Mrs. Myers Fainted

Letter transcription:

Sun. Oct. 9, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Will see that your applications gets to Clerk’s office. Will also send you the Enterprise. Last night Mrs. Myers fainted and was on the floor for some time—how long I have no way of knowing. I had taken her a dinner in a corning dish and told her she could reheat it on a burner with low heat. When I stepped into her apt. I could smell the dinner and could tell is had been on the heat too long. She had her coffee pot connected and asked me to disconnect it. That was the first thing I did and while on that side of the kitchen turned off the gas. She was lying on the kitchen floor with her head toward the living room. She has a telephone in her kitchen and I don’t know whether she called from that phone, but she must have. I didn’t have time to question here since the ambulance arrived shortly after I did and I was busy getting things ready for her to take with her to the hospital. She called here shortly before 10 o’clock and Dad asked me if I wanted to go down and help her get ready to go. He didn’t go because he said it wasn’t necessary. He called orders into the hospital and made a routine call on her this morning. She said she was nauseated and fainted. Earlier in the week she had an attack of asthma and he had given her a shot. He said this morning she didn’t have any asthma or trouble with breathing. She did say this morning she thinks she injured her hip when she fell, so he has ordered an x-ray for morning. That was one of the arguments I had against her staying along, but she was so opposed to giving up her apartment that I gave up trying to convince her she would be better off in a nursing home. I think perhaps it won’t take any arguments now. She should not stay along.

Mark and sons will be here for dinner. Mark will go on and the boys will stay. Shirley and Becky will come Thurs. evening and spend the night then go to Indpls. Fri.

Herewith returning the enclosures. No comments (will discuss when I see you). Have you saved me your sermons from this summer? Will be glad to attend S.S. with you. Also think it will be interesting to visit the Adams home and also visit with Dr. Beck. I think the idea of having tea with them is quite nice.

We will have to leave Boston on Sunday around 2 p.m. Will arrive on Wed. the 26 at 11:20 if plan is one time. Will let you know the flight no. when our tickets arrive, which should be around the 17th.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Mrs. Myers Fainted

  1. davidmadison1942

    Bit of a mystery in the Mrs. Myers story. She must have been able to hoist herself up to use the phone to call the ambulance, but was still on the floor? Maybe there was no chair near her.

    “against her staying along” “She should not stay along” should read “alone”

    “Herewith returning the enclosures. No comments (will discuss when I see you).” Probably some of my liberal propaganda!

    “if plan is one time” should read “plane”


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