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David’s Diary – June 10, 1970

Wednesday, 10 June 1970

We got up about 7:30 or so. Had breakfast, shaved, prepared to leave Avon. Got in the road about 8:45—arrived at the Myles Standish State Forrest [1] about 9:45. We got our campsite—in Bartlett 1. We spent the rest of the morning getting set up and relaxing. What leisurely reading I got done during the day was in F.C. Grant’s, The Gospels. About noon we fixed lunch—used our Coleman stove for the first time; it worked very well. And we were delighted to see how little fuel it used. In the afternoon we tried to go swimming—but the water was cold, the sky was overcast—and the nice beach was on the side of the lake with the cold breeze. In the middle of the afternoon I went into Plymouth for a can-opener—and Ernco-foam! [???][2]  When I got back we drove around for a while, then took a drive around the park. Then came back and fixed supper. When we got supper over with we decided to take Debbie for a ride to Plymouth. She’s got a bad diaper rash and is out of sorts—we were gone c. 7:30–8:30. When we got back we prepared Debbie for bed—put her in the back of the VW. Then we bedded down for the night—by 9:30. Θ

Thursday, 11 June 1970

I slept relatively well; we got up about 7:00. Fixed breakfast, prepared to leave. The mosquitoes were driving us crazy—we were literally itching to get out of there—we did about 9:15. We arrived back in Avon about 10:00. Unloaded the car, then I put on my swimsuit and washed the car. Then Debbie and I played with the hose and lawn sprinklers—and the watering-can—she got thoroughly soaked, but was enjoying it very much, the day was so hot. Shortly before noon Debbie + I bathed together—Bonnie took her out, then I finished; had lunch, then I set about getting my hair washed, shaving, getting groomed again. Then relaxed for a while; about mid-afternoon I decided to nap since we’d be up so late tonight—I went sound asleep. We had supper about 5:35 or 40. We made good time to Providence—in about 65 minutes we were at the parking lot at Brown. We registered, then killed time by strolling around, browsing in a book store. Returned to Alumni Hall about 8:00—greeted Charlie Whitford; 8:30-10:15 we saw Dick Water’s play, The Son of Man.; 10:15-10:30 break in the fresh air; 10:30–11:15 caucus [???]—then drove home, arrived in Avon c. 12:15; had snack OBLO 12:50.

Friday, 12 June 1970

Up by 6:30. Shaved, had breakfast, left for conference—felt I should be there by 8:30—The Board of Ministry’s report was scheduled early. As it turned out things were behind schedule. But when the time came I was introduced to the Conference—and along with several others was voted to be ordained Elder. [3] Not long after I got there I met Don McGaw and we spent most of the day together—we had lunch together. The afternoon session was largely devoted to Black Methodists for Church Renewal—their request for money. I left about 4:30—came back to Avon—then Bonnie and I went back to Conference after supper. The evening program was not an official business session—but a celebration of unity. A major part was a modern interpretive dance with sax + trumpet—it was overly long—and hard to grasp. But after this was over the conference members + visitors joined the young people on the floor of the auditorium for singing and generally going wild—it was really a blast. Afterwards Don McGaw, Merlin Levering, Artis Smith, Charlie Whitford and Bonnie and I went looking for a bar in Providence—ended up in a gay bar!—finally settled for Howard Johnsons! We broke up about 12:30—we got back to Avon about 1:30—and got right to bed.

Saturday, 13 June 1970

Θ before arising at 8:00. I hurriedly bathed, shaved—I needed to leave by 9:00. Just a few minutes before I left Lee Sandwen came in from Amherst—Emil’s grandson. I left about 9:05—got to Meeham auditorium just at 10:00. But important business, i.e. BMCR, didn’t really come up for action until the afternoon session. Don McGaw and I again had lunch together. I.e. I had much [??] sack lunch as yesterday, and we went somewhere for him to get a meal. Today it was to Kentucky Colonel for fried chicken. Then we went brouzing [sic] around book stores—but we got back to Conference about 1:30. The afternoon debate was long and tedious—and the BMCR proposal was really weakened. It is disappointing to see the church so rigid. Jesus once said to a man overly concerned with property: “Sell your things, give to the poor.” But Methodist Conference is unwilling to do such a thing. Our Conf.—so said one speaker—has $51 million in property + investments—can’t we find $1.5 million for BMRC? –I left conference about 4:30. Arrived Avon 5:30. Very weary, had supper, then sacked out—really tired—didn’t come to until about 8 o’clock. Visited with the household, including Lee—all but Bonnie + I retired before 10:00. We read; at c. 11:15 I got a call from Dr. Beck that he can’t be in Providence tomorrow; a great disappointment. OBLO c. 11:30

Diary entry from June 13, 1970

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myles_Standish_State_Forest. Coincidentally, Bonnie’s family is descended from Myles Standish, and the line is proved via The Mayflower Society.

[2]  I have no idea.

[3] There are (or at least were at that time) two levels of ordination in the Methodist Church: Deacon, then Elder, which is the highest level. So, officially, all “reverends” and bishops are simply Elders. The story was told of a bishop who was acting too arrogantly, and a few pastors decided to intervene; they addressed their letter to him: “Dear Brother Elder.”

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