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David’s Diary – April 20, 1970

Monday, 20 April 1970

Up about 7:30. Set about preparing to leave. Had breakfast, shaved, tended to a few things. At 9:00—shortly thereafter I went to get Virginia Bate—she is staying with Debbie. We left Rockport just about 10 o’clock—reached the Mass/Conn state line about 12:00. We ate lunch in the car. The weather was disappointing—rain. We had no trouble in NYC. We arrived at our hotel—Quality Court at 50th Street and 10th avenue—by 4:00—got settled, It wasn’t a long walk to the theatre—at 245 West 52nd . We picked up our tickets—then went over to Broadway and had supper. Then we came back to the motel—Bonnie was feeling very tired—so she napped and I went out for a walk again. Wandered around Broadway—taking in the sights. It would be great to have several days to wander around Manhattan. I got back to the motel around 7:00—relaxed, then about 7:40 started to the theatre—did some window shopping before getting to the theatre and in our seats. Curtain was a few minutes late—but the performance was magnificent! Helen Hays and Jimmy Steward were in fine form. The play [note: which was Harvey] was out about 11:15. We walked right back to the motel. Bathed—showered together—which was fun! Then right to bed—Θ+—LO

Tuesday, 21 April 1970

Didn’t sleep too well—city noise, narrow bed—too soft. Bonnie was awake at 6:15, suggested that we get on the road—I didn’t mind since I knew I couldn’t get any more sleep. We were on our way by 6:45. We had no trouble getting out of the city—about 8:30 we stopped for breakfast in Connecticut. We made good time—arrived home in Rockport just about 12:30. Took Virginia home, but we weren’t in a mood for lunch. Bonnie decided to go to work (she hadn’t planned to)—but I sacked out. Debbie had been asleep when we arrived home, and we both slept til about 3:00. I changed her, she played, and I puttered around at this and that—really moving in slow motion—still very weary after an inadequate night’s sleep and a 5 hr 45 min drive. About 5:00 I began working on supper. About 5:20 Paul and Marty arrived—we didn’t know for sure whether they were coming. Bonnie got home about 5:45. We had supper, watched CBS news—then played with Debbie for a while. Then we sat around talking. We are all very tired—Paul especially so—they’ve been boat-searching, hoping to buy something. After having a small snack + drink, we all headed for bed. OBLO, 10 o’clock.

Wednesday, 22 April 1970

Got up at 8:00—had breakfast—the others got ready to go to Marblehead to look at boats—I shaved, tended to various matters, including writing a letter to Cokesbury. About 10:45 I left the house, left 25 drug pamphlets at St. Mary’s Church, went to P.O., saw Margaret Reilly briefly—went to the train station. The train was about 15 minutes late. When I got to Boston, the trolley was jammed—and behind schedule. Didn’t get to BU until about 1:20. Ate my lunch, did errands, attended OT Theology class from 2:00-3:00. Then got some xeroxing done—visited with Elaine Follis—helped Beck with the tea. Seminar 4:00–5:45—chatted with Beck. He filled me in that I can’t be hired to teach Hebrew this fall—no funds available. It will go to whoever gets the tuition assistantship. Left BU, got the 6:40 train from N. Station. Arrived home about 8:00. The folks were all set to go out to eat. We all went to Captains Courageous—Debbie included—although she’d already eaten. We had marvelous seafood suppers—it was after 9:30 when we got back. We more or less collapsed—very full and weary—I didn’t bother to bathe; went to bed to read c. 11; LO, 11:05 Θ

Thursday 23 April 1970

Up by 8:00—Paul and Marty were preparing to leave—to go to Hull to inquire into getting a boat—they don’t expect to return here. When they had gone I spent my morning puttering at my desk—not very hurriedly. We figured out our expenses on the NY trip—also I made final computations on money re: the drug program. Shaved, went to the bank. When I got home I wrote a letter to Tom Ruper re: the Sunday service. I caught the 11:15 train, which was about 10 minutes late. Got to BU after 1:00. OT Theology from 2:00 to 3:00—the last class. When it was over the class gave Beck a standing ovation. From 3:00–4:00 I worked with the qualifying books again—also did some xeroxing. 4:00–5:30—the last Aramaic class—halleluia! Took the trolley to N. Station—rode with Elaine Follis to Park Street. Caught the 6:40 train home, read Finkelstein’s The Pharisees on the way—got home about 8:00; had supper—then did more calculating on page numbers on the qualifying exams—approximately 15,000 pages in all. About 9:00 we went down to Patriquins. Had a nice visit with them, relaxed. Came home about 10:30. Watched TV, bathed—still rather weary—after-effects of the NY trip; OBLO, 11:40.

