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David’s Diary – April 20, 1970

Monday, 20 April 1970

Up about 7:30. Set about preparing to leave. Had breakfast, shaved, tended to a few things. At 9:00—shortly thereafter I went to get Virginia Bate—she is staying with Debbie. We left Rockport just about 10 o’clock—reached the Mass/Conn state line about 12:00. We ate lunch in the car. The weather was disappointing—rain. We had no trouble in NYC. We arrived at our hotel—Quality Court at 50th Street and 10th avenue—by 4:00—got settled, It wasn’t a long walk to the theatre—at 245 West 52nd . We picked up our tickets—then went over to Broadway and had supper. Then we came back to the motel—Bonnie was feeling very tired—so she napped and I went out for a walk again. Wandered around Broadway—taking in the sights. It would be great to have several days to wander around Manhattan. I got back to the motel around 7:00—relaxed, then about 7:40 started to the theatre—did some window shopping before getting to the theatre and in our seats. Curtain was a few minutes late—but the performance was magnificent! Helen Hays and Jimmy Steward were in fine form. The play [note: which was Harvey] was out about 11:15. We walked right back to the motel. Bathed—showered together—which was fun! Then right to bed—Θ+—LO

Tuesday, 21 April 1970

Didn’t sleep too well—city noise, narrow bed—too soft. Bonnie was awake at 6:15, suggested that we get on the road—I didn’t mind since I knew I couldn’t get any more sleep. We were on our way by 6:45. We had no trouble getting out of the city—about 8:30 we stopped for breakfast in Connecticut. We made good time—arrived home in Rockport just about 12:30. Took Virginia home, but we weren’t in a mood for lunch. Bonnie decided to go to work (she hadn’t planned to)—but I sacked out. Debbie had been asleep when we arrived home, and we both slept til about 3:00. I changed her, she played, and I puttered around at this and that—really moving in slow motion—still very weary after an inadequate night’s sleep and a 5 hr 45 min drive. About 5:00 I began working on supper. About 5:20 Paul and Marty arrived—we didn’t know for sure whether they were coming. Bonnie got home about 5:45. We had supper, watched CBS news—then played with Debbie for a while. Then we sat around talking. We are all very tired—Paul especially so—they’ve been boat-searching, hoping to buy something. After having a small snack + drink, we all headed for bed. OBLO, 10 o’clock.

Wednesday, 22 April 1970

Got up at 8:00—had breakfast—the others got ready to go to Marblehead to look at boats—I shaved, tended to various matters, including writing a letter to Cokesbury. About 10:45 I left the house, left 25 drug pamphlets at St. Mary’s Church, went to P.O., saw Margaret Reilly briefly—went to the train station. The train was about 15 minutes late. When I got to Boston, the trolley was jammed—and behind schedule. Didn’t get to BU until about 1:20. Ate my lunch, did errands, attended OT Theology class from 2:00-3:00. Then got some xeroxing done—visited with Elaine Follis—helped Beck with the tea. Seminar 4:00–5:45—chatted with Beck. He filled me in that I can’t be hired to teach Hebrew this fall—no funds available. It will go to whoever gets the tuition assistantship. Left BU, got the 6:40 train from N. Station. Arrived home about 8:00. The folks were all set to go out to eat. We all went to Captains Courageous—Debbie included—although she’d already eaten. We had marvelous seafood suppers—it was after 9:30 when we got back. We more or less collapsed—very full and weary—I didn’t bother to bathe; went to bed to read c. 11; LO, 11:05 Θ

Thursday 23 April 1970

Up by 8:00—Paul and Marty were preparing to leave—to go to Hull to inquire into getting a boat—they don’t expect to return here. When they had gone I spent my morning puttering at my desk—not very hurriedly. We figured out our expenses on the NY trip—also I made final computations on money re: the drug program. Shaved, went to the bank. When I got home I wrote a letter to Tom Ruper re: the Sunday service. I caught the 11:15 train, which was about 10 minutes late. Got to BU after 1:00. OT Theology from 2:00 to 3:00—the last class. When it was over the class gave Beck a standing ovation. From 3:00–4:00 I worked with the qualifying books again—also did some xeroxing. 4:00–5:30—the last Aramaic class—halleluia! Took the trolley to N. Station—rode with Elaine Follis to Park Street. Caught the 6:40 train home, read Finkelstein’s The Pharisees on the way—got home about 8:00; had supper—then did more calculating on page numbers on the qualifying exams—approximately 15,000 pages in all. About 9:00 we went down to Patriquins. Had a nice visit with them, relaxed. Came home about 10:30. Watched TV, bathed—still rather weary—after-effects of the NY trip; OBLO, 11:40.

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