David’s Diary – December 2, 1968

Monday, December 2, 1968

Up shortly after 9. Slow getting started. Got to work in Funk’s book. Stopped when mail arrived. Shaved, went to the post office to mail the film back to New York. Changed WaySide pulpit to announce next Sunday’s hymn sing. Chatted on the street with Ed Nutting for a while. Was home by 1—after going to the grocery store. Ate lunch. Back to working in Funk—very largely for me a dull book—a tedious assignment. Dozed off. Mail delivery of our camping equipment; sleeping bag + pads; tent is on the way. Brief nap. Worked further in Funk—unenthusiastically until about 6. Reviewed what I have to do for Greek tomorrow. Supper, CBS news; back to Funk. Spent the evening on Funk, although I couldn’t work at it to(o) intently. Finally finished reading—ground out the paper. Bathed; typed—finished + off to bed at 1:20.

Tuesday, December 3, 1968

Up about 8; big breakfast; caught 9:20 train to Boston; checked in at Lafayette Radio to ask about the amplifier; went to Greek class 11:15-12:00. Ate lunch alone, Bob Peek didn’t show up. 1-3, attended to various errands, dozed, studied some German. 3:15 – 4, Paul directed study. Assigned to read a German article for next week—had to Xerox this after class was over. Missed 4:55 train; took the 5:15, which, however, didn’t leave Boston until about 6. Didn’t get home until about 7:30!  We had a very quick supper, since the Official Board meeting was at 8:00. Had a good sized crowd, about 12. This was over shortly after 9; I told them of our plans for vacation to Indiana later this month. After meeting, we relaxed, selected pictured to mail to folks; planned to study German, but my heart wasn’t in it; bathed off to bed at about 11:10.

Wednesday, December 4, 1968

Up around 9—or rather awake ISN. Got up, got breakfast. Didn’t get enough accomplished in the morning—some desk work, got letters + pictures ready to go to folks + Mrs. Myers. Read a little in Newsweek when mailman came; package of materials from Danforth Foundation. Did some studying, translating Jer 20:14 ff. Had a late lunch, about 1:30. Was going to Post office, but it was raining very hard; the poor cat was so frustrated because she couldn’t go out. Spent afternoon unenthusiastically working on initial research for Jeremiah paper. Also studied German, especially in late afternoon, in earnest. Ate about 6:00. Left for Gordon about 6:30. Class was switched to tonight instead of Thurs. Bible class cancelled this week. Home from Gordon about 9:15. Snack, wrote letter to Harrell Beck, filed out registration material, bathed, worked on Jeremiah; bathed, cat jumped into tub! Off to bed about 1:00 AM.

Thursday, December 5, 1968

Up about 8:30—shaved, breakfast; took 9:20 train to Boston. Left our old amplifier off at Lafayette’s. Greek class 11:15 – 12. Had lunch with Dr. Brown; we talked main(ly) about—of all things—Jack Benny. 1:15-2:00 worked on Jeremiah material. 2-3 had Jeremiah Directed Study. Saw Charlie; did many errands, including registered for next semester. Mailed letter to Harrell Beck. Xeroxed Psalms 1 + 23 from LXX. [1] Got some necessary books from the library. Left BU around 4:30. Caught 5:15 train; was home by 6:30. Bonnie + Debby met me at the train. Came home, had supper, relaxed, weary, no ambition to do much of anything. After 8:30 we went down to Patriquins to visit; we saw the TV program on Cistene Chapel + Michelangelo. Debby did quite well in showing her ability to roll over. Came home about 11. Bathed; read briefly in New Republic + Newsweek; off to bed about 12:20.

Friday, December 6, 1968

Awake about 9:15—up about 9:45. Had breakfast. One of the main preoccupations of the day was to try to find an organist. Pamela van Twayer (?) had twin boys last night—sooner than expected! Was on the phone several times today with Jean Crowell. Desk work in AM. Bonnie + Debby + I went to Gloucester about 12:20 to do shopping—got some Christmas gifts. Groceries too. Home about 2 or so. I went to the town Hall to ask Mrs. Dolloff (?) if she could play the organ for us; she can’t. Came home, had lunch around 3. Back to my desk, but very weary. Around 4 o’clock Bonnie + I napped—until 6! Had supper about 6:45. 7:30 back to my desk—finally got an organist for Sunday—several calls to + from Jean Crowell. Visited briefly with Barbara + Hazel Lord; Desk work, worked on the sermon. Not very much ambition this evening. Some done on sermon; bathed; off to bed at 1:10 ISN

Saturday, December 7, 1968

Up about 9:30. Breakfast. Worked during the morning on the sermon—just before lunch began on the bulletins. Finished with sermon by 3:00. Went down to Patriquins to get signs for Hymnsing Les had made—headed for Gloucester. Left one sign with Jim Bussey. Went over to Riverdale church, left one there. Went back to the Cape Ann Nursing Home to see Ellie Martin. About 4 o’clock headed home—stopped at grocery store (Stop + Shop) for a half-pint of heavy cream. When I got home, Bonnie + Debby weren’t here. I made a batch of eggnog with the cream I’d bought. Back to the desk—finished typing stencil, ran bulletins off. Bonnie + Debby home. I folded the bulletins, practiced briefly at piano for anthem tomorrow. Back to desk, got it straightened up. Fixed and had supper, played with Debby; back to desk, practiced sermon, worked on Greek paper, tomorrow’s service; bathed off to bed at 12:45.

Sunday, December 8, 1968

Up about 9:20. Shaved, breakfast, ran through the sermon. Off to church early to see the organist—but he was late in arriving. The service went well—even though organist was unfamiliar with our service. Preached on “Xmas According to Matthew”—32 in attendance. Was home by about 12:30. Had lunch, relaxed, played with Debby. Began working on Greek paper—this took my afternoon. A very careful slow translation of Mark 4:1-12—including careful attention to all variations in the textual apparatus. We had supper around 6. I went to the Congregational church to see Jim Tanner; arranged to see him after the Hymnsing. Went to the church. Hymnsing at 7:30. A disappointing crowd. This was over by 8:35. Ask Jim Tanner to stay in the parsonage while we’re in Indiana; he agreed. We went to the Patriquins after the hymnsing. I came home about 9:45—back to work on the Greek paper. After 11, bathed, more work on Greek; off to bed about 12:20.

[1] The Greek Old Testament

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/08/davids-diary-december-2-1968/

3 thoughts on “David’s Diary – December 2, 1968

  1. davidmadison1942

    “bathed, cat jumped into tub!” That would have been a YouTube moment!

    “Preached on “Xmas According to Matthew”” Darn I wish I still had those sermons. 😦

    “Began working on Greek paper—this took my afternoon. A very careful slow translation of Mark 4:1-12—including careful attention to all variations in the textual apparatus.” Am I a geek or what? That still sound like fun! “Variations in the textual apparatus”: means the elaborate footnotes listing all the manuscript variances. That is, in the hundreds or thousands of manuscripts of Mark–all done by hand–many errors had crept in. It’s guesswork to figure out how the original manuscript of Mark read.


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