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L.B.J. Ranch

1965-10-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie –

John, Lea & Bob, Mark, Shirley, Becky & Kirk were here for the weekend. Kirk is talking – saying nearly everything – even tho some of his words come out a little hard. Seems he can’t say sc. He was holding a screw (I presume from his truck). We asked him what he had and he said “grew.” Of course that got a big laugh from everyone. I hope he is still as cute by Christmas time as he is now. Becky is quite interested in Kindergarten and talks so fast I can hardly understand everything she says. John said he would meet you at the airport. I will come along if possible.

[page 2] I mailed you a letter from Stonewall, Texas. They told us at a little store that Stonewall and not Johnson City was the hometown of L.B.J. After seeing Stonewall, we thought Lady B. should begin her campaign there. She considered it nothing more than a dump and could certainly do with a little clean-up of its own. We drove down the road that led to L.B.J. Ranch and were told if he was there we would not be allowed to continue. We knew he was at the Ranch – had heard it on the news but we drown down Texas Highway 1, and at a certain point there was a road closed

1965-10-11-gry-p-2-3[page 3] sign and a parked car, so we turned around and went back to the highway we had left.

We attended a ball game in the astrodome. We have friends living in Beaumont, Texas, we visited. Also stopped to see the Georges. They are completely remodeling a house they bought for the lot. Nell and their daughter Merry are doing much of the work and it looked like they would still be working on it for some time. All in all our vacation was grand while it lasted. Dr. K. is leaving for the rest of October this week – so Dad says

1965-10-11-gry-p-4[page 4] we won’t be able to attend the medical convention this month. Stacie is attending a small college in Va. I was told it has an enrollment of 300 and she is enrolled as a freshman. Evidently she didn’t get along too well in Greencastle last year.

I hope you aren’t doing too much – what with your Emerson position – but who am I to worry about people working too much, since I live with that sort of thing all the time.

Love Mother

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Home Again

1965-10-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Oct. 4 – 1965

Dear David & Bonnie –

Here is a check which was opened by your Dad. He didn’t look at the name, I thought you might be able to use it.

Dad came home from Rotary and has been going thru junk mail and magazines which accumulated while we were away. He is in the living room half way watching the program – or the coverage of the Pope’s visit. I have watched it in part. I wanted to see the Michelangelo statue at the world’s fair which was shown during the Pope’s visit to World’s Fair Vatican Pavilion, but as usual our T.V. wasn’t behaving too well. We didn’t go to Rome on our trip so didn’t get to see it there. That should be a good excuse for us to visit Rome.

I have been so busy trying to catch up with desk work today. I haven’t made much contact with anyone. I did call Mrs. Myers, I promised her I would stop and see her tomorrow. We bought Becky a doll in Disneyland and the Indiana with a drum-like the one he has worn out – for Kirk – and I want to take that doll for Mrs. M. to see. It is for Becky’s birthday and the Indiana is for Kirk’s.

1965-10-04-gry-p-2While in Champaign John took us to see Cat Balleau. That was very funny and if you get a chance and haven’t seen it do go. Also the scenery in Lord Jim is beautiful – and although the movie has changed the story it is worth seeing. If you haven’t read Lord Jim it won’t bother you. The pictures which we took in Cambodia are the same as some of the background used in the picture. That is something else – the locus of Lord Jim is Indonesia. The Georges saw Lord Jim and when we told them we were in Cambodia when the picture was being made, they said that explained a few things. Nell said she knew that couldn’t have been made in Bali but there was a funeral scene just like some of the pictures we have and like they also have.

Our vacation was really wonderful. We stopped in San Francisco (Sebastapol), Los Angeles, Reno, Odessa, Tex., and Beaumont, Tex. for visits and really enjoyed seeing friends and relatives, and we felt they were all glad to see us. Everyone insisted that we come to the west coast (except Juanita) to retire (now). Juanita said they were going to Laredo, Texas, to retire.

Love Mother

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Bible Study Class – Genesis

1965-01-12-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie –

Dad wanted you to read the enclosed article which was in Wall Street Journal.

I sent the finished sleeves for Bonnie’s dress. If you can’t get them joined to your satisfaction, send back the dress and sleeves and I will see what I can do with them.

Dad has the bedroom finished and hasn’t got the fever to make the record holder, so is just loafing around this evening. Tomorrow a.m. I have to conduct a study class for W.S.C.S.—Genesis—I have no idea how many will be present. I have enough literature collected—a text book, Genesis, Beginning of the Biblical Drama, a paper bound Genesis, my anchor Bible, Genesis Abington Commentary, Interpreter’s Vol. 1, The Torah, and Atlas of the Bible, besides a few pamphlets. If every one reads all the literature I have collected for them they should get some idea about what they are supposed to learn. I really would rather not do this, but since I took the course of lectures on Genesis at School of Mission and the Bible Study Class has taken the course, I was asked and I consented.

We had such a nice letter from Nell George thanking us for a pleasant visit. She thinks you and Bonnie—well this is what she wrote—“Meeting David and his lovely wife was a rare treat. I was

1965-01-12-gry-p-2[page 2] very impressed with them and know that God will use them in a wonderful way to further his cause in this troubled mixed-up world. I know you must be very proud of him and the way he has chosen.” Dr. George selected some slides of our Bali pictures and I have sent him the duplicates.

I have some filing to dispose of and a few other things to do, so must get to work, since I will be at the church tomorrow a.m. for study group and have a group coming in the afternoon to clean the nursery.

Love Mother

You left your thongs. Do you want them?

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