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Gladys – 28 April 1971

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court 47906
April 28, 1971

Dear David and Bonnie and Debbie,

Yours received today and since the rest of the week seems to be well taken, thought I had better get a line or two off tonight. I still do not have my own typewriter. The one the shop loaned me works, except the ribbon won’t turn and I have to give it a turn once in a while—hence the unevenness in the way the words show.

Tomorrow Edna is going with me to get the missionary who has been itinerating in Logansport and Lafayette Districts. He is speaking at a church near Logansport tomorrow evening. He will spend the night here and speak at our church Friday morning. I hope someone comes to hear him, since this meeting was a rather quickly arranged affair. Seems the Board of Missions sometimes doesn’t know what all is going on. We had his itineration set up so he would be at Trinity Sunday morning and at another Lafayette church in the evening, but he has to be in Buffalo, N.Y., by 8 PM April 30th. Did I mention in my last letter that Delmar Byler attended a meeting for North Indiana Conference Missionary Secretaries, members of Div. of Christian Outreach and District Superintendents? That meeting occurred the day before I went to Wichata. He told me he was going to come to Rockport to see you some time. It seems his wife has something in Boston from time to time.

Dad has the duty today, which lasts until 7 o’clock in the morning, so he isn’t carrying on a project tonight, except to watch tv and answer the phone.

One of the nurses who used to work at Purdue is married and lives in Germany. Her husband is a German, but an American citizen and serving in the Army. They have invited us to visit them this summer. We will have a week to drive around in Germany and Switzerland after we leave Africa. The Schillers live close to the French border, but in an American housing development for army personnel. We didn’t see much of Germany when we were there two years ago. We should see more this trip. There was an exchange student living with a family who attends Trinity last year. She helped the girl of the family she was living with make a banner for WSCS and I sent her a jewel box from Japan last summer. She sent me a very nice thank-you note. She lives in Marburg and we plan to see her while we are there.

Last week while I was in Wichata, I was able to enjoy real spring weather. Now that I am back home, it is like winter again. The flowers and trees—everything growing—was so much further along. The flower beds were full of blooming geraniums, and other flowers in full bloom. The part of Wichata that I saw was very clean. It was a delight to see the area around the Exhibit Hall—Century II. Everything so clean and orderly. The taxi driver who took me to the airport to come home said something about the stupid liquor law they have in Kansas. He seemed to think it kept Wichata from getting conventions, because most conventions have people attending who want to drink. That didn’t bother CWU. The convention center is a 13½ million dollar building—quite a place. Meets the needs of any convention.

There is a luncheon I plan to attend in Wabash Village—close to Glenwood Heights. It is a meeting of League of Women Voters which I have found is a very interesting organization. They really do get the facts on any subject they deal with. I haven’t been able to attend very many meetings, but have enjoyed the ones I have attended. If we could just get our church people to be as interested in getting the facts and to know what is really going on as the League, we might be able to accomplish more. I heard I.F. Stone on the Today Show this morning along with James Michener. It seems the Reader’s Digest condensed something Michener wrote about Kent State and left out something very important that seemed to give Michener’s article (book, really) a different meaning. Stone asked him why he permitted R.D. to do that to his book? They had quite a heated discussion about Kent State.

Love Mother

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David’s Diary – May 29, 1970

Friday, 29 May 1970

Up about 9:00 I guess. Had a quick breakfast, then got to work again typing my theological statement. I worked at it pretty steadily during the morning—Bonnie went to weed at the garden—finally!—I finished it! About 12:30. So I had lunch, took care of Debbie, who was finishing up her lunch; Bonnie had left for work. Little did I suspect, however, that the whole afternoon would be consumed with the thing—I had to very carefully—slowly—proofread both the sermon and the theological statement, put them in binders. About 4:45 I put Debbie in the stroller, and we went to the post office—and I got rid of the two documents that had taken so much of my time. Came home, and Bonnie arrived too—just about 5:00—she got off work early. I read the newspaper, then did some straightening up in my study—worked on this til about 6:30. Bonnie and Debbie had supper; about 6:50 I left for the high school—I gave the invocation and benediction for the High School Sports Banquet. It was a good meal and an interesting evening. Got home about 10:00. Tended to things around my desk. I inscribed and wrapped the books which I’m giving to Bill Elwell + Karen Haskell on Sunday. Read; bathed; read; OBLO, 12:30. Θ

