About to Vanish

1963-01-17-gryLetter transcription:


Dear David:

Your card came today. Sorry you won’t get to come home, but you should know more about your time schedule that I do. It is about time for Dad to come for lunch. He was in the hospital all day yesterday and all night last night. He didn’t even get a chance to change his shirt this morning. Pat Unger Murphy has a son (one that Dad delivered yesterday).

Mark and family came Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Becky ran into the hearth and got a goose egg on her forehead, but we put ice packs on it and the next day it didn’t look so bad. She howled for awhile, but as soon as we let her up from the ice packs she made a quick recovery and was running and playing as usual. Kirk is growing so fast, it doesn’t seem possible. He is still very good and sleeps most of the time, but when he wants his food he lets out quite a noise.

We received a letter from Lea yesterday and at long last, she is going to have a baby. She said she is due in August. I know she is probably as happy as a person can be about anything. I will have to start collecting things for the new one.

The Company that is to replace our window is supposed to do the work this afternoon. I am glad the temperature is up a little. I would hate to have that sort of thing going on in sub zero weather.

We brought some Minnesota Mining last week and it has been going up. However, yesterday there was a dip in the market and MM went down a little, but it is still over what we paid for it. We bought it as 57 7/8 and it closed yesterday at 59 3/8. It did go up over 60 one day.

Kentland Bank is having a stockholders meeting Saturday afternoon and a dinner Saturday evening. Dad said he wouldn’t get to attend the meeting, but we plan to attend the dinner. Did we tell you the Bank stock is going to split? We have 50 shares now and after the split we will have 62½. Since John has the same amount, we will either buy his ½ share or sell him ours. I rather think we will buy his.

I plan (weather permitting) to go to Lafayette Monday to see a tax consultant. Mark and I worked on taxes while he was here over the weekend, but he is just learning and I decided I would like to have an expert check our figures. There is a legislative seminar (sponsored by Council of Churches of Indiana) and I was supposed to attend, but decided not to. The Seminar is next Tuesday the 22nd and since I have an appointment in Lafayette on Monday, I decided that would be too much driving for me.

I talked to Miss Kresler Monday night about arranging our trip. We decided since she is a professional guide – she conducts tours every summer and has for 20 years – except during the war – we couldn’t find anyone who could better advise us. I took some of the literature along that I have accumulated since we have been planning our trip. She pointed out some things she thought we wouldn’t like in the literature we have. If we decide to take the trip she sells, it will be entirely by jet, but I think we will see much more that way. Once of the places included on the Olson Tour is Athens. The Olson Tour also includes the Holy Land and I want to see the Parthenon. She toured in Asia last summer, visiting Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and a few other places. Dad told Dr. K. yesterday that we are planning to be away next Jan. & Feb. He didn’t tell him any more than that. Miss Kresler told me that she is conducting a tour of Europe next summer and that Dr. & Mrs. Kresler and children, the Battons and another family are going on the tour with her.

I was going to give you the candy that was left over from Christmas, but discovered after you left that it was still in the refrigerator, so when Mark and Shirley left Sunday I gave them a box of Fanny May and opened the box of Snappers for us, so the only Christmas candy that is left is what came from South Africa and it is about to vanish.

—Dad has been home and we have had lunch. He had to make two house calls in Sheldon and is there now. The people who were supposed to replace the window haven’t come and since it is past 2 o’clock I doubt if they get here today. – I just answered the door and it was the glass people. They are now tearing out the broken window.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/10/30/about-to-vanish/

1 thought on “About to Vanish

  1. davidmadison1942

    “more about your time schedule that I do.” should read “than”

    “We received a letter from Lea yesterday and at long last, she is going to have a baby.” So sad to read this. 😦

    “and has for 20 years – except during the war” A reminder that I grew up so soon after WWII.

    “Once of the places included” should read “one”

    “They are now tearing out the broken window.” Must have been one of the huge plate-glass windows in the living room.


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