Late Night Caller

1966-02-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie,

It is midnight and I think Dad is asleep. For some reason I wasn’t sleepy when we went to bed, then someone pushed the doorbell. Dad told them to go to the hospital & call the Dr. on emergency. He was sound asleep when the visitor came. He answered over the speaker system.—The Telephone has just broken the silence and it is the hospital calling. Evidently they didn’t get the Dr. on emergency. Dad has given the nurse instructions. Someone had either taken too many sleeping pills or pain pills.

Now we really have stereo. The amplifier which Dad said wasn’t, turned out to be as he said. We will give it back to Sears. I listened to the new Magic Flute today. I am listening to German records—according to Joyce, most of the relatives speak German—so I thought listening to the Flute would help my German lessons. We are going to use the tape recorder and tape some expressions from our records which we think will be useful in learning some necessary words. It is surprising how much German we know. It isn’t going to be too hard for Dad to grasp it, I am sure. Glad you received the Flute.

Tomorrow I have promised to take Mrs. Myers to the dentist. She is having quite a time with those 4 remaining upper teeth. I told her she should go to the hospital when she has them pulled. I don’t have any idea what Limp will do tomorrow—whether he will pull any or give her another appointment.

I am feeling better, but have decided to cut out some of the things I had been doing. I was pledged to help entertain a group Tues. night. I was supposed to have them here, but Clarice had the party at her house. I had to take a car load of things with me, but J. Janssen

1966-02-18-gry-p-2[page 2] helped me and after the party the committee loaded for me and when I got home Dad unloaded. That was my last obligation for awhile and I am glad. I have to do so much studying now to get some German, I won’t have time to wear myself out otherwise.

The enclosure came for you and I opened it before I noticed it was addressed to you. So solly! You will probably toss it in the round file.

John was to have his teeth pulled today. I thought about calling him. He said he might come home tomorrow if he doesn’t feel like staying alone. I didn’t call because I thought he might not feel like talking.

So glad to know you are attending a Methodist Church. I have the same feeling about too much ritual. Our church had a series of meeting last week, but I didn’t attend any. I had missed church 2 Sundays. I did get to church last Sunday and hear the last speaker. From all reports the meetings were well attended and the offering asked for was oversubscribed.

Will you be back in Boston by Aug. 13 or 20? If so we may plan to stop and see you, but we should be able to see you some before we leave July 16.

As I said, I am feeling better. I am beginning to clean house and that is a sure sign. Things had gotten pretty well stacked here in the work area, but I didn’t care.

We got some pretty good pictures of the baby and when I get the extra copies will send you a few. We haven’t talked to Mark & Shirley since last Thurs. so I presume everything is OK.

I think it would be worth your time to read War & Peace. I am cramming about Switzerland and that takes a lot of my reading time, but I have started Crime & Punishment. I hope to get back to it before too long. I am reading every day in the New Testament. I read the New English version and also the Anchor. I rather like the commentary in the Anchor.

Love Mother

P.S. You didn’t leave the “Lamb” here.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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