David’s Diary – November 25, 1968

Monday, November 25, 1968

Up about 10 am. Talked with Lucille Cressy on the phone about advertising for our film next Sunday. Mail came, letter from Smythes in Colorado. Typed up + mimeographed letter to Cape Ann Clergy about the film. Lunch after 12. Typed letter to Mrs. Myers—sent her some more pictures. * dropped pie on floor! At about 2 Homer Orne came over. Bonnie went to WSCS—we left Debby with Hazel Lord. Alan Frederick had the VW, so Homer took me to post office—mailed away more film to be developed. We went to deliver letters to Forrest Clark, saw Ellie Martin at nursing home; saw Walter Raymond at Hosp. Back to church by 3:30. I borrowed film projector from Congregational church. Came home, relaxed. Previewed some of the film before supper. Supper about 6:30. Bonnie spent evening at rehearsal; I previewed more of film; studied some Greek; phone calls. Bathed. Off to read in bed at 10:40.

Tuesday, November 26, 1968

Letter from Home today; mother against idea of camping with Debby outdoors next month. Lights were out last night at 11. But we were up again at 12 because we couldn’t get to sleep. Bonnie knitted and I studied Greek—and she made some pudding. Off to bed at 2 AM. I got up at 6. Bonnie was so out of it that she didn’t even hear the alarm. I got breakfast, fixed a sandwich for lunch. Left to pick up Bussey at 6:40. We got to BU around 8. I wasn’t good for much of anything—did get some books for Jeremiah paper. Greek class, 11:15 – 12.  Headed home—I had eaten lunch before class. Was home before 2. Napped from 2 to 4. Before supper, checked over my old stereo system which I’m selling to Barbara Lord. Visited with Hazel + Barbara. Fixed supper since Bonnie was so tired. Finished previewing Gospel Acc. to St. Matthew. Didn’t have ambition to do much this evening—to weary. Bonnie is in the same condition; baths over by 10. Bonnie feeding Debby—I read in bed, previewed reading for next week; lights out at 10:35.

Wednesday, November 27, 1968

Up around 8:30. A very busy day. Had a big breakfast; shaved; took projector back to Congregational church; changed Wayside pulpit; home again; worked on getting bulletins ready for tonight’s Thanksgiving service. This took much more time than I had anticipated. Lunch was late, not until after 2, but I still didn’t have the bulletins finished. I asked Hazel Lord if I could borrow her flowers for the altar. Went to the church about 4. Had to set out black hymnals, arrange chairs, tack down wire and get light fixed up. Made trip with Homer Orne to get items for lighting. After I got home, finished folding + stuffing the bulletins. Had supper about 6:45. Arrived at church about 7:35. A good service, with cellist, violin, harpsichord—c. 175 in attendance. Home around 9:30 after putting sanctuary back in order. Alan Frederick was here. We visited, played Victor Borge records til after 11; desk work; bathed; off to bed; lights out—12:25.

Thursday, November 28, 1968


Up around 8:30. We had a large breakfast, loaded the car, and headed for Avon. We took the cat along, and, as usual, she was uneasy. We arrived at just 11 o’clock. Emil’s son and family were there. Passed the time with a card game before Dinner. We ate after 12. A huge meal, left me feeling very sleepy. I don’t know where the afternoon went. Napped, dozed—didn’t do a single thing! After 5 we had a small supper, then we showed slides, mainly of Debby. After this was over we headed home. We drove home in the rain, arriving here shortly after 8:30. Called Homer Orne to let him know we’re back in town. We had a snack of pie + coffee. I worked on trying to get a sermon idea, and succeeded—made outline. Fiddled for a while with the tape recorder—might use it on Xmas Sunday. Didn’t get any German done today. Bathed, off to bed; lights out at 12:10.

Friday, November 29, 1968

Up at 8:15; immediately went down to the church and changed the wayside pulpit. Came home, had breakfast. Desk work; worked on German. Stopped when mail man came. Letter from Harrell Beck, with encouraging information. Glanced through Newsweek + Life. More German. Took a break to do the church bulletin for Sunday. Was finished with these around 4. Got back to the Deutsch. Didn’t stop on this until about 6:15. Had supper, watched CBS evening news—interrupted by phone call from Homer Orne. After supper was watching Debby in crib; she turned herself over from back to stomach. This is the first time I had seen it; she was able to get her right arm out from under herself successfully. Becky Bussey came over to visit Bonnie this evening. I finished the Review lesson in the German Book; now ready for chpt. 6. Wrote most of sermon—bathed. Off to bed at 11:40.

Saturday, November 30, 1968

Up at 8:15. Big breakfast. Took Bonnie and Debby over to the Bussey’s. They and Becky went over to the mill in Lowell—also to Whitford’s. I came home and worked. Finished my sermon, then turned to German—but not too enthusiastically. Interrupted by mail man, during my coffee break. Some photos from Mail-away came—more that we’re giving as Xmas presents. I studied for a long time a not-too-legible post card from them asking more money for a recent order. Had my lunch, began reading in Funk’s book, LHWG. Bonnie and Debby arrived home. Bonnie had bought 11 pieces of cloth, most brightly colored, 15 ½ yards. I went to Cape Ann Nursing Home to see Ellie Martin, then up to see Rip Hannibal. Home before 5:30. We went next door, visited with Barbara + Hazel Lord, came home, studied briefly; supper; back to work in Funk—a difficult book. Bathed, worked on service; read Funk for 20 min; off to bed at 12.

Sunday, December 1, 1968

Up around 8:30. Big breakfast; worked on the service, practiced choir numbers. Off to church around 10:35. Preached on “Forgive Us Our Christmases”; 55 in attendance. Home again shortly after 12. Straightened up my desk, had lunch. At 1:30 Pat Crowell and Gary Holmes arrived to talk about their wedding. They stayed until shortly after 3. They want to write their own service—I have given them complete freedom to do what they want to make a memorable service. Back to my study after they left. Busy work, back to work on Funk’s LHWG. Dozed off; Bonnie called me to supper. Got read(y) to go to Berman (?) school for film. Hazel Lord arrived about 6 to babysit for Debby. Alan Frederick arrived too; he went with us. We arrived about 6:30. Bonnie sold tickets, I collected; crowd about 75—we lost money, but film was very good. We were home by 10. Had snack, bathed. Read briefly in Funk. Off to bed at 11:30.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/07/davids-diary-november-25-1968/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – November 25, 1968

  1. davidmadison1942

    “mother against idea of camping with Debby outdoors next month.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    ” A good service, with cellist, violin, harpsichord—c. 175 in attendance” WOW

    “played Victor Borge records” very funny guy; he was an accomplished pianist, spoofed classical music.

    “Preached on “Forgive Us Our Christmases”” wish I still had the copies of those sermons 😦


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