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1966-02-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 11, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yesterday we took the day off and went to Chicago. First we went to the Loop and visited the office of AAA (foreign travel) and consulted with one of their agents for a while and set up a possible schedule which we will follow from July 16 to Aug 13 or 20. We plan first to go to Switzerland. We also received a letter this morning from cousin Joyce (Fitz-Randolph) who lives in New Jersey, and who has visited the relatives near Bern. She gave us the names of those she has visited and their addresses. She agreed with us that she didn’t want to go on a guided tour when she toured another country. We will go to Petra and also see some of Israel, Damascus, Istanbul and Rome. I hope we can plan to be in Rome at the same time as Dr. Beck. Let us know when he will be there, maybe we can manage it. We would like to be with Louise and Mac if that is possible sometime during our trip and theirs. Since we will be gone in August (and not all of July as originally planned) maybe something can be arranged with them. I know you told me the other evening when I talked to you when Dr. B. plans to be in Rome, but I didn’t write it down, so don’t remember.

We went out to Mark’s and visited with them until about 8:30 (our time) then started back home. The baby is quite a nice looking individual with lots of black hair—something neither Becky nor Kirk had. They are both quite proud of him. So far he has been a very good baby, however he is just one week old now. Mark said he had forgotten how tiny a little baby is. After handling Kirk one would be prone to forget. He is certainly a character. He seems to forget he wanted to name the baby Chalie. He seems very proud to call him David. Shirley’s mother is staying this week. The Wards are planning to go to San Diego to see Dick and his family. He was transferred from Hawaii shortly after Christmas and since they haven’t seen them for more than two years they are quite anxious to pay them a visit. Dick will be going to sea duty off and one for a few weeks, then I think he will be away several months and if they go in February they will get a chance to see him.

Our stereo turned out to be just mono and it is now in the shop being repaired, and if it can’t be repaired will be replaced. Dad hooked up the hold portable Mark left here to the speakers and that is what I am using now when I want to listen. The other set that was sent to the Sears store was purchased for the hospital. After a few weeks Dad said he could see it was hopeless to have a record player in a place like that. No one was responsible for the records and they were being handled like a deck of cards. He decided to take the turntable back and get a tuner and hook it up to the amplifier and speaker. He purchased a new tuner and the turntable is back here. I told Dad that could be the start of a stereo set for you. Now all you will have to get (or rather we will have to get for you) will be amplifier and speakers. How does that sound to you?

The Magic Flute has arrived and I have the old one packed and ready to send back to you. I haven’t been out yet, but as soon as I finish writing this will take both to the P.O. I haven’t done much this week but rest. I haven’t had too much pep and since we wanted to go to Chicago yesterday that took about all the strength I had stored, so today I have been resting. There has been a series of meetings at the church this week with a different missionary every day, but I haven’t been to hear any of them and as far as I know won’t, because I think it is more important for me to recuperate this week, than to go to the meetings. I have kept going all fall and winter with not much energy to spare and all at once things caught us with me, and I decided I had better start taking care of myself.

I sent Bonnie the thyroid which Dad says for her to keep taking. Also sent her a day book and a calendar.

We have the records out and are starting to listen to German and will probably try some French and Italian before July. We are really going to work on this language bit until July and hope we get something substantial before we go.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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