Gladys – January 28, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
January 28, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

Yours received yesterday. I should have written to you sooner, to tell you you have been assessed. I don’t know who gave me the wrong information at the Court House, but last Monday I went down and the clerk showed the evidence that your VW and our two cars had been assessed, so you won’t need to send the tax statement back.

You wouldn’t know my den, or office, so whatever you want to call it. I still have to paint the walls and Dad has some more storage spaces to build above my new desk. We took out the old desk and put it in the upstairs bedroom for me to use as a sewing table and the drawers for storage. We place the little filing cabinet over by the window and the new desk is just about 20 inches wide by a little less than 4’ long. There is a tier of small drawers just above the desk on the wall where I keep the things I need. I have been cleaning out drawers and files and have thrown away heaps of things I had filed (Christian Social Relations and Christian Social Concerns). Also I have been on a throwing away binge and I am really getting rid of things I don’t need. You just wouldn’t believe how different the room looks. The rug shop is having their annual sale and we got a piece of 10.50 carpeting on sale for about $3.50 a yard and Dad and I put it on the floor last night. It makes a great improvement in the room. Now I won’t have to close the door when someone is getting the 75₵ tour.

As I probably told you (or maybe I didn’t) I am still on a Church Board – that is a Conference Board. The new North Conference named the former Christian Social Concerns Board, Christian Outreach. I went to Rochester (about 4 miles north) to a Presbyterian Retreat Center to attend a meeting last week one day and was elected to attend a Convocation in Washington the week of March 3 to 7. The way the new board is set up one section is called Social Witness, and I was named Chairman of that section. We are still in the planning stage and are to meet February 4th to set up our definite goals. Just hope all the people under Social Witness will be present.

When Dad read your letter yesterday he was in agreement with some of your sentiments about the inauguration. He especially liked the one way in which you described your reaction to a certain world famous evangelist’s (I think he gave the benediction, didn’t he?) as you called it, “sermon.”

Sorry you won’t be able to meet us in Switzerland, but understand you have to make your plans to meet your needs.

We have heard much about the Reconciliation Program and I made our pledge last November at the Uniting Conference in Indianapolis.

I saw Mrs. Myers Sunday evening. We went to the Ross home for bridge club. She still talks about Debby. She says she thinks she is just about the perfect baby. She also is beginning to talk about having to go to a nursing home and said she thought the one here by us would be the best place. However, I think it will take her a while to talk herself into making a change. I told her if she got one of those spells where she has to be taken to the hospital, to have Jess bring her down here and that she wouldn’t have any trouble getting a Doctor. I am going to have my old hair dryer repair (if possible) and take it to her. She has not been able to go to the shop recently, so Mildred goes over there and does her hair for her.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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