David’s Diary – February 11, 1970

Wednesday, 11 February 1970

Up about 9:30. Shaved, had a good breakfast. Prepared to leave for Boston; left town by car shortly after 11:00. I went to Somerville looking for NE Color Research—I finally found them—but they wanted 90¢ apiece to duplicate slides! Couldn’t afford that. Spent some time at the Harvard Coop. I got to BU just about 2 o’clock, in time for Dr. Beck’s OT Theology. When this was over I hurredly [sic] ate my lunch in the lounge, went to the jewelry store to get earrings for Bonnie for Valentines Day, went to Sears to get Bonnie’s new set of cooking pans—7 piece set in flame red. Got back to BU in time for seminar at 4 o’clock. Heard two long papers. It’s too much in one session to hear 2 papers—no time for discussion. We let out about 6:00. I arrived home shortly after 7:00. We left Debbie with Drue + Sully, went to Wesleyan Fellowship at the church—only 6 there besides Bonnie + myself. They’re going to call a meeting next month to consider disbanding. We saw a film on Methodist Benevolence programs: “On the 8th Day.” Over about 9:45—we then spent [??] with Drue + Sully watching TV. Arrived home about 11:00. Relaxed—after a day constantly on the go. We slowly got around to getting ready for bed; bathed together. OBLO 12:23.

Thursday, 12 February 1970

Up about 9:30. Had breakfast, then prepared to go on my morning errands. Had to go to Gloucester to take Richardson’s slides to be duplicated—my second try. Then went to Wesley church, left off a film (“On the 8th Day”)—back to Rockport. Dropped in to see Mrs. Haskell, then stopped at the church, picked up the movie projector + screen, dropped them off at the Congregational Church. Then came home, had lunch; then Bonnie left, shortly after 1:00, to go shopping. While she was gone I took Debbie on my back—we went down to Bearskin Neck—bought Bonnie two pair of earrings—for Valentine Day. When we got home I got to work on the worship service—for the kids going to the Joint Youth Fellowship ski weekend. This took the rest of the afternoon. Ate supper about 6:00. Arrived at the Baptist church about 7:15—with my record player. The sermon included 2 songs, “Nat’l Brotherhood Week” by Tom Leher, and “Blessed Are the Meek,” by Simon + Garfunkel. The worship service really didn’t go well; I felt no rapport whatever with the audience. The worship service simply is not their natural environment—most of them never have this experience; got home about 9:30. Very weary; had snack; bathed; OBLO, Θ before 12:00.

Friday, 13 February 1970

We were awake around 9:00. Θ—but unsuccessful. Since tomorrow I have to be getting up early, I decided to give Bonnie her Valentine gift—which I did before we got out of bed—the three sets of earrings: a conservative “loop” pair, a pair of “dangling boxes”—bright purple; and a pair of “chandellears”—long hanging ones from Pakistan [?]. After breakfast, Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT. I didn’t get much work done in the morning. We ate lunch about noon. Then I took Bonnie to work—Debbie went along too, of course. I had several things to do when we got home. Then about 2:30 had to get ready to go again. Left Debbie off with the Ornes, then headed for Gloucester; stopped briefly at the grocery store, then went to the hospital for meeting with the drug crisis group; Jack Roberts had his draft proposal ready—asking $11,000 from the FFR. This was over about 4:30. I waited in the lab for Bonnie to get off work. We then headed to Rockport. Picked up Debbie, then came home; started working on supper. Jerry + Carol Lewis arrived about 6:30. We had supper. Spent the evening mainly playing cards (Tripoli)  They left about 10:15. Bathed, OBLO, 11:35.

Saturday, 14 February 1970

Up about 7:45   Ugh! Had to get shaved, have breakfast—left the house at 9:00—headed for Worcester for my 11:20 appointment with the Board of Ministry. Made good time—the weather was fine, just cold. Arrived at Wesley Church in Worcester at about 10:45. Then had waiting to do—about an hour. The Board was small this year—only 12 or 14, then this group split up to speed the process—I was interviewed by about 6 or 7—from about 11:45-12:15. It was a good interview—I was treated very decently. They voted unanimously that I be ordained Elder in June. Rev. Harding assigned me to write a sermon on Amos. I left Wesley church at 12:30. On my way home—found Bonnie’s Valentine card in my sack lunch, signed “Frau Schultz”—Lea will get a kick out of that; stopped at Whittemores for bulletins. Headed home, arrived in Rockport at 3 o’clock. Then had to relax—very weary. After trying to nap a while I got to work at my desk. Did most of work on bulletins.  Bonnie suggested we go out to eat. So we went to “The Surf” in Magnolia—Cameron Sesto came over with Ezra and stayed with Debbie. We were gone from 6:15–8:00. I finished the bulletins, then got to work on the sermon—on Jeremiah; it went very quickly. Done by about 11:15; we bathed together; OBLO c. 12. Θ

Sunday, 15 February 1970

Up about 8:15—Shaved, had breakfast, no Sunday School class—because Karen Haskell was on ski trip. Worked on the service, including practicing the sermon—then left for the church when Vicki Gamage got here to stay with Debbie. Got to the church about 10:40—it had been snowing all morning—several inches on the ground, so attendance was poor—only 9 in the congregation—18 in all—including myself. We were home by 12:30. Fixed lunch. The afternoon was spent at my desk. I was tempted to nap—but had too much to do. My desk was a mess—piled high with papers. I had to sort through this—also had to prepare the notices to be sent to the Methodist men. We had supper close to 7 o’clock. Then I got back to my desk, did some reading—also re-read my “What SI Prophecy?” in preparation for Tuesday night’s lecture—it will need to be revised somewhat and lengthened. About 8:30 we went down to Patriquins—the Gamages were there. We had a nice visit—came home about 10:30. I tried to work further, but really wasn’t in the mood; bathed about 11:00, watched news; OBLO, c. 12:00.

Debbie, February 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/31/davids-diary-february-11-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – February 11, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “The worship service really didn’t go well; I felt no rapport whatever with the audience. The worship service simply is not their natural environment—most of them never have this experience” That’s why I was reluctant to do it. 😦

    “a pair of “dangling boxes”—bright purple” I think I remember those.

    “Spent the evening mainly playing cards (Tripoli)” I can’t believe how much time I wasted on cards and board games. 😦 😦 😦

    “They voted unanimously that I be ordained Elder in June.” Going deeper into the rabbit hole.


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