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Back from Vacation

Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

This card came for you and since cads can’t be forwarded, thought I would write a few lines and enclose it. Dad is attending Rotary and then the Club is going to the new high school building on an inspection tour. From what we have heard it is really a fine building with excellent equipment. I stopped to see Mrs. Myers today. She seems to be in good condition. I took her to the office Saturday afternoon for a check-up. Dad wasn’t working full schedule and I thought that would be a good time for her to go. He had a full day today and will have the rest of this week (and next, and next, etc.) Mark went to Indianapolis yesterday to report in on his new job today. He is with Jefferson National Life Ins. Co. The Wards brought Mary Lou and her four children here yesterday on their way to see Shirley. I had invited them to come for lunch. They live in San Diego and Wednesday they will go back to S.D. on the train from Chicago. Since Mark is in Indpls., Shirley will have to take them to the train. The Wards had intended to stay with them so they could take them to the train, but they had a death in the family and went back to Indpls. today. Now Mark has to house hunt and also get rid of their house in Hoffman. They have a renter, but would like to sell. Virginia Zell Gale and Betty Zell Gordy both live in Indpls. so I think Mark is going to see if they can give him some help in finding a house. We really had a wonderful vacation and I think it did Dad a world of good to get away six weeks. I would like to go back to Switzerland again. It is really a picture book land. Since the relatives were so hospitable, we probably will return. Our trip into Israel was most interesting. We saw a well in a church in Nazareth that legend—oral tradition—or what have you—claims it was the place where the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary she would be mother of Jesus. There is a painting depicting the announcement which shows Mary with babe inside. We also visited three places where the Jews go for pilgrimages—tombs of David and famous Rabbis. One of the places where there are two tombs—we were a little puzzled about the whole thing—I asked our guide later about it and he said people from that area go there all the time on pilgrimages. He said they stay several days. It was quite dirty and some of the Jews who were with us making the tour didn’t seem to know much more about it than we did and were not too impressed. We were on a 3 day bus tour of Galilee and some of the people didn’t get out of the bus. We were told we had to cover our arms and when we were back on the bus a nice little Jewish lady said to me, “and to think they asked us to cover our arms for that.”

[page 2] I have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Beuerman (eye specialist). He just wants to check to see how I am getting along with my contacts. (Just fine so far, I hope) I was trying to get some book work done, but decided I had to write some letters. John was home for the weekend. He didn’t do much this summer, but did make a trip to see the Georges in Miss. Dr. George has gone to Lebanon to work in a University for a year. Mrs. George will go a little later to join him. He went to Beirut just two days after we left. Will let you know later when we will plan a trip to Boston.

Love Mother

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Bible Study Class – Genesis

1965-01-12-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie –

Dad wanted you to read the enclosed article which was in Wall Street Journal.

I sent the finished sleeves for Bonnie’s dress. If you can’t get them joined to your satisfaction, send back the dress and sleeves and I will see what I can do with them.

Dad has the bedroom finished and hasn’t got the fever to make the record holder, so is just loafing around this evening. Tomorrow a.m. I have to conduct a study class for W.S.C.S.—Genesis—I have no idea how many will be present. I have enough literature collected—a text book, Genesis, Beginning of the Biblical Drama, a paper bound Genesis, my anchor Bible, Genesis Abington Commentary, Interpreter’s Vol. 1, The Torah, and Atlas of the Bible, besides a few pamphlets. If every one reads all the literature I have collected for them they should get some idea about what they are supposed to learn. I really would rather not do this, but since I took the course of lectures on Genesis at School of Mission and the Bible Study Class has taken the course, I was asked and I consented.

We had such a nice letter from Nell George thanking us for a pleasant visit. She thinks you and Bonnie—well this is what she wrote—“Meeting David and his lovely wife was a rare treat. I was

1965-01-12-gry-p-2[page 2] very impressed with them and know that God will use them in a wonderful way to further his cause in this troubled mixed-up world. I know you must be very proud of him and the way he has chosen.” Dr. George selected some slides of our Bali pictures and I have sent him the duplicates.

I have some filing to dispose of and a few other things to do, so must get to work, since I will be at the church tomorrow a.m. for study group and have a group coming in the afternoon to clean the nursery.

Love Mother

You left your thongs. Do you want them?

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Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/01/25/bible-study-class-genesis/