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Lena’s Postcards #93 – J.C. Hackleman

[Postmark: Milwaukee, Wis., 16 August 1916, 12:30 PM]

Address: Mr. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.R. #2]

Will be home
last of the week
having a fine
time will take the
boat this P.M. 4:30 for
J.C. Hack—

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Lena’s Postcards #63

Appleton, Wisconsin, November 27, 1924, 730PM

Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Hackleman
923 Fayette St.

Dear Folks!
Having a day off today. All well and hope you are too. Did Carl & Preston get home yet? Good old Rep. time in store for us again.

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Lena’s Postcards #24

Appleton, Wisconsin, August 2, 1910, 9:30 AM

Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Hackleman

My address is
J.C. Hackleman
1009 Coll. Ave.
Let me hear from you.

1009 W. College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin

The present day house at 1009 W. College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin (Image via Google street view)

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Lena’s Postcards #14

West La Fayette, Indiana, January 16, 1912 8 PM

Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Hackleman

1/16 – 1912 Have just mailed mother a report of our timothy and clover seed which I think is fine: the timothy is 99.57 percent pure seed & clover is almost as good. I expect that we will be kept pretty busy from now on. I suppose it is too cold to have much sport hunting rabbits or has Johnnie got them all. Write yours as ever,

Irvin was Irvin Dora Shortridge, another Shortridge cousin. He was the older brother of Bertha (Shortridge) Rees. “Johnnie” may refer to the Hackleman’s youngest son, John Carl Hackleman.

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Lena’s Postcards #8


December 24 1910 5-30A Connersville Ind.

Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Hackleman
R.R. #2 Ind.

Wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Will see you Sunday.
Yours J. C. H.

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Lena’s Postcards #7

July 13 1909 12 – ?M Appleton Wisconsin

Mr. J.W. Hackleman
R.R.#2 Ind

All OK. this morning fine weather [?] had a little rain last night
Your J.C. Hackleman

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Lena’s Postcards #6

Appleton, Wis. June 12 1909 10 A.M.

Addressed to:
Mrs. J.W.Hackleman
R R #2


Dear Folks: – We are expecting Grandma Miller today. J. Jr. wants an automobile (big one), bicycle, and a box of chocolates. I wonder if she’ll bring all of them.

Yours Huston

Huston’s first wife was Elizabeth Irene “Bessie” Miller. They were married on 25 April 1906 in her hometown of McGregor, Clayton County, Iowa. They had one son, Willard Wesley Hackleman, who was born in the spring of 1907. Six months later, in October, Bessie died suddenly while they were visiting family in Iowa. John Carl Hackleman, Huston’s brother, lived with the family in Appleton for many years. In Huston’s postcard, J. Jr. could possibly be his son, Willard, or his brother, John Carl!

Connersville Evening News 1907-10-02 Mrs. Hackleman deadMRS. HACKLEMAN DEAD
Wife of Huston Hackleman Passes
Away at McGregor, Iowa –
News Received, To-day.

J. W. Hackleman, living east of Fairview, received a telegram, from his son, Huston Hackleman, to-day, stating that the latter’s wife had died very suddenly, while on a visit to relatives at McGregor, Iowa. Huston Hackleman, who is a young man, is well known in this city, as well as in his native neighborhood about Fairview. He was married less than two years ago and has lived at Appleton, Wisconsin since that time.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hackleman have gone to McGregor.

“Mrs. Hackleman Dead,” Connersville Evening News (Connersville, Indiana), 2 October 1907, p. 1, col. 3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.com : accessed 11 March 2015).

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Lena’s Postcards #1

[Editor’s note: As my posts about the smallpox epidemic have been going for several months now, I’m going to make a little adjustment. I will still post a few days a week on the epidemic until the articles run out. This is the first post in a new series titled Lena’s postcards.]

Lena (Scofield) Hackleman was my other Indiana grandfather’s great aunt. Lena married late in life so she never had her own children. However, she married a man with six sons, the youngest of whom was six when his father remarried. Lena also had many nephews and nieces. The extended family corresponded regularly. When Lena died in 1935, her niece Ina (Kerschner) McGraw inherited many of the old family papers. Ina was my great grandmother. This branch of my family was among the early settlers of Fayette County, Indiana.

Kerschner Family - 1911 or 1912

Back row: Daniel Kerschner with Eugene, Oliver McGraw, Ina McGraw with Charles, Norma Strong, Ella (Scofield) Kerschner/Front row; John W. Hackleman, Esther Strong, Lena (Scofield) Hackleman/Taken c.1911-1912, Fayette County, Indiana

This collection contains over 100 postcards which were sent to Lena and her husband, John Wesley Hackleman.

Postmark: May 19 1909 Appleton Wis. 10 AM

Addressed to:

Mr. J. W. Hackleman
RR #2 Ind

This is where you get off when you come to Appleton. All are well.

J.C.H. [John Carl Hackleman]

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