David’s Diary – January 27, 1969

Monday, January 27, 1969

Up around 9:00. Didn’t work too hard in the morning. Had breakfast first, then shaved, read in articles for archaeology class tomorrow. Took some time with the mail when it came. Late in the morning became very drowsy, Napped briefly. Finished an article by Mendenhall [?]. We had a late lunch around 2:00. I spent the afternoon making calls. Went to Cape Ann Nursing Home to see Ellie Martin; then to Ethel Leary’s, then to Anna Ikass; then briefly stopped to see Thelma Malone about next Sunday. Home by 5:30. Bonnie + Debby were at the Lord’s apartment—so I joined them. Home about 6:00. Worked at desk until 6:30–watched CBS news, supper. At 7:30 returned to my desk. Bonnie went to Community Chorus rehearsal. I worked on archaeology articles all evening; Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT when she got home about 10:00. Bathed; finished article by Wright; desk work, packed briefcase; off to bed at 12:30.

Tuesday, January 28, 1969

Up at 8:00; shaved, breakfast; caught 9:20 train to Boston. From North station I went to Dr. Klugman’s apartment—took subway car all the way to Cleveland Circle. From 11:00 to 12:00 I read German with him. He’s a very gentle and helpful man; I’ll enjoy working with him. Got to BU about 12:30. Had lunch, found in my mail box the forms for the Dempster, talked with both Oliver + Wayne Jones. At 2:00 – 4:00 had archaeology seminar—Richardson had some potshards + plaster from neolithic Jericho which the class examined. 4:00–6:00 had Isaiah class with Fr. King. Caught 6:40 train home. Had supper, then a leisurely evening. Listened to FM—also fixed the toilet seat. Read I.F. Stone’s Weekly; bathed; off to read in bed about 11:40; lots of work to do; talked after lights out; θ+.

Wednesday, January 29, 1969

Up after 9:00. Didn’t accomplish too much this morning. Read some in Wilson’s book, The Burden of Egypt, wrote letter, read in Playboy. Read here + there in Newsweek when mail arrived; also examined Nat’l Geographic article on the moon and moon map. Lunch around noon, shaved, read more in Wilson until 2:00. We dropped Debby off at Patiquins, headed for Boston. Went to Harvard Square, to look for a book—no luck—then to BU for class, but Richardson was ill. Bonnie had gone off shopping (picked up projector), so I waited at school + read. She got there about 5:30. We went to Peek’s apartment; ate our sack supper with them there. About 7:10 we left there to walk to the Abbey theatre; saw Romeo + Juliet—an excellent film; this was out about 10:00; we headed for Rockport, picked up Debby, were home by about 11:30; got ready for bed. Lights out by 12:30.

Thursday, January 30, 1969

Didn’t accomplish very much today. Got up around 9:30, most of my morning was spent trying to get a good sermon idea—but not much luck. Had lunch at noon. I got involved reading Romeo + Juliet—and spent time with that. Bonnie went grocery shopping in the afternoon—I stayed with Debby. Late in the afternoon we got out the tape recorder and tried to get some sounds from Debby. She had been quite sociable until we got the recorder ready. We had supper about 6:30—watched CBS news. Waiting for the Bible Class I read more in Romeo + Juliet; 6 showed up for the class; did Jeremiah 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43; broke up about 9:30. Bonnie + I had a snack; called Kent Millard to arrange a Saturday meeting. Bathed; off to read in bed; θ+ to sleep by 12:30.

Friday, January 31, 1969

Up at 6:30. Had to take the car over to Roy Lee’s for him to drive it to the VW place. Back home to bed. About 8:30 he called to tell us that the car needs a $100 valve job! To be done next week. After I got up—had no breakfast—worked on sermon—but I wasn’t in a rush—lingered on the mail. Stopped to fix lunch about 12:30. Worked on sermon afterwards—this took me the greater part of the afternoon. Did some telephoning. After 5:00 Roy came back with the car, I drove him home. By about 6:30 I finally finished the sermon. Barbara + Hazle Lord had supper with us since they’re in the midst of moving. At 7:30 Barbara + I moved her stereo over to her new apartment. I went from there to Ornes about 8:25. We had a conference all evening long on the church + its problems; finally came home about 12:15; Bonnie + I had snack; off to bed; lights out 1:10.

Saturday, February 1, 1969

I was up about 8:30 when we heard the moving van pull up to Barbara’s apartment. I worked during the morning getting the bulletin finished, being disturbed by the moving—also gave some attention to the mail. About noon we had our lunch. At 12:30 we set out in snow storm for Newton to visit the Millards about living in Cambridge. Weather improved as we went west + south. Got there about 2:15. Left about 4:45. Stopped at Jordans on way home to get fountain pens. Home before 6:30. Fixed supper watched TV. After this we played with Debby, did some more recording; also recorded her in the morning. Then  I gave attention to getting the service ready for tomorrow; bathed about 11:30; off to read in bed; lights off after 12:00.

Sunday, February 2, 1969

Up about 9:00. Small breakfast; shaved. Congestion in chest; coughing. Off to the church about 10:20. Practiced sermon—though not from pulpit. 36 in church. Preached on “The Judgement of God?”  Home about 12:30. Relaxed while Bonnie was getting lunch. We finished eating—Alan Frederick joined us, we left Debby with the Lords, picked up Jim Bussey in Gloucester and headed for the Lynnfield-Wakefield Church for meeting on the Fund for Reconciliation; our delegation was 19—the largest there. Meeting lasted from 3:00 until about 5:00. We headed home, visited with Lords, came back to the parsonage. We were both exhausted. Fixed supper—very lethargic. After supper I relaxed reading article on the moon in the Nat’l Geographic; bathed; off to read in bed.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/17/davids-diary-january-27-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – January 27, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    I never went a barber until after the divorce. 😦

    “Dr. Klugman’s apartment” I kinda remember this man. He was a holocaust survivor, I think; he had the remnants of a horrible wound in his skull.

    “I went from there to Ornes about 8:25. We had a conference all evening long on the church + its problems; finally came home about 12:15…” Here I was, 26 years old…they were both in their 70s and very conservative. What a conversation that must have been!

    “Richardson had some potshards + plaster from neolithic Jericho which the class examined.” Yes, and he gave us pieces…I still have the one he gave me. 🙂


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