with me, and I decided I had better start taking care of myself.

I sent Bonnie the thyroid which Dad says for her to keep taking. Also sent her a day book and a calendar.

We have the records out and are starting to listen to German and will probably try some French and Italian before July. We are really going to work on this language bit until July and hope we get something substantial before we go.

Love Mother

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Church Conference (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nove. 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sun. afternoon – It is cloudy & a little mist in the air. It has rained some during the day but now more of a dampness. We took David to Sunday School this morning & got along first rate. Mrs. Beekman was there with her little girl – who by the way behaved better than David. He did very well for him & first try but she was quieter. Dr. Beck the district Supt. was here today for quarterly conference & they had a dinner at the church. I came home after S.S. and gave David his orange juice & cod liver oil, put him to bed for a nap then prepared our dinner to take back to the church. After he woke up I fed him and by that time J. & M. had come home to help me

[page 2] so we went back for the dinner. I borrowed Lucile’s (Jimmy Ed’s) Taylor Tot to keep David in while we ate. He behaved pretty well. After the dinner Mark kept him in the car which I stayed in for the conference. John came on home to listen to the radio (music program).

David has been on a “tear” this afternoon. We came home about 2 P.M. I put him in his bed to take another nap when Mrs. Kendall came and he wouldn’t go to sleep but kept up an uproar most of the time she was here. He is in his pen now making some kind of noise. It is just one of those days.

I think you remember the Beekman’s. You treated one of them for colds. This Mrs. Beekman was working in Fords, had been some time, when one day not long ago she became very ill – that was about 3 P.M. – by 7 she was in the hospital

[page 3] and operated on soon after. She had a pregnancy in the tube and one in the uterice. The tube had bursted, but they had operated in time. Ruth Ford told me about it and said Dr. Ross said he had only had one case like it in all his practice. Mrs. Beekman is recovering very nicely and is now home from the hospital. The other Mrs. Beekman was the one at church this morning with her baby.

I believe this other coal makes more dust – which doesn’t surprise me but makes more dusting to do. In figuring according to what we burned last winter I think we will have enough to last us thru the worst of the winter if it doesn’t get too cold. I got 8 tons in July and that lasted thru until in Feb. when I had 4 tons put in and we easily have 2 ton of that yet. Of course this Ind. coal burns up faster and probably won’t last as long, as 2 ton of Va. coal would.

I called Dr. Ade yesterday for an

[page 4] appointment for eye examination & he couldn’t give me one until Nov. 16. I have been having headaches that feel like my eyes are the cause.

David is raising so much fuss I will have to quit and see what I can do for him.
Love Mother

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