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The Only Doctor

1965-10-17-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Oct. 17-1965

Dear Bonnie & David –

Dad is watching “My Favorite Martian” and I decided to communicate via letter. I called George Murphy and he promised to try and trace the desk. He thinks is may be lost but if it is – its insured, so if the old one can’t be found perhaps you will get a new one. I wish you could take the big one in your room. I am in a mood to get rid of things. In other words I am in a cleaning mood. Things have to go. Wish you could use some of things I want to get rid of (bad grammar). You started a trend. Dad is building twin beds for John’s spare bedroom. I have the foam rubber – bought it the last time I went to Lafayette. John will be home Oct. 31 for weekend, but I doubt the beds will be ready by then. Dad has been having to work pretty hard – he is the only Dr. taking

[page 2] care of patients at the hospital from Newton Co. – Kresler, Schoonveld & Parker are all on vacation. He had to take Mrs. Myers to the hospital last night. He said she was having asthma. She had an appointment in our office Monday but since she is in the hospital won’t get to keep it. I haven’t asked him how long he is going to keep her hospitalized. Drop her a letter or card. Since the radio reception at the office is so full of interference we decided to take the record player to the office and Dad has it hooked to the speakers – just like the radio was. We bought a few records, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, The King & I, Flower Drum Song, and a few others. Now I am going to get a stereo for home. The portable record player works but not automatically. You were inquiring about it. Do you need one? By the way, don’t buy any

1965-10-17-gry-p-2-3[page 3] more records before Christmas. Have you acquired any since Das Rheingold?

The Fields have a new baby – Lynette Sue, born Oct. 10. They are pretty happy about getting a girl.

The African student Jim (can’t remember his last name) was married while we were away. Rosemary Murphy was going to give his bride-to-be a home this summer but for some reason she wasn’t in Kentland (to my knowledge). If she was it was only a short time in Sept. Jim is still in school in Terre Haute and now that they are married have an apartment.

Dr. Gery’s wife passed away last week. She had been ill since 1957. His daughter was killed in an automobile accident last April. She had been married a short time. He has a son who is in school at Purdue. Dad has always thought so much of Dr. Gery. He thinks he is one of the best.

1965-10-17-gry-p-4[page 4] Since all the other Drs. were taking off, we didn’t go to the medical meeting this year. Dad said he didn’t really care. Since I am looking forward to a vacation next summer I really didn’t care too much either. We haven’t decided yet where we will go, but we plan a summer vacation because of A. & E.

In case I forgot – John’s address is 2510 Lawndale, Champaign, Illinois. Tele. (area code 217) 352-0743

Did you take the while towel set that Lea & Bob gave you or did you leave it here? Shirley said they left their set just like it here but I can only find one and it is with your other things. If you can remember, let me know,

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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