Saturday, 30 May 1970

Up after 9:30 ^(?)^ The Garcias got in last night—we heard them after we’d turned out the lights—so we saw them this morning. My main concern for the morning, after breakfast, was to make some progress on my sermon. By the time I quit for lunch I was only about ¼ done. Debbie got to play with the Garcia tricycles—and she just became hysterical when she was separated from them. I shaved at around 12:30. Had lunch, then went to the garden—got there about 1:20—went early to haul compost. Worked all afternoon—planting tomatoes—actually I didn’t plant them—drove stakes mostly (or dug holes for them). We came home shortly before 5:00. I ran off copies of a letter in Life magazine—from the fiancé of one of the girls killed at Kent State. This will be a bulletin insert in the morning. After supper (6:30 – 7:00) I went to Busseys to cut these on their paper cutter, and to give Jim some. Came home, did the bulletins, prepared the service, prepared a letter to the Selectmen re: Broadway Avenue. I’d talked with Anne Fisk about it this afternoon. Finally turned to finishing the sermon—bathed about midway—finished at 1:45 (ugh!), OBLO 2 A.M.

Monday, 31 May 1970

Up about 8:15—shaved, had breakfast, practiced sermon. My class arrived at 9:30. Today was our final session together—I gave them books—to Karen I gave the Peake Commentary; to Bill I gave the Oxford Annotated RSV. I went to the church about 10:30. Preached a sermon on the call to worship which we’ve been using. Home by 12:30. Had lunch—saw the Garcias. Had a call from the folks wishing us Happy Anniversary. My main concern for the day was putting in a tomato patch—9 X 7 feet—it was thick tough sod—and it was a major project to get the ground prepared. Bonnie took most of the sod and put it in Debbie’s play area. I worked from shortly after 1:00 til about 2:30—then had to go to C.A.M.P. meeting at Riverdale—took Gladys Haskell. I was back by 4:15 and got back to work. Broke for supper about 6:15. I was desperately hungry. Watched the news—relaxed—then got back to work at 7:00. Finally got the ground ready—we put out 6 tomato plants—will put in 2 more. We bathed, then about 9:00 went to the Patriquins for mug-ups—this was about the most spectacular way this year that we’ve observed our anniversary—didn’t even exchange gifts—saving our money. Came home, Θ+ , LO, c. 11 o’clock.

Monday, 1 June 1970

[Top panel: phone call tonight to Ed Drake   Malden]

A hot humid day; up about 9:30. Had breakfast, then went to Silva Bros. Florists to get some more tomato plants—got two in one pot. Came home, separated them, planted them. Spent the morning working with them and the strawberries—the mail man brought word from the Board of Ministry that it had been finally voted to ordain me. I shaved about noontime, had lunch. Bonnie went to work. I did some work in my study—made a list of things to do—wrote a letter to David Watson. About mid-afternoon I went back to Silva Brothers—took Debbie along—I pushed her in the stroller. Got 2 more tomato plants—which I didn’t separate. And I put two of our very tiny plants on the same stake. Debbie was in her play area—kept shouting Hi! to me—it’s definitely her favorite word these days. She got tired—I put her down for a nap about 5:00. I turned to get some mowing done. I was doing this when Bonnie arrived home. I mowed the very tall grass at the side of the garage—for the first time of the season; had supper at 6:30—watched CBS news; Bonnie went to Community Chorus rehearsal—I tried to get something done on next Sunday sermon; when Bonnie got home we talked about vacation; bathed; OBLO 12:06.

Life Magazine, May 29, 1970, Letter to the Editor, p. 20A, col. 1 (Image via Google Books)

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