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Clean Up Kentland

1962-03-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
March 4, 1962

Dear David:

I was glad to read the last paragraph of your last letter. If you had one date, you can surely have another.

We are still having some wintry weather. I talked to Mark this morning – Shirley and Becky have been sick, but I think they are both better now – and he said it was snowing in Chicago. It rained a little here today. We still have snow on the ground and ice on our driveway. I was just thinking today, if you had been home, we probably would have insisted that you try to chop some of the ice off the driveway, but since you aren’t here, it will just have to stay, after all these weeks, until the sun can melt it off.

I attended Bible Study class tonight – the last in this series, because next Sunday, Sunday Evening Lenten Services will begin. I attended a reception for the Charles Morgans – their Golden Wedding anniversary – at the church. I think all their family was present, except Bill Starks and his family and since they live in Minneapolis I suppose it was too far to come.

Yesterday afternoon I took Mrs. Myers with me to the hospital just to get her out of the hotel for an afternoon. After I had checked stock we came back to Kentland and I brought her out here. We visited and enjoyed a soda, then at about 4:15 I took her back home. She seemed to enjoy getting away from the hotel for a little while. As she says, the view isn’t very interesting from the lobby.

Sharon Stonecipher is to be married Tuesday evening. An invitation to the wedding bulletin this morning. They will be married on the Morgan’s wedding anniversary date – also Harold and France’s wedding date.

Dad spent last night in the hospital. He didn’t get home until about one o’clock this afternoon and just had a call to go back. He is taking care of the emergency duty for Dr. Kresler this evening. He said there was an accident case he took care of – he was there on a baby case – last night. Three men who had been drinking had an accident and all of them had a broken bone or two. He put casts on two of the, but the third one may have to have surgery. He was pretty tired this afternoon, so while I attended the reception, he slept.

Have you had a chance to look at a financial section lately – International S. closed at 37 Friday. Dad says, “let us sell,” but I don’t want to sell that one. It pays such good dividends. Your National Homes enjoyed a brief upswing, but the last time I looked at it, it was down again, but I think without a doubt, it will go up during the building season.

I put $100 in the bank for you Friday. I received your bank balance and you didn’t need any just now, but I thought I would put it there for when you will need it.

We received a letter from Lea this week. She wanted some pills, but didn’t say anything about when they would be coming over. Mark and Shirley and Becky plan to come down next week-end. They had originally planned to come this week-end, but Mark had to work on Sat.

Dad has finished three sets of shelves for me and is working on a set over the new washing machine. Since he had to go to the hospital Saturday night, he didn’t get [to] do any work on it as he had planned.

We are trying to figure out the changes we plan to make on the office this spring. Since we have to do some repairing, like a new linoleum in the waiting room, we decided to make the waiting room larger and also the room where Edna works. I don’t look forward to the mess we will be in during the repair period, but it should be worth the effort when it is finished.

– Monday morning – snowing lightly and the temperature is a little below 20, so we are still going to have some winter weather. I think everyone around here is getting tired of winter weather. I certainly will be glad to see the grass again, even if it does mean getting it cut.

I am working on a committee to “Clean Up Kentland.” We haven’t done much yet but talk, but hope to have a clean up drive in April, with all organizations in town helping. We are going to try and get people not to throw things down, but put waste paper in the trash cans stationed around over town. I hope we can accomplish something. I am tired of looking at all the trash we have on our streets and side walks.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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