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David’s Diary – March 3, 1970

Tuesday, 3 March 1970

Up between 8:30 and 9:00. Had breakfast; the main concern for the morning was to get Mother to Logan airport, so I made no attempt to study. But I did read further in The Little Foxes. I also put the can of Lamb Omastram into mother’s suitcase—without her knowing it. We left here a few minutes before 10:00—after taking a few pictures of her with Debbie. We made very good time—no traffic, a clear day. I simply left her at the sidewalk at American Airlines—then headed home—was back by 11:45. We got our lunch, then Bonnie went to work. I relaxed by reading The Little Foxes; I finished it, then turned again to working on my Matthew paper—doing some further reading. Called Don McGaw re: Harvey. I played with Debbie briefly a couple of times. She was very good all afternoon. We started working on supper shortly after Bonnie got home. Watched CBS news. At 7:30 Bonnie left for town meeting, but I stayed home and worked on paper. Made some progress; did some phoning. Also had a phone call from Margaret Reilley—she’s getting indications that all is not well with Alan Federick these days; I worked until almost 11:30. Bathed; watched Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:45.

Wednesday, 4 March 1970

Up at 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved, then turned to working on my paper—again this was my main concern for the day. Worked past noon time. I’m usually not home on Wednesday. About 1 o’clock I was giving Bonnie a backrub, and we got a little carried away; i.e., I seduced her (Θ)—in the middle of the day! So it was a long noon hour. Didn’t have lunch until about 2:00. Then I got back to work on the paper. Late in the afternoon Carol Lewis came over—she and Bonnie went shopping in Gloucester. I continued working. Stopped for news about 6:30—watched CBS—Had supper. Then again back to work after playing with Debbie. Had several phone calls in the evening. From Jerry Lewis—he has cast his Sunday play—I’ll be Oscar. Also spoke with Margaret Reilley. I called her—because I knew that she was to be having Maria for supper. Maria was still there and I spoke with her. Things with Alan don’t seem to be improving—he’s drunk, he missed the day at Brandeis—he told off Murray Sachs—Maria is ready to leave. I don’t see how Alan can possibly keep his job; Maria is afraid he might get violent; had call from Don McGaw re: Harvey; stopped work on paper about 11:30. bathed; Johnny Carson  OBLO  12:50.

Thursday, 5 March 1970

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast—then back to work on my paper—doing some reading. Carol Lewis came over—since she had to take their car to the garage on Broadway. I took a break late in the morning and chatted with her and Bonnie. She stayed to have lunch with us. Just as we were finishing I got a phone call from Maria—she was calling from a pay-phone; she wanted to store some things with us. So I told her to come on over—which she did. Alan is quite drunk; has been drinking for 3 days. We had a long talk with Maria. Don McGaw happened to call while she was here—re: play tickets, but we discussed Alan briefly. After Maria left I wrote a letter to Pat Harry, since Maria had said that Alan has been writing to Pat—and had called Pat. I told Pat to stay away from Alan. After writing the letter I prepared a packet to go to Mail-A-Way. Then I got back to work on the paper—again reading. I stopped about 6:00. Watched the news, had supper. At 8:00 Bonnie went to a Jewelry Party at Patriquins. I stayed home with Debbie—and got some more writing done. And had a phone call from Maria. I stopped to bathe about 11:30. Bonnie arrived home, we bathed together; OBLO, 1 A.M.

Friday, 6 March 1970

Up about 9:00; had breakfast, shaved—then to work again on the Matthew paper—I’m pretty tired of it by now. But I was able to make pretty decent progress—slowly by surely. We had lunch around noon. But Debbie fell asleep late in the morning—so we didn’t wake her for lunch, she was too out of it. When Bonnie left for work, I went back to the paper. Debbie woke up about 1:30. So I gave her lunch. The mail was very late today—didn’t get her[e] until about 2:00. I looked through it while Debbie finished her lunch. Debbie played by herself for most of the afternoon. My breaks from my writing were to play with her. She’s very good about occupying herself—I can come and go and she doesn’t seem to mind. When the newspaper came I took time to look through it. Then back to the paper. When Bonnie got home we worked on supper—I was almost to the end to writing on the paper. We fixed and ate supper, watched CBS news. We had expected Billy Elwell + Karen Haskell to show up at 7:00 to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. But Karen called at 7:00 that she has a cold—wouldn’t be here. When Billy got here—I sent him home—actually he had to go to Sea Scouts; I worked on the paper; finished writing, typed. Had a call from Maria; bathed 11:00; watched Johnny Carson, Θ.

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David’s Diary – September 16, 1968

In 1968, a month after I was born David began writing in a daily journal, or diary. It is a habit that he continues even today. Gladys’ letters continue, and at this point, David’s responding letters did not survive. I have my father’s permission to share these diary entries. He began transcribing them himself a few years ago, and even annotated them! Over the next phase of the blog, I will jump back and forth between Gladys’ letters and David’s diary entries. At this time, David was a graduate student at Boston University and the minister of the Rockport Methodist Church.

David’s Diary Entries

Monday, September 16, 1968

Deborah one month old. AM desk work; assignment for Paul D.S.[1] PM, worked on Paul assignment, meeting with Dr. Uhlinger[2], Forrest Clark, Jim Bussey[3] on C.A.M.P[4]. Late supper; study Greek—John 1; tired today, last night little sleep. Going to bed—11 o’clock.

Tuesday, September 17, 1968

9:20 train to Boston; Greek class 11:15 – 12:15; Lunch with Larry Carter, Hobart Farrell, others. Talked politics, foresee Nixon victory; Xeroxed Journal articles for Thursday Jeremiah DS; Paul D.S. 3:00 – 4:00 (1st meeting). Includes 3 of us: Dr. Oliver, Dane [Dave?] Mitchell and myself. Looks promising—should be very interesting. 5:15 train home—exhausted, headache; desk work, study in evening: Bright’s History of Israel; 11:30 to bed.

Wednesday, September 18, 1968

Up around 9 o’clock; reading for DS (Jeremiah): Bright, HI, Chronicles of Caldean Kings by D. J. Wiseman—very interesting. 3 articles from journals. Big breakfast (before reading), late lunch, 2:15; supper 6:30; 8 o’clock visit Mr. & Mrs. George Harris, re: baptism of their son; neither had done the reading—home by 8:30; not a very intelligent pair; read short while in Bright, Jeremiah, introduction; study Greek past midnight. In bed 12:20.

Thursday, September 19, 1968

Overslept—up at 7:50; still managed to catch 8:15 train. No breakfast, shaved electrically. In Boston by 9:30—to Mass. Bible Society for copy of Greek NT, to Bank on Beacon St; to BU; Greek 11:15 – 12:00; lunch with Tod Hitchings, Hobart Farrell, Larry McGee; Hobart asked if I call myself an atheist—told him “agnostic” better term[5]; Tillich, I pointed out, in strict sense of the word was atheist. Discussion of the Acts-Pauline problem; xeroxed Paul D.S. article after lunch; DS Jeremiah 2-3—1st meeting—should be rewarding work for the semester; after meeting rushed to xerox two articles; delay at Gov’t Center station—almost missed train (4:10 to Rockport); home 5:20; 6:20 leave for German course at Gordon—this should be helpful too; 10 o’clock home again; desk work. To bed 12:15. Letter from Sen. McCarthy today. Thurs. cont—on the way to bed at 12:15, baby’s feeding time, read while Bonnie fed Debby, looked over some of Fosdick’s sermons—lights out after 1.

Friday, September 20, 1968  Debby 5 weeks old

Slept late—up around 10 o’clock. Big breakfast; spent most of the day, unfortunately, trying to get the special pastoral letter ready. Stencils from Cokesbury no good—too short + all stuck together. We went to Gloucester (to Busseys’) to borrow some stencils, stopped at Mals + market on way home; late lunch around 2 p.m.; worked on pastoral letter. All run off, signed, stamped sealed by 6:30—Bonnie was washing kitchen floor. Debby has gone long periods between feedings = 5 hrs last night, 4 + 5 hours today. CBS news indicates strong support for Wallace in Unions. After supper, tried to deliver letters to Mrs. Cooney—not home. PM—work at desk, on sermon-outline finished; bulletins completed; further reading in Bright’s Jeremiah (Intro.). On way to bed, shortly after 1 a.m. [margin: middle of afternoon short visit over with Ornes—needed to pick up check for postage.]

Saturday, September 21, 1968

Up at 8:50; large breakfast; took letters to Mrs. Cooney, changed Wayside Pulpit; Bonnie had call from new resident in Rockport who wanted to attend our church. 10:30 Debby’s 1st doctor’s appointment; everything fine. He pronounced her “a perfect baby”—she was in a good mood. Worked on sermon, lunch, worked on sermon further. Around 2 o’clock went up to see Rip Hannibal, talked about his daughter in Florida, politics; home by 3:30 to greet Dr. Frederich (sp?)—the new Rockporter. He is an Englishman, teaching presently at Brandeis University, French. We have a common interest in music—although he doesn’t care too much for opera. He left shortly after 5 o’clock; back to work on the sermon; supper around 6:30; then back to the sermon again. Finished about 7:30. Bonnie and I gave Debby her first “solid” food—a soupy rice cereal. She was rather perplexed, very wide-eyed, probably swallowed very little! Further preparations for morning service; translated LK 19:1-10 for scripture reading. Bonnie baked pumpkin pie this evening, so we had a snack after 11 pm; read further in Bright’s Jeremiah; off to read in bed 12:30.

Sunday, September 22, 1968

Up at 9:30; shaved, practiced sermon, then off to church. No processional—only 3 in choir. Used Greek NT for first time for scripture reading from the pulpit. Sang in the choir. Sermon topic: “How to Stand Up + Take It.” (Fosdick’s title and idea.) Could have been preached better by one who is thoroughly theistic. Fosdick is so grounded to belief in a personal loving God, it is difficult for me to appropriate many of his sermon ideas.[6] Home Orne reported that attendance was 32. I was home by 12:30—rested shortly after lunch; 2 o’clock had to be at the church to baptize George Samuel Harris III; took altar flowers to Lucy Patience; went with Loyd Starrett + Dick Bamforth[7] to Gordon Divinity School to interview another candidate for youth ministry—Jim Tanner. We agreed to hire him. Dropped in on the Busseys at their open house, saw Uhlingers briefly. Home after 5—unsuccessful nap. – very tired. Supper around seven. Began reading for Paul DS. (Schweitzer: Paul and his Interpreters). Took break around 10:45 to bathe and fill out Bible Class postcards—read til about 12:30—finished first 100 pgs of Sweitzer book; off to bed at 12:30; read til 1:10.

[1] Directed Study

[2] District superintendent?

[3] Friend from seminary who served church in Gloucester

[4] Cape Ann Methodist Parish

[5] I am surprised that I was that much of an non-believer in seminary.

[6] See previous footnote.

[7] The Episcopal pastor.

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To Clay City and Back

1966-01-27-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jan. 27-1966

Dear David & Bonnie –

I just finished listening to Mozart’s Don Giovanni. John brought it in exchange for the album Mark & Shirley gave me for Christmas and since I like M. and this is one of his best I couldn’t have been more pleased. Dad is at the hospital seeing one of Dr. K’s patients—and it is about 2° above. He had put both cars in the garage before six, but he said at the time he didn’t think he would get to keep his in. A bearing burned out of his car so we had to use mine to drive to C.C. yesterday, then when I went to get it yesterday Tuberty told me it needed a new exhaust pipe so I had to take it back this morning. After lunch today John went back to Champaign and took Aunt Ruth home as he went.

[page 2] We arrived home just before six on Wed. and Dad called the hospital and one of his O.B.’s was ready for delivery. He rushed to the hospital and was back in time for us to attend a stockholder’s dinner at 7. We were a few minutes late but in time to be served. I should have stayed home I was so tired but hope to get rested back to normal by morning. I intend to take a bath & go to bed as soon as I finish this. Yesterday was a long day. We left here at 8 a.m. and got back at 6 and we were standing, sitting or riding the whole time. The ladies of the church had a meal ready to serve after the funeral service so we had a chance to talk to the relatives before we came home. I talked to Mrs. Myers this evening and told her why I hadn’t seen her this week. I haven’t had time to stop. I usually stop once or twice a week.

1966-01-27-gry-p-2-3[page 3] Dad said if I would get some information from his cousin in New Jersey about the cousins in Switzerland, we would stop and see them when we take our trip this summer. I have written.—Friday—It has been below 0 today and it has seemed much colder than the reading. When we came home from the office we put the cars in the garage and I hope Dad doesn’t have to go out again.

Wed.-Feb. 2—I haven’t been out of the house since last Friday—and should have stayed in then. I have been having a temperature that just stays with me. I am able to be up and do some things, but have not really done much work. John H. is here now running the sweeper and will mail this. He has been running errands for me. The record player started cutting out so Dad & Janssen decided it needed more

1966-01-27-gry-p-4[page 4] ventilation, so Dad drilled 100 holes below and above the amplifier last night and said he wanted me to run the record player all day. I listened to the Barber of Seville twice, once to Carmen and now have a symphony. It hasn’t cut out any today, so maybe that was the trouble. I think Dad really enjoys this stereo. The TV gets turned on some, but it is definitely taking second place. I never get tired of listening to good music but that TV racket does bother me and about the only time I give it is for news or specials.

We haven’t had any word from Chicago, so it won’t be a January baby now.

Love Mother

P.S. I am taking declomycin for my temperature.

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Beirut and Jerusalem

Letter transcription:

1964-03-08-gry-p-1Sunday March 8, 1964

Dear David: This morning we took a trip to see River Jordan and Dead Sea. We saw some bathers but were not tempted. We did put our fingers in and tasted. Dad said he thought it was safe because no germ could live in that water. We have had a tour of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. We didn’t try to make contact with Research School because we didn’t think it was necessary. We were well satisfied with our tours. The only thing we didn’t care for was the sales pressure. Our guide took us into some shops but we weren’t in the market for their high priced merchandise. Last night I went into a shop next to hotel and found prices much more reasonable. Our guide had told me he would take me to the shops where the prices were right. I think he gets a kick back so the prices were right as far as he was concerned. Buying a wood carving in Bali spoiled me. The prices there were so small and as far as I can see the carving is much better than what we have seen here. The big deal here is the carvings are made from olive wood. We had the same problem in Beirut. Our guide tried to influence us to buy – of all things – oriental rugs – just $170.00 for a small one. We just walked out of the place and said we were not in the market for a rug. We felt like we were not very welcome in Beirut – and they claim to be about 60% Christian. We were glad to leave there. We did enjoy seeing ancient Roman ruins at Baalbek and we did have a nice view from our hotel room – harbor and mountains. We have met a couple here who are from Rhode Island. They have been to Egypt and have given us a few tips, so we will know what to expect when we get there. We had a letter from Garnette Janssen and he said the house was getting pretty dusty – said he and Mark weren’t very good housekeepers. Are you still planning to meet us in Chicago Mar. 29? If you are I wish you would plan to stop at home and run the sweeper and dust cloth. I hate to think of going back home if it is covered with dust. That is something I should have thought about before we left, but if you are going that way I am sure you can take care of that for me. I am wondering if you have made any plans yet for the coming summer? I know you were wanting to find something to do. Also I am wondering if you have been successful in getting into Boston School. We didn’t go to church this a.m. but plan to go this evening. There are Baptist, Anglican, Catholic (Greek, Roman, etc.) and Nazerene but not any Methodist (in Middle East). We saw one notice which read service at 5:30 in Arabic. We will have to make some more inquiries. That might prove to be interesting. We attended church in Hong Kong & singing was in Chinese.

Love Mother

Uncle Floyd’s friend from Amman is coming to see us tomorrow.


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Loved Your Letters


David Dear

Forgive me for my seeming procrastinating. Taint so. There are days are such that I cannot do much. I thank you so very much, you will never know, how I have loved your letters. I am so thrilled about your Hebrew. I heard Dann Thomas sing (chant) Kohl Nidhr. It was beautiful.

Please buy the $7.00 record for me to give to Gladys. We did that last year and she loved it. I will send you a check the first of next week including tax and postage. I am so thrilled about your teaching, and so is your mother. She came in to show me a doll she had brought for Becky from Disney Land.

Love to Dave & Bonnie
Grandma Ruthie

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A Quick Note

Sept. 8

Dear Ones

Thank you for your grand newsy letter. You will never know how much I enjoyed it. I am so happy you are comfortably settled and so interested in all your new purchases. Have not heard from your Mother & Dad as yet. It is dry and hot today and the dust is impossible. Have the place closed and fans on. When you have time I will be thrilled to hear from you.

Much love
Grandma Ruthie